November 29, 2015

Mom and I had the pleasure of seeing Ray today, as well as meeting his grand daugher, Amaris, and a couple members of the band she plays in. Three members of the band, including Amaris, played for an hour at Ray's home, Somerset Assisted Living. (I hope I have gotten the two guys' names correctly assigned! LOL)

Mom and I thought they were very good and Amaris has a wonderful singing voice. So did Billy. Jeremy didn't sing, he played the bass. They were all really nice, too. Was a really terrific afternoon. Amaris looks very much like her grandpa Ray.

The music they played for this audience was more along the line of "folksy-bluesy" type. Much of what they played was written by Amaris or by Billy.

The Zen Mountain Poets

Jeremy Lemen, Amaris Taylor, and Billy Clayton

Amaris playing her grandpa's violin that he gave her last year.

A couple more of Amaris:

I found the band on Facebook: Zen Mountain Poets
And they have a website, but I couldn't get it to come up: Zen Mountain Poets Website

November 25, 2015

For reasons unknown to me, I decided to cook a duck. I couldn't recall ever having duck before. I am told that I have had duck on at least 2 occasions over the years. Well, anyway, Duck a l'Orange always sounded so elegant, I decided I would make that.

So, I stuck it on the rotisserie

And, I made the orange sauce

Duck a l'Orange was served

One thing I didn't plan on, or know about, is that Duck is all dark meat. I don't care for dark meat. The orange sauce helps quite a bit. LOL

Now my curiosity about duck is satisfied and I'm sure the boys won't mind dark meat! Actually I'm going to make some wild rice and mix some of the meat in with that and some sauce. That should be tasty.

I also learned that most people I talked to are not fond of duck! And, apparently, everyone except me knew that it was all dark meat! LMAO

November 12, 2015

In addition to the cute gifts Sherry sent me earlier, I also got a cute Swarovski crystal bear from my brother; 2 bottles of Coconut Vodka and and gift certificate for a massage from my buddy David; a set of flowered glass bowls with lids, calendar, tin of nut and fruit mix, 3 sausage rolls, a pretty blouse and lunch at Sizzler from my Mom. Several cards and email birthday wishes also arrived.

November 9, 2015

Hard to believe it is near mid-November and these Viola's and Begonia's are still blooming like crazy!

I raked leaves today so the sidewalk is mainly cleaned up as city ordinance says I have to do. Of course, then more leaves drop and it will be covered by morning again.

Cleaned the gutter and raked the leaves in piles to be picked up after I have some barrels available to put them in. If it gets dry, I can put some in yard trash paper bags, too. There's probably 6 barrels worth in the piles and 3 barrels are loaded already.

November 7, 2015

Just testing out the new Roxio program for pictures. It's a little more complicated than the old one for importing pictures from the camera.


November 3, 2015

A couple of nice gifts arrived today from my pal, Sherry.
A cute frog carrying a serving platter (leaf) for my garden and a nice wine glass for my enjoyment!

October 27, 2015

Awhile back, I accidentally knocked over a bottle of sanitizer that I was using for the wine making equipment. It went all over and under several things. I thought I had cleaned it up okay. But, I was wrong and it damaged my countertop beyond repair. grrrrr But, I can't really afford a new counter top right now and I'm tired of looking at the damage, so today I got a 18" x 18" piece of porcelain tile. It covered all the damage very nicely and now I don't have to look at it! LOL

October 20, 2015

A sure sign of Winter around the corner... the grape leaves are dying off.

I don't think I posted these before. This is my Senor Frog and Police car Birdhouse.

Racked the wine into the carboy for stage 2 of the wine procedure. Now, the carboy will just sit for 4 - 6 weeks.

October 14, 2015

The house smells like grapes when I come in. I like it! Since yesterday, I have to "punch down the cap" aka/ stir the grapes real good, so that fermentation continues.

It's foaming really good now! LOL

October 13, 2015

The hoody seems to be keeping it warm enough at night. The first foam appeared on schedule to let me know that the grapes and juice was fermenting! YAY!

When I was outside today, I noticed that the one Dahlia has finally bloomed! It's beautiful too!

