Fourth Quarter, 2014!

December 28, 2014

I put out the last suet for the birds. They appear to be hungry!

Cody's Orthopedic bed arrived. I think he likes it.

Luke was less than happy about Cody getting something and him not getting something.

But, it only took about 4 hours before Luke commandeered the new bed and Cody was laying on the floor! LOL Guess I will have to get Luke a bed, too, even though his leg injury/arthritis is not near as bad as Cody's is. Stinker! LOL

December 26, 2014

The most perplexing gift I received for Christmas is a crystal paperweight. It's very pretty and pretty heavy considering it is about 3" x 2" in size. What is perplexing is that there is a butterfly etching in the center of it and I can't figure out how they did it. There are no seams around the crystal to indicate the butterfly was etched and then two pieces put together. But, it's pretty neat anyway! A friend brought it back from a market he went to when he was doing a military tour in Iraq.

December 25, 2014

A very Merry Christmas to anyone who is reading this! I hope your day was filled with love and happiness with friends and family... and that you got good eats and presents! LOL
I spent most of the day with my Mom. Always enjoy that. We went out to eat and brought home leftovers because there was enough food on the plates to feed 3 people! LOL

I brought Mom a basket of homemade goodies to try and a couple other small gifts.

After Christmas lunch, Mom and I took a basket of mostly homemade goodies and the Date Nut bread Mom made, to David's house. He was surprised and pleased with all the goodies. That's always good! LOL

Then, Mom and I drove over to the Somerset Assisted Living home in Gladstone to pay a visit to her friend Ray.

Ray is sporting a mustache nowadays. I think it looks nice!

The "home" was nicely decorated for Christmas with lighted deer in the front lobby.

and, a pretty tree in the dining room by the staircase.

The view from the 2nd floor to down the stairs to the dining room and lobby. It was very festive.

It was a really nice day.... even though we were having showers of liquid snow. LOL (ummm... it was rainy and showery).

December 17, 2014

I love seeing the Portland Police Mounted Patrol out and about downtown. Never get tired of seeing them!

And, Portland's Christmas tree. It is lit during the day and night, but I'm sure it would be more impressive at night! LOL

December 13, 2014

After I got the bird and squirrel feeders untangled from yesterday's wind and refilled everything, the birds swooped down on that new peanut butter suet. LOL

Two of the squirrels rushed down to get peanuts and sunflower seeds, too.

December 9, 2014

Had a bit of rain come through, but when it stopped some birds came out to dine.

The Starlings went for the new suet I put out.

And after their meal some decided to grab a quick bath. It got kind of crowded at times in the bird bath, so this one little bird took his/her bath in a divet of the hot tub cover that had filled with water! LOL

December 6, 2014

It's nice to look out and see the squirrels and birds getting along so well.

Cody was being goofy tonight, no doubt the call of the wild from the full moon! LOL

December 5, 2014

So, of course I went immediately out to rescue the frozen Hummngbird feeder. NOT. Actually, I forgot all about the feeder. Oops.

The moon was pretty (and kinda creepy at times) tonight.

December 2, 2014

The temps have been freezing. I thought that this large Hummingbird feeder was empty, so I just left it. Sigh, I was wrong.

December 1, 2014

Bought a new frog. *shock* LOL
I think he's cute, but a couple people think he's not so cute, scary even! LOL

November 20, 2014

It was 28 deg outside with clearing skies when I went to bed last night. It was 28 deg outside with clear skies when I got up this morning at 5am. The deck had a light layer of ice and the hot tub had a layer of ice on top. But the grass and other stuff looked okay.

November 29, 2014

A bunch of Evening Grosbeak's stopped by for a snack. All the ones I saw were males.They're awfully pretty compared to most of the birds in the Pacific Northwest.... which are generally various shades of brown.

November 24, 2014

I went outside to feed the birds and squirrels and took some shots of the branches the electric company left me. I decided they will stay there for awhile. The birds like hiding in there and I don't feel like cleaning up the mess in the cold. LOL

November 16, 2014

I put some plastic up to try to block the east winds from opening the doggie door. Then the wind stopped, so I don't know if it helped or not. LOL Please note, the brown pile on the deck is actually dirt that fell out of a pot that the wind had knocked over.