I also noticed that something has been using my Mum garden as a bed... or a place to hide to watch for my birdies to come and feed.

Surprisingly, there is also one Spiderwort (Widow's Tears) blossom! I thought they were done a month ago! LOL

October 11, 2015

Well, after my last debacle with wine-making, I have new instructions and am getting a new batch ready to go!

I thawed out the grapes and mushed all 40 lbs up which made almost 5 gallons, which is what I wanted.

I checked the grape juice with the hydrometer and the levels were much better than with the first batch. But, still needed to bring the sugar up. So, I dissolved 4 lbs of sugar in water. I only used 1/2 of it, so the rest I put in the fridge in case I need more later.

I learned that you can dissolve approx 1 lb of sugar in 1 1/4c of water on the stove.

The "mix" likes it best in the upper 70's, but at night, I don't like it in the upper 70's for sleeping.... so, I put a sweatshirt hoody around it! LOL

October 1, 2015

Well, the first attempt at wine didn't go so well. When I pulled the bung (rubber stopper) out of the carboy, the smell of sulfur was rather strong. I tested the must (juice) and the numbers were all really bad. So, after some research, I decided there was no help for this particular batch.

I didn't want to dump it outside because the boys might get into it and I didn't want to kill any of my plants that might drink it up. So, the bathtub was the only option. All my work, literally, went down the drain. sigh!

Pretty color though, isn't it?

I did some reading in the wine book that I had not yet read (it is kind of technical and a little confusing) and discovered that the instruction sheet from the wine/beer shop was not really very complete. It didn't mention, for instance, that I had to punch down the cap (stir the crushed grapes with the chemicals and keep them in the must) a couple times a day. This, apparently, is a very important task to the production of wine and you don't put the plastic lid and airlock device on during that punching period. It also didn't mention that sugar has to, normally, be added, before the yeast is introduced.

So, with this new knowledge and a new checklist, I will thaw out the grapes that I froze and give it another go in a week or so. Live and learn.

September 23, 2015

Since Mom didn't need my help today, after all, I decided to feed the wildlife and look around in the garden. I am still amazed at how big some of my plants are considering how neglected they were this year. Hmmmm???? LOL

The Dahlia's are blooming all over the place. One has buds but no flowers yet.

Mum's are going strong too. Red, Yellow, White, lighter Red, and an Orange one.

Petunia's are hanging in there! Plants look like hell, but they keep making flowers, so they get to live! LOL

Some wildflowers joined the group. Debbie was right about the flower in the first picture. It does start to take over.The last picture, I don't know what that is either, not sure it's a wildflower, but I don't remember planting it either. Sorta looks like a small Zinnia to me.

The Sedium Brocade is looking very pretty now in full bloom and the Phygelius plant is huge and blooming yet again.

The grape vines are still providing a shady place for the boys to rest if they want to stay cooler when I'm outside.

I was kind of surprised when I saw green grapes still growing.

Begonia is still going strong and the rose has 4 new buds getting ready to blossom.

While I was in the garden, I couldn't help by notice that the frogs and other garden decor had been partying and fighting again. Some had lost eyes, ears, tails, OMG, this has to stop. What goes on in my yard at night???? LOL

I decided it was time to bring all the frogs, etal, up to the deck and prepare for Winter. This was only a few of them.

So, I found the small greenhouses that I used last year for them and got those up. Moved the rose and begonia and stuck my lights and anything that sticks into the ground, into various pots. I will store the lights etc later.

Unfortunately, there are many things leftover that have no winter shelter. So, I'm not sure what I will do with those.

September 20, 2015

Winemaking 101... my advice... buy it in a store! LOL

Actually, it is an interesting, sometimes tedious and long process. But, if you have your own fruits and like wine, it's probably worth the trouble.

The 40 lbs of grapes have been in the fermenter with the appropriate chemicals for a week plus two days now. It is time to siphon off the juice into the stage two, 5 gallon, carboy. I have no idea why it is called a carboy, but that is it's name.

After it was done siphoning the juice into the carboy, it was time to gather up the nasty depleted grapes and squeeze them again to get the last of the juice to add to the carboy. This is all 40 lbs of grapes that I started with! So, I squished it as best I could to get the last of the juice out.

After adding the last of the juice, I put the cork in and the air lock. It will sit like this for another 3 or 4 weeks. Then it will be siphoned again, being careful not to get the sediment, into another carboy for the final month.

My hands are now dyed red. Not really my color! LMAO

All this effort really makes me wish I liked red wines. sigh. LOL

September 19, 2015

First, I forgot to post this yesterday. And you thought prices were coming down! LOL

Actually, its a station that is being dug up and rebuilt, clearly, they don't have the computer pricing right yet! LOL

Ran out to the farm this morning and brought in all the hoses, turned the outside water off, checked the house, locked up and left.

I wanted to stop at the Wine and Beer shop in Oregon City to talk to the owner about my wine operation. Unfortunately, the street was shut down because of a big car rally. Pissed me off.
All they were doing is standing around in the sun, yapping and looking at each others cars. How thoughtless to inconvenience so many people and businesses just so you can stand around and BS.
But, what really pissed me (and many others) off was that there was no forewarning that the road was closed until you got to it and it was blocked off. No choice but to turn right or left. Lots of pissed off folks.

From there, I went over to David's to check Scruffy's food station and get some grapes.

Oh dear, those belong IN the feeder that is IN the housing.

It was all still strapped up but something got inside and turned the automatic feeder on its side and took the batteries out. It wasn't able to get inside the unit and since the batteries were missing, it wasn't spitting out food either.

So, I took it all apart. Put the batteries back in and reprogrammed the feeder.

David will probably have to buy a new roll of duct tape because I used some to tape the batteries in place, tape the bowl to the dispenser and then tape up the "holes" that they got through to get inside. It won't stop them, but might discourage them. Strapped everything back to the pole and called it good.

So, I picked grapes and did a little pruning while I was searching for the darkest grapes. This batch, about 20 lbs, is now drip drying in my sink for further removal to the freezer.

September 18, 2015

As I was walking by the door, I happened to look in the cacti room. The Aloe Vera plant has sprouted a flower! This is a first! I've had the plants for a few years and they've never bloomed before! Cool! LOL

I need to get another planter fixed up to accommodate more Echinopsis babies. She's covered with them. The other "baby bowl" is full. (It's in the background with the flag in it). She has been a very "giving" cactus this year between the flowers and babies!

September 16, 2015

A dear friend from California sent me this adorable stuffed frog she found. I have named her Bikini Frog. She has a beach bag, sunglasses, diamond ring, bikini, flip-flops and sun visor, so I have placed her on the edge of Echinopsis' pot so she can lounge in the sun (or at least in the light). LOL

September 14, 2015

They are predicting a windy wet storm to come in on Wednesday, so I have moved all the Cacti inside and taken down the greenhouse frame and got things back to "normal" on the deck. Just need to do some cleanup and put some stuff away. The yellow Rose and pink Begonia will remain outside. Oh, the storm took a right turn and headed south so it never really got here. But, that's okay, I had to take the stuff down anyhow. LOL

Stopped over at David's to get grapes and check on Scruffy's food station. The station was still trussed up like a turkey but the Raccoons got the feeder dish off. That's okay, the food is coming out and it can be reached for feeding. I will fix it up later.

September 11, 2015

I decided that inside the house would be the best place for the beer and wine fermenting stations since I have no control over the temperature in the garage. So I hauled it all in, set it up and mashed 5 gallons of grapes which are now in the fermenter. Accessories for each are in the drawers below the fermenters.

September 10, 2015

First thing, I went to check on the Princess upstairs and feed her. She was lounging on her bed watching soap opera's and eating bon-bon's... okay, she wasn't eating bon-bon's.. but she was lounging and watching the news! LOL I did turn her AC unit back on to ensure she is comfy upstairs! LOL

I had fed Buddie last night before I went to bed, but, apparently she got the munchies watching late night TV, because I found this. Not only had she torn the bag in two places, she had dragged it from where I left it to where I found it! LOL Little stinker!