November 15, 2014

The boys came out to enjoy some sunshine. But it was cold even with the sun.

November 14, 2014

Much of the ice is now gone, but it's still cold. This corner still hasn't thawed out and the grass still has ice. I thought the ice in the rubber mats was pretty!

November 13, 2014
The last weather reports for my area were still insisting that we would get 3 - 7" of snow, sleet, and freezing rain today. I don't mind the snow but I don't like the icy stuff. Anyhow, I looked out to the deck and it had a coating of ice on it. There was also sleet falling off and on. The hot tub was developing icicles.

Fed the boys and then left to get my Winter tires put on the car. Roads were fine, no problems. I got there right after they opened and the wait time was already 1.5 hours. Oh well, I watched it sleeting some more, read some magazines and watched ESPN. Drank coffee and had some popcorn, too!

I had the thermostat set to 70 deg and when I got home I shut the doggie door to stop the east wind from coming inside. Shortly after I got home, the wind seemed to have calmed a little, so I opened the doggie door again so the boys could go out if they needed. An hour later I wandered to the dining room to check on the boys and see what the weather was doing. Cody, apparently, got too warm in the house and I found him laying on the ice on the deck and not minding the sleet that was coming down. sigh.

Several Starlings, chickadee's and sparrows stopped by for some food.

The sleet became more steady and the yards were starting to turn white. About 3pm I did another weather check and the deck was well coated with ice and sleet. It was pretty slick, so I decided to clear some of the ice and make a trail to the stairs so the boys, with their bad legs, wouldn't be sliding around and hurt themselves. I'm a good Mom, huh?? LOL Well, I cleared the way and went to get my camera to take a picture. When I got back to the deck, the boys were looking at my nice path, while they were standing and/or laying on the ice. LOL I give up!!

November 12, 2014

Just before 3am the boys wanted to go outside. Fine. I get up and go to the sliding door to let them out (the doggie door is locked down because the icy wind opens the flap and fills the house).
Anyway, I look out and see flashlights looking up and down a tree from one back yard neighbors yard into my other backyard neighbors yard. I thought maybe the neighbor had a cornered a critter in the tree or something.
Let the boys out to pee when the lights went away. Closed the door and waited for them to want back in.
Walking back through the living room, I see taillights in front of my driveway. So I opened the door to see a large "cherry picker" parked in front of my driveway and two guys with flashlights looking around.
So, I went out to find out what the problem was. They were trying to get to that tree to get limbs away from the power lines back there (good!), but thought some of the limbs would fall onto my side.
Apparently, people in my neighborhood/area were without power and they were trying to fix it. (I have and had power). They work for my power company, I've seen their truck before).
So, I unlocked the small gate, opened the big gate, and let them in. One guy is on the power pole in the neighbors backyard, one is in the backyard with the tree and one is on my side in the backyard. Took them until around 5am to finish what they were doing.
Wouldn't you think they would have knocked on the door to tell people they were going to be lurking and working in their back yards?
When they left, they left the big gate open but did close the little flimsy gate.

They also left the gate open on the trellis. (I keep it closed to help keep the boys out of the garden areas).

Here's the cut branches from the neighbors Pine tree. I will deal with that on a different day.

November 11, 2014 HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all you Veterans! Thank you for your service to our country!

The wind was quiet for a little bit and when I looked outside, there were some brave souls that came to eat. Three or 4 Starlings and one squirrel. They were peacefully eating away and a big ol' gust of wind came and they all had to hang on for dear life... that squirrel on the seed catcher was having a wild ride! LOL Soon as it stopped, they all left and haven't seen anyone come back. I didn't get a picture of him flopping in the wind because I had to close the door.

Wind knocked over one of my fake flower containers so I moved the two that were standing to a less vulnerable spot and replanted the flowers from the one that went over into the other two containers.

Leaves are falling like crazy and getting blown all over the place, mostly against my house and, no doubt, my gutters! LOL

November 10, 2014

Just some Fall color!