I started out the day heading to the farm. Traffic was unusually heavy for post Labor Day. Was a bit annoying. But, I digress.

First thing when I got there, I gathered up 5 of the tires that I wanted to have taken off the rims and headed back to Les Schwabs to get that accomplished.

I was greeted as I was getting out of my car! Kind of a surprise! I liked it! LOL
They dismounted all the tires and they did keep the rims, which is what I wanted them to do. One was definitely no good, but the others might be usable.
I had noticed that my passenger front tire was definitely lower than the others, very noticeably. So, they filled that tire and all the others. (They were all a bit low, but that one was really low).
Anyway, they didn't charge me anything for anything, so I left with my rimless tires and a smile on my face!
Dropped the tires off in the yard, brought the garbage can in, turned the outside water back on so the sprinklers would work, picked 3 pears, and I left.

The blemishes on the pears is only on the skin, it doesn't extend into the meat of the fruit. They are quite tasty!

Next stop was David's house. I wanted to get some grapes and check on Scruffy's food supply. Actually, check on the "house" for the automatic food dispenser and make sure it was intact.

First thing I saw when I looked out the back door was this. It used to be inside the "house" to keep the dispenser from moving around if jostled.

Then, I noticed that the "house" was gone and all that remained was the food dish from the dispenser and a stretchy tie thing around the post.

Then, I saw it.. the Raccoons(?) had gotten the "house" out from under the stretchy tie and hauled it half way across the yard!

Apparently, they couldn't get the other stretchy ties off of the "house".

First order of business was to secure the "house" and dispenser. So, I gathered everything up and put both of those pipe covers behind the dispenser and a hunk of cement to the side.

Reattached two stretchy things around the "house" itself. Then attached the "house" to a different post and put a 3rd stretchy thing around the house and the post. Figured out how to use the Cambuckle Tie Down and wrapped it around the "house" and post, then down, under, and up the opposite side of the "house" and ended with wrapping around the post and tying that end off. I also tied it at various points to the stretchy ties. I hope this will be stronger than the Raccoons are. If they get this out or off... I'm scared! LOL I didn't see Scruffy while I was there.

THEN, I picked grapes. They weren't as purple as mine are. That's unusual, usually his are ripened before mine. But, that's fine, more to pick later on. I picked about 20 lbs. Secured the house and left.

Got home and picked another 20lbs of grapes at my house.

Got everything rinsed and culled out. Took a deep breath and took off my sneakers and socks.. stepping into the grapes in the 8 gallon fermenter to crush them. Okay, I didn't do that either! LOL I crushed the grapes a little at a time with a potato masher and put the mash into the fermenter.

I added the required chemicals to make it do what it's supposed to do, but I kept it in the house because it was cooler in the living room than it was in the garage. Now I have to clean the aftermath... that will occur tomorrow because I'm tired and those grapes were heavy to move around.

September 4, 2015

After I finished filling the bird and squirrel feeders, and stood up many of my statues that had been knocked over, I took some pictures. You're shocked, right? LOL

The birds have a nice stand of birdseed growing, I guess they like a fresh seed or two for a snack.

The Sedium Brocade is blooming nicely, but that cat that comes over to go hunting in the bird garden has been using it as a "blind". That cat already destroyed my Spiderwort from laying on it. grrrrrr

The red and white Mums are looking very nice!

Small white Dahlia is blooming and the Phygelius (red and white) are still blooming.

I don't know what the pink flowers are, but they are very pretty. My friend, Debbie, has them also. She said they become very invasive and she has to keep pulling hers out so the plants that she planted might have a chance to live.
The yellow Rose is blooming again. I will let it Winter at this house and then take it to the farm to live there in the Spring.

Last thing I did in the garden was pick the ripe tomatoes, green peppers and beans.

I put the green beans in with some pickles and juice. But, I cut up the peppers and tomatoes (including the tomatoes in the fridge), added some mushrooms, onions, garlic, celery and put it all in the crock pot to make some Marinara. Yummy!