November 4, 2014

I noticed, yesterday, a new Mum has popped up in the middle of where the White Yarrow lives. There has never been a mum there before. Its short and looks like the yellow Mum that is in the front garden space that I got from Mom. But I don't know how that could have seeded a new Mum since the big one only just started blooming a couple days ago and this little one is blooming. I looked at pictures of the yellow mum in the back garden and it is a different variety. Weird, but a nice surprise!

The Black-eyed Susan vines are really loving this Fall weather. It's hard to see them in the picture, but they are the orange and yellow flowers on the arch. The vines have grown almost to the top of the arch. I am surprised at that because the little tag that came with them said they grow about 3' long and they are at least 2x that long now.

November 1, 2014

It didn't appear that it was going to make it to even 50 degrees outside, so I threw on some sweats and ventured out to do a few things. First was poop detail. (Don't worry! No pics of that! LOL)

First thing I noticed was that a lot of the Black-Eyed Susan vines had grown and bloomed. I guess they like all that wet, cool weather. The yellow Mum in front of them is finally blooming. The poor thing was really reaching for sun. The stalks are about 3' long! LOL

Silly Fuchsia has new blossoms coming out. My flowers have just been crazy this year.

Next on my To Do list was to put more food out for the birds and squirrels. But I didn't do that next. Actually, I decided to take the rest of the birdhouses off the Birdhouse Tree. To get the one at the top, without using the ladder, I used the "grabber" thingy that David got me awhile back. Worked pretty good too! I didn't really want to put the ladder out on the soft ground and fall off of it. So the tree is devoid of it's decor now. I will never ever again buy those cute wooden bird houses. They aren't well constructed and they don't weather very well. I have fixed and sealed these ones more than once. Now they will go in the trash.

After that, I carried the birdseed, etal, out to the bird garden area. Almost immediately as I was filling their food stations, this very loud crow started sounding the "fresh food alarm". LOL

I saw about 8 crows coming in for breakfast and heard a flurry of wings as various birds landed in the bushes. Then, it got really, really, really quiet as I continued working. I could hear some rustling in the bushes every now and again. Definitely had that "someone is watching you" feeling! LOL

After I finished with the bird feeders, I turned my attention to locating the squirrel feeder. Found it on the ground with the chain broken and the seed hoop under it was missing a cord and had a huge tear in it! Then I noticed that one of my lighted deer was laying on its side! What in the heck goes on at night out there???? LOL

Well, I got the other squirrel feeder from the garage and put that one out instead, with no hoop under it, got the deer standing up and secured again, and filled the peanut bucket and the peanut squirrel feeder on the fence.

I had thrown out an old seed hoop last week that was not repairable. As I was doing that I thought to myself that I should really take some "parts" off it, just in case I need to repair something... did I do that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Wretched things are expensive, so I will do what I can to fix this one, it was brand new this summer. Don't these wildlife know I am not made of money, for crying out loud???? This is how they repay my kindness??? Ah, there, I feel better now having gotten that off my chest. LOL

Last thing I did out in the garden was to pull out the last two tomato plants. They only have a few tomatoes on them, so I might pull them off. Right now those parts of the plant, with the tomatoes, are hanging upside down off the deck. The boys have been a great deal of help, too, as you can see.

Although it looks like a bunch of grass, where the arrow is pointing, at the now non-exsistant tomato plants, it is actually the leaves from Grape Hyacinths. Seems like they should have died off by now.

So, I finally left the area and headed back, with my seed bucket, to the house. As I turned to survey my domain... those birds had already landed with more coming in, for a nice seed lunch. Squirrels came too. Crows kept scaring everyone off so they could grab a peanut and leave. Then the others would come back to dine. (One was shy and turned away when I snapped his/her pic. I think it is called a brown-headed cowbird or something like that).

October 31, 2014

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

I decided to use up most of the green tomatoes today. So I made some Green Tomato Dill refrigerator pickles (left) and some Green Tomato Sweet refrigerator pickles (right).
I had read that green tomatoes by themselves are nasty tasting things, but, what the heck... I tried a small piece of one. It tasted a lot like a Sweet Green Pepper, so I didn't mind the taste at all. But, afterwards, the aftertaste was less than desirable.
The dill pickles have to "cure" for a couple weeks, but the sweet ones you can eat in a couple hours or so.
I have never made pickles out of Tomatoes before, so I'm looking forward to seeing if the recipes are any good.

Around 5pm, I looked outside to see what the weather was doing. Was kinda creepy out there! LOL Perfect for a Halloween night!
Picture on the left is looking to the northeast and the other is directly above my house.

Gave the boys some Benedryl for a little calming effect since the Trick or Treat kids would be arriving in the next 30 min or so and gave them the huge bones I bought earlier. Cody took his and immediately started gnawing on it. Luke pretended to just ignore his. Luke wanted the bigger bone that I gave Cody and was saving the smaller one I gave him to torment Cody later. I'm on to that guys' games! LOL

A short while later, Cody was protecting his bone (jaws of steel) and Luke had his bone in his bed with him.

Then, Luke abandoned his bone so I gave it to Cody. *snicker* Cody worked them both over pretty good and got the ends off so there were smaller, but still large, pieces to manage.

At 9pm, I turned the porch light off. No one in my immediate area had a porch light on. My across the street neighbor turned theirs off at 8pm, the rest hadn't been lit all night. I only had 15 trick or treaters in 2.5 hours!
So, I went to open the doggie door so the boys could go out if they wanted to.
When I arrived to the dining area (their bedroom), they had switched places and each had a chunk of bone that Cody had gnawed off of the main bones! LOL

October 30, 2014

There were some mighty odd looking birds in the birdfeeders today:

Even the crow was a little confused! LOL

October 28, 2014

David found this adorable Black Lab wine bottle holder while in Massachusetts. And gave it to me as a gift for watching Buddie for him.

October 25, 2014
Was a bit windy and gusty out. My newest metal arch/arbor started listing forward. It has lights on it that run the length of the fence so I unplugged those from the power source, just in case. But I think it was the cord that was helping to keep it from actually falling over. LOL

During weather breaks, a few friends came to visit

October 19, 2014

I did a lot of work in the gardens, but looking at the "before" and "after" pics, doesn't look like I hardly did a thing today! But I did. I also found another frog under the tomato plants that I had missed before.

I cut back all the Coneflowers, Garnet Brocade, and Cosmos. I trimmed back the big bush next to the yellow tree in the pictures and many, many berry vines. I also found this pretty little purple flower growing where the Portulaca used to be.

I staked up the pretty yellow mum that was laying on its side.

Then, I attacked the Tomato plants. I pulled out all but two of the plants.

From the one's I removed, I cut off all the green tomatoes that were on them. I will either put them in boxes/paper bags and allow them to ripen, or I might try one or more of these four recipes I found online: 1. Green Tomato Cake, 2.Fried Green Tomatoes, 3. Tomato-berry freezer Jam, 4. Green Tomato Pickles.

October 18, 2014

Solar garden stake lights are all in the front row now. And the two new solar box lights are on the deck.Surprises me when they light up when the day has been gray out.

October 17, 2014

"Turn out the light, mom, we're tired"

Weird shaped tomato!

They will ripen in the box.

October 16, 2014

I moved all the garden frogs under cover today, well, not all but most of them. So they are ready for Winter now.

This orange mum with the Brick Red mum was a nice surprise to see!

This red and yellow mum filled out quite nicely!

October 14, 2014

Buddie is back for a visit! Of course, she decided to have an underarm itch right as I clicked the picture! LOL

October 8, 2014

New extra-size, director-style chairs for the deck with their own little attached table.

October 5, 2014

I can't recall why I took these pictures or why the boys were getting treats (since it is 10/19/14 right now and I'm just getting around to uploading pictures). But, as usual, Cody was ravenously devouring his so Luke couldn't steal it and Luke, was, of course, saving his treat so he can torment Cody with it later! My kids... sigh.

October 3, 2014

There was certainly Fall in the air this morning. Cold out and everything was wet! Just dew though, it hadn't rained. But, I didn't venture out until things were fairly dry.