August 30, 2015

Hot and dry is finally over! YAY My plants will be so happy! Never thought I would be happy to see it raining! LOL

August 28, 2015

I got the Wine and Beer making stations set up and ready to use. The drawers have the supplies. Dog food on the left, bird/squirrel food on the right. Turned out pretty tidy looking!

August 25, 2015

This tall flower, I still have no idea what it is... think I will probably pull it up in the Fall. The bees seem to like it, but it doesn't really flower, it just gets "fuzzy" and those things blow around.

Mom and I went frog shopping this afternoon. I got 3 frogs and a birdhouse.

This frog is leaning against a solar ball, reading a book

This is a frog that's got a net for catching butterflies and the other is giving out free kisses!

I hung the wine barrel birdhouse over in the grape leaves that are crawling over the arbor. It has a gold spigot on one side! LOL

August 23, 2015

Smoke from the Forest Fires to the east and in Washington was settling in.

August 21, 2015

Since it was going to be cloudy and cool today, I decided I would use the respite from the blazing sun to pull some grass/weeds, dig holes, transplant stuff from planters into the holes and get that off my "to do" list. I did have to take breaks and stretch out my back. But that's okay, I got it finished and will do no more of that kind of work today.

Both of the boys came out to be with me and watch me work since it was cool out.

I planted the Dahlia that was in a pot in behind the Orange Dahlia (which has gotten huge) and the pink Fuchsia.

The large Petunia is now in front of where the Dianthus were (in front of the Frog Garden). One of the smaller Petunia's is now in a large wooden pot behind the white mums.

The last two Petunia plants I put in front of the California Lilac where I had planted Dahlia's last year. It was the only place left that I could get to! LOL
The Kale, Green Pepper, and Cucumber are now with the Tomatoes and berries.

The Brocade is starting to blossom finally. The rose has new leaves and it looks like a new bud forming on it.

The grapes are nearly ripe, so I better get myself together about getting a fermenter etc. David's grapes should be getting ripe too. LOTS of purple going on in there! LOL

Cactus babies are looking fabulous and healthy. The Christmas Cactus is really putting on new leaves! I'm glad about that because it was near death when I put it out there!

I moved the Begonia to a different place so it isn't getting squished on the top and now, other than the Begonia and the CornPlant, all that is in the shade cover is the Cacti and Succulents.

August 15, 2015

Passion Flower vine is blooming!

I heard a frog calling my name at Bi-mart. So, how could I say no to the fishing frog?

August 13, 2015

I did manage to get a few things done outside. The main one being that I finally cleared out the jungle that was growing on the path to the back of the garden areas. Boy, that Trumpet Vine is just relentless! I like it but I don't want it all over the place! (Of course, I had to clean up dog droppings before I could do anything. LOL) But, I got done with the path and adjoining areas in a couple hours.

Looking towards the house from the back of the garden by the raspberry patch.

The Cherry Tomato plant had quite a few on it to pick and the larger pathetic tomato had a couple ready.

So, I picked my bounty of tomatoes and I also checked on the grapes. They are getting purple now. YAY! I better get the fermentor purchased and figure out how to use it! LOL

While I was out there, I did pull a few weeds from other areas and checked out what color was in the garden. The Fuchsia and Orange Dahlia are looking good.

Red and White Phygelius's are blooming for a third time this season! This pretty yellow Dahlia decided to show itself.

Red and White Mum's are doing pretty good against the odds with the ornamental grasses trying to take over.

I don't know what this plant on the left is. It was in a "color spot" pot that Mom gave me. It is about 6' tall now and has lots of buds, but they haven't opened yet. On the right, the brown looking plant in the foreground, is the Sedium Garnet Brocade. It is getting ready to bloom.

Last, the red Begonia. It keeps getting taller! It likes it under the shade cover! LOL I will have to move it to the ground level pretty soon!

August 6, 2015

Sadly, the wilting started this morning. :(

August 5, 2015

I was so surprised to see Echinopsis still in full bloom 3 days later. What a treat for me! Her flowers have always died of in 24 hours!

Her babies are doing great, too, and they look very healthy.

Begonia is still growing and going strong.

August 4, 2015

I first noticed the little fuzzy things on Echinopsis on July 10. I kept waiting and watching for her flowers to start growing. They didn't show any real growth until about the 30th.Then, they started growing quickly and showing their pink tips. By August 2nd, the flowers looked like they would burst in the next day or so. On the night of the 3rd, they started opening and this morning they were in full bloom. Its a shame you wait so long and they only last for 24 hours. She outdid herself this year!

During the really hot days, I moved everything under the shade cover. It was getting a bit crowded in there. LOL

August 3, 2015

I gave myself a perm. Turned out pretty good.

July 21, 2015

July 19, 2015

July 18, 2015

First thing this morning, I saw a Hummingbird at the Honeysuckle vines having her breakfast.

While it was still shady and not too hot, I cleaned up the backyard and I put some wandering vines from the grapes and the honeysuckle on top of the arches next to them. After that, I decided to tackle the cacti. I noticed that my Christmas Cactus actually has new leaves growing! I thought it was maybe going to die, but those red pieces you see are new growth!

First thing to do was transplant the tall Optunia cactus. It has a stake next to it with a frog wrapped around both to keep it straight until it gets rooted in well.

Next up was to move the Echinopsis babies to their own bowl with cactus mix and sand. I hope they will like their new home.

Then, I repositioned the Echinopsis Mother plant and added more cactus mix to her pot. Tightened the wires a bit and thought I had her straight, but she is actually leaning a bit forward now. sigh. I'll adjust her next week if she doesn't adjust herself some.

By the end of the adventures with my cacti, it was about 1130am and already 91 deg, so I decided that indoor activities would be better. LOL

I made my favorite Spinach dish. Fresh spinach wilted with a little olive oil. Add dried cherries (or cranberries), some sliced almonds, some baco's, and topped with shredded Italian cheeses. Yummy!

Then, I made some kabobs of Celery, Onion, Tangerine slices, bacon wrapped Pineapple chunks, Green Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Turkey Sausage, and beef strips. With BBQ sauce. (before and after)

July 17, 2015

I looked around at the garden a little bit this morning. I need to do some serious weeding, so I didn't take many pictures out there! LOL

Grapes have REALLY filled in!

Honeysuckle is growing up and over the gated arch. Boy, smells nice over on that side! LOL

Coneflowers have been feeding the hummingbirds and are always covered in honeybees and bumblebees.

Up on the deck:

Cucumber plant has 3 new cukes growing. Green Pepper has one medium pepper and several that are just starting.

Yellow Rose is starting to bloom, she has lots of buds!

The Cacti and succulents are doing really well. Echinopsis is still pretending to be the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

I found a very nice person on the Internet who raises his own Echinopsis and he was kind enough to answer some questions for me about my Echinopsis. After careful consideration, I will cut her top off (where the "hourglass" shape is), probably in the Spring, to relieve that top heaviness and get the top growing by itself.
He has some websites that I found very interesting and the photography and time lapse is really wonderful! Take a peek when you get a chance.

Echinopsis Freak

Luke (pictured) and Cody use their wading pool as a giant water dish instead of a place to cool down in the heat. sigh.

July 11, 2015

This morning a Hairy (or Downy) Woodpecker came to visit for a short while. They are both pretty common in the area and they look alike except the Hairy WP has a longer beak.

Today was bath day at David's.

Waiting for their baths

Cody was first. He was less than excited about the whole thing. LOL This is the Cody before and after:


So, when Luke went in for his bath, I gave Cody a big bone with meat on it that David had been saving for them.

Then, it was Luke's turn in the tub. He didn't want to go in the bathroom, he put his "brakes" on in the hallway, but eventually he did go in. Luke's before and after:

Ewwww! But not as bad as Cody!

Before Luke came out and before Cody ate all the meat off the bone, I took it away from him. When Luke came out, David gave them both some leftover ham, which they loved and I gave Luke the half-eaten bone. Cody was less than happy with me. He kept giving me that "how could you?" look! LOL

Eventually, Luke let Cody have the bone and Luke got on the towel on the couch and everyone was happy again! Well, everyone but David, maybe, who has one heck of a hairy mess all over his bathroom. LOL

July 10, 2015

First thing I did today was make some No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies, No bake Fruit Cookies and some Refrigerator Pickles. (The pickles are made with my cucumbers and my green peppers).