I pulled up all the Sunflowers since they were severely drooping. They came up pretty easily out of the clay dirt. I also pulled up that tall corn plant that was by the red Dahlia. THAT gave me a fight... but I got it out finally. The roots grew right through that fabric and went crazy!

Looks better now that those things are down!

I noticed this funny looking grass growing over where the Lambs ear is on the South side. Can't really figure out what it is yet, so I will let it grow for a bit! It isn't part of the clover that is growing. Looks like skinny Portulaca.

The Portulaca, Gazinia, and Begonia are doing very well in their pots, all are in bloom. The plants that were near death and sitting in that brown pot, I finally planted today.

I decided to plant them back here with the other Petunia's, Mum's, Pansies. They probably won't do a whole lot this year, but maybe they will show up again next year.

The yellow Mum has outdone itself. It's gorgeous in person and huge!

The dark red Mum is finally getting with the program, too.

Lots of color still left. I did cut back a few things that were nearing the end of their season, today. But, the Dahlia's, Mums, Petunia's, Phlox, and Zinnia are looking pretty!

Next up, I will put together some shelves for the frogs etal that are in the garden. The time is drawing near that it will be time to get them out of the gardens for the year.

October 1, 2014

I decided, after listening to the weather forecast this morning, that I needed to get Echinopsis and her babies into the house. (They were saying it might get down to freezing tonight). So, when I got home from work, I found some twine and tied it to one of the handles on her new large pot.
It was easy enough to pull across the deck, but I went slow because she is not "stable" and sort of "flops around" a little. LOL
When I got to the door entrance, I pulled on her and she was coming in okay over the rather tall threshold and I thought that would be the perfect place to pull her up on to the large appliance dolly which is about 1" taller than the threshold! WRONG! LOL
She flipped out of the pot on to her head. One new baby popped off on to the floor. When she flipped out, about 1/2 of her babies that were in the pot with her also flipped out and the other half got buried in the dirt. sigh. No, I didn't take any pictures. LOL
I got her the rest of the way out of the pot and found, I think, all the babies. Got the water catcher and the pot onto the dolly. Made a hole in the dirt and shoved her, gently, back into her pot and covered her roots. Redid the rebar and wire that is supposed to help steady her and put the wire up further on the rebar.
Took the doggie gate down, moved all the rugs out of the way, and pulled her and her babies,on wheels, into the back bedroom, by the window, where they will reside. I am tempted to leave her there and see if she blooms inside next year.

Just in case I decide to move her outside in the late Spring, I now have time to figure out exactly how I can do that by myself and have her not topple out of her pot. LOL Oh, David did offer to come over after work to help me get her inside but, well, you know... I thought I could do it and not bother anyone. I was wrong. Maybe I will call Ford... I hear they have a better idea! LOL

September 29, 2014

The boys have been a little neglected of late and been forced to either eat just dry food or have store-bought wet food with it. *gasp* So, I stewed up some chicken carcasses to make broth and pulled the chicken off the bones. Put a variety of beans, variety of veggies, the chicken, and some dry potato soup in the crock pot to cook overnight on low. The boys were elated with their breakfast and scarfed down the "wet food" and their kibble in a matter of minutes! LOL I now have enough wet food for about 3 weeks - part is in the freezer for later.

Visitors to the garden yesterday:

September 28,2014

UPDATE: The jars were finally ready for canning, strained the grape juice one more time and filled the jars. The most wonderful noise a "home canner" can hear is the "tink" that tells you the jar has sealed! Got 8 quarts of juice canned.

Decided to upload a few pictures from yesterday while I'm waiting for the canning jars to finish sanitizing.

Time to cut these sunflowers down!

September 26, 2014

After I went to Best Buy and got a new juicer, I went out and picked two more big bowls of grapes. The remaining grapes are going to be left for the birds since they have already been feeding on them. LOL

So I turned most of yesterday's juice into jelly. The rest of the grapes I picked will become wine (I hope! LOL)

September 25, 2014

Started out with juicing a large bowl of Concord Grapes and getting it started on straining through a jelly bag to capture the sediment.
A second "strainer" was placed below the bag to get more of the sediment.

When I realized that my juicer was not operating a peak efficiency... I had to also strain the pulp because much of the juice had actually gone to the pulp catcher. Sigh.

While I was waiting for things to strain out, which took forever, I noticed that the Portulaca were enjoying their new home!

The mixed flowers were looking pretty good. They will have to live together for another day or two until I can get them in the ground.

September 22, 2014

My goodness, what a day. I woke up at 430am and couldn't get back to sleep. Pisses me off when that happens, but I was going to get up early anyhow so I guess in the grand scheme of things, it's not important! LOL
So, I loaded up on caffeine and when daylight came. I was ready to get moving!
First, I cleaned the gutter in the front. OMG, it was really full! What a mess. But, got that taken care of.
Then, it was time to get more grapes off the vine, while waiting for a friend to come over. Of course, I pruned the vines along the way.
My poor Grapevine, it's looking so pathetic now and even though I picked 2 more large bowls and 6 plastic grocery bags of grapes... there are still tons on it!

Well, anyway, my friend Joanne shows up. I thought she wanted grapes, but, she thought she was coming over to just help me cut the grapes off! LOL She did eventually agree to take 3 of the bags home with her! LOL
And, bless her heart, she brought me a jar of each of the things she's been canning. Tomatoes, fruit cocktail, pickled beets, 2 jellies, Salsa, and 3 different pickled veggie concoctions! Looking forward to trying them! They look very tasty.

Ran a couple errands after she left. I had to get a new Seal-a-meal thing because the old one was making some odd noises and then it wasn't vacuuming very much after that. LOL So I got a new one.

This afternoon, before I started washing, drying, and freezing grapes, I decided to dig up the Gazinia and the Portulaca to put them in pots for the winter. Rain and showers are suppose to start tonight so I wanted to get them out of it. They don't care to have their feet wet, so I can now put them where that won't happen, but they will still get light and a little moisture.

Originally, I thought this was a rogue Portulaca, but now that I can have them close together... I've no idea what it is! LOL

A Scrub Jay, Stellars Jay, some yellow birds I forget the name of, and several other birds came to visit when I finally left the garden area. The only one who stayed long enough for me to get its picture was the scrub jay.

The Phygelius's have both bloomed yet again! The pink Mum, which is really kind of a "dusty rose" color is in almost full bloom, the red Dahlia and pink Fuchsia's are still growing strong, Red Fuchsia is looking good, Zinnia's are still hanging in there, yellow mum is starting to burst (it's crowding all the other flowers over there), Winter Pansy's are getting stronger... just lots of color in the garden still. :)

Phygelius Mum

Dahlia Fuchsia

Zinnia Mum

Pansies Colors

September 19, 2014

There is my quarry for the day.. or at least a couple hours! LOL The grape vines! Grapes are ready so I am going to pick some and also do some trimming while I'm there.

So, that's just what I did. Picked two big bowls full of grapes to wash and freeze whole. (I am told they sweeten when you do it this way - but, I did it this way because I didn't want to mess with juicing them right now! LOL)

When I was about done getting them into the freezer, I looked out and saw three of these critters circling.


I think they could smell my dinner cooking and they were looking for it! LMAO


There are still plenty of grapes to pick, this is just a little of what is left where I had been picking and trimming!

September 17, 2014

Garden sign from Sherry. Cute! :)

California Lilac had a few blossoms on it! What a shock that was!

Gazinia and Portulaca are still blooming.

Purple Petunia's and Purple Phlox are doing really well. I am surprised since it was near dead when I brought it home. The plant that had a white Petunia on it, now has a dark purple Petunia on it! LOL (It's on the right side of the photo).

Yellow Mum is finally getting with the program. Apparently it is a late bloomer! LOL

Tomatoes are still growing but they aren't showing any color yet. They may not have enough time to make red tomatoes. But, if it gets close... I will find some green tomato recipes so I can still use them before I have to pull them out.

Garnet Brocade is in full glory now. I think it is pretty.

September 13, 2014
I finished what I wanted to accomplish at the farm and needed more supplies, so I brought the boys home to the other house.

The boys went to sleep in my bedroom almost immediately! LOL

Cody Luke

My new solar globes had arrived, so I hung those up.