Later on, I watered the potted plants and inspected my Cacti. The Cucumber has a new blossom at the very end, the 2nd green pepper is almost twice the size it was on the 4th, and the yellow Rose has really filled in and has about a dozen buds on it!

The cacti are doing pretty good. Echinopsis is making babies left and right. They are all over her! On the crown, the fuzzy things might be "blossoms to be" and there are a lot of them! YAY!

The tall Optunia has grown about 3" and has many new "starts" on it. The low growing Optunia has also perked up and has probably 1/2 a dozen new "starts".

After that, I filled the birdbaths again and took a stroll through the gardens. The Seed Stalk is growing very well. LOL

The gardens themselves are really overgrown, but they seem to be perfectly happy without me messing with them! LOL

The grape vine is huge and loaded with grapes, they're about to the right size so maybe they will start changing color soon. I need to get on the stick and see how much a fermenter and all that stuff will cost and how much work/time I would have to put into trying to make wine that way. Between David's huge grape vine and mine, we could be in wine for the rest of the year! LOL

Lastly, I thought I should pick the ripe stuff that was ready in the garden. Tomatoes, Green Beans and Blueberries! Yum!

Pretty sad, isn't it! LOL

July 6, 2015

Since the sun is bleaching my Cukes, I decided to pick them and the one Green Pepper that looks ready enough to eat.

The can is just for "size" purposes! LOL

July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day America! Have a safe and sane holiday.

If you are in an area with fire or fireworks restrictions.. please adhere to them, be respectful. Be mindful that you may have combat veteran's with PTSD in your neighborhood that are not as excited about the noise as you are, be respectful. Also, remember that fireworks scare animals, be respectful.

July 3, 2015

I put out suet, peanuts, and sunflower seeds for the squirrels and birds. They are happier now.
Put all the law enforcement statues back on their stands... apparently they partied last night.LOL
I picked the blueberries that were ready, but there weren't a whole bunch that were ripe enough today.
Looked around at the other food and saw that the cherry tomato plant was heavy with tomatoes.

The regular sized tomato has 5 tomatoes on it. They are both just now barely starting to change color. Raspberries are done pretty much. There's a couple more beans almost ready. LOL Cukes have really grown and filled out since 6/28, I think I will pick one tomorrow and see if it is tasty!

I noticed that the White Mum had filled out more and that my pink Oriental Lily had bloomed. It is hard to see it from the front or back because of all the grass and it's only about 16" tall.

I was looking at the grassy mess and then realized that a good deal of the grass is not your normal yard or field grass.... it is my 3 Ornamental Grasses that apparently are quite pleased in their location and spreading out.

The yellow Day Lily's are really producing flowers (they are spreading too) and the Cone Flowers are being very pretty. The bumblebee's really like that Cone Flower. I bet that is what stung me last year when I was over there by the flowers.

I noticed this little purple flower growing in the Day Lily's. I didn't plant it there and don't know what it is but it looks similar to the red Beard Tongue.

I also noticed that this has finally bloomed so I know what it is now. White Morning Glory. Kind of a petite flower but in its plainness it's rather pretty! It's living over there with the Butterfly Bushes and Trumpet Flower vines.

The CD Eason Heather is looking rather magnificent. It's very bright! That is one of the plants that I will move to the farm by the fence.

The direct sun, even the morning sun that is usually still cool, is being very unfriendly to my cactus and succulents. I thought I had some black screen here, but, no, it is at the farm. But, I did have this broken blind, so I put it to use! LOL

Beautiful? Uh, not so much... functional? You betcha!

Butterfly Bush... I just thought it was pretty! LOL

July 2, 2015

I peeked outside this afternoon and caught 3 large crows taking baths and frolicking in Cody's pool. sigh. But, but the time I got the camera and came back to take a picture 2 had flown up to the arches to dry off in the sun and one was walking around outside the pool.

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