And, they lit up with all the other lights in the garden!

At some point the boys had switched places. Love this face on Cody... like "just turn off the light and don't bug me"! LOL

September 11, 2014

Finally got the last pile put in the barrel and cut some Holly that was about 3' tall. Put stump and vine killer on the stumps that I want to die. So, glad that is done for now. Even though it is breezy and gusty out, it wasn't bad at all working under the protection of the trees.

Took a stroll around the gardens. Something got my 2 cuke plants and turned the leaves a milky white. So, I yanked them out and put them in the yard trash barrel. They were getting withered and near dead anyway. When it isn't so windy, I'll spray some Sevin on the ground to kill bugs.

Last week's white Petunia still has it's one bloom. It's hard to see in the picture, but there are about 4 more preparing to bloom.

Yellow Mum keeps blooming only a couple at a time. Look at all the buds though! The plant is about 2' in diameter! It will be spectacular if it blooms all at once.

Portulaca's are still blooming. Found a little purple one and the yellow/orange mixed one in bloom.

September 10, 2014

I just can't figure this corn plant out. There's an ear growing, like a normal ear. Then just to the right of the ear is an ear that was growing outside of its husk. Now, there is another ear trying to grow at the base of the normal ear, but it is also outside the husk and full of silk!

Found this pretty flower/weed growing over by the Creopsis. Don't know what it is but, it's pretty, so it gets to live! LOL

One down. Almost made it out of the garden. It was at the back gate when I found it.

September 8, 2014

Shine On... Shine on Harvest Moon... up in the sky!

Well, it finally made it over the hilltop about 9pm. The Super Moon, (3rd one this year) which also happens to be the Harvest Moon... which makes it a Super Harvest Moon. It just looked like a full moon to me. Maybe a little bit bigger than normal and I did have to zoom in a little before the camera could focus on it. It does seem like it's a bit brighter than normal. But, it still really just looked like a full Moon.

Then I zoomed in on it to the fullest I could to get better detail.

September 5, 2014

I planted the Zinnia with the other Zinnia's, but I had to deadhead it, so you can't see it now! LOL It is directly behind the frog on the right. The large Zinnia was doing amazingly well and had 4 new shoots coming up with buds on them.

I planted the white Petunia in the back between a large yellow Mum and a small white Mum.

Purple Petunia is on the other side of the white Mum. Since it has done so well back there, I thought the white Petunia would like it back there too.

The little Dahlia that was hiding under the California Lilac bloomed.

The honeybees were working hard at gathering their pollen. (Those yellow "saddlebags" on the bees is the pollen). I made sure not to piss anyone off because I didn't want another bee sting! LOL In general, they ignored me and just did their work.

September 4, 2014

I filled two yard trash barrels this morning for next week's pickup. Only one pile left over here.

Then, I decided to get the frog downspout decor attached and pull the downspout of of that pipe it sits in. They charge extra when you use those!
Anyway, I have one left to do in the back, but I haven't figured out what I'm going to do back there. When that one is done, then my water/sewage bill should go down by about $250 - $300 a year. But, I did do the two on the sides and think they are cute. One is fairly hidden, but the other I couldn't hide. I wonder how long it will be before someone steals it. sigh.

September 2, 2014

Added some more flowers and perched some frogs on a couple of painted pots.

Finished the mulch job I was doing and added a short white fence to hold it in.

Brought a Petunia and Zinna home from Mom's. They will get planted in the next day or so. Both have new buds/flowers, so they should still have some blooming left to do! LOL

The birds' sunflowers are blooming like crazy. Bees buzzing all around them. A couple are as tall as my feeder holders! I think they are pretty. The Garnet Brocade, lower right of the photo is almost all blossomed out now.

September 1, 2014

Here it is... Labor Day already! Where has the year gone?

I decided to paint some more pots this afternoon and use up the cans of spray paint so I can dispose of them. I have sprayed 39 pots, altogether! LOL I think that should do it! I have added Hammered Copper pots and Orange pots to the array.

I moved the new flowers closer together now that I moved the many pots. Looks better.

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