Cat Bait My friend Adam relates their morning adventure of December 29, 2008:

It all started this morning...I was sound asleep, dreaming of mistletoe, and winning the lottery..when Peggy got my attention by SCREAMING in my ear at about 7:30 am..."WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??????".

Well, that kinda got my attention and immediately started reaching for my gun, when I heard Sushi (one of our cats) running around outside our door and heard a loud SCREECHING noise. That kinda stopped me in my tracks, trying to figure out what ANIMAL makes THAT kind of noise!

Now, imagine, I'm in bed, just woke up with Peggy screaming at me, I hear a ruckus outside our bedroom door, Jessie (the dog) is running around outside the door trying to get our attention, little paws running all over the house and this LOUD screeching noise...I'm thinking *sigh* another day has dawned with a new adventure....I don't NEED adventure at 7:30 in the BLOODY morning on a SUNDAY!!!!

I was figuring it was a VERY BIG RAT or a large bird...then I noticed Sushi in hunting mode on on top of table, reaching into a planter, and WHATEVER it was, was screeching it's head off. Obviously, that got ALL the cats attention and they were moving in to share in the kill.

Jessie thought it was play time....running around and over cats and the house..*LOL*.

There I was standing in the living room, watching Sushi stick her paw into the planter behind the plant...and this thing SCREECHING... wondering if I should go get the gun or call the exterminator.

Jessie is running around trying to figure out what all the fuss is about, Baby, Gracie, and Sunny (the other cats) trying to move into position for attack, Peggy still in bed yelling at me..."WHAT IS IT? WHATEVER IT IS, KILL IT!".

The first thought that came into my head was..*sigh* this is going to be a long day. Second thought, I better find out what it is and try to get it outside again. So, I kinda get Sushi out of the way...("can I keep it Daddy? can I keep it? I want to play with it!")...I part the plant...thinking the way this thing is screeching, and with the amount of noise it's making...I'm going to at least lose a finger or maybe my hand catching it before it takes off under something and I can't get to it.

Now, Sushi has a habit of bringing things into the house that she wants to play with and sometimes they get away...and we'll have to wait till one of the cats that has "experience" with this sort of thing catches it again...Baby is the most experienced hunter and she does kill what she catches. Sushi has great hunting instincts but, she hasn't learned to her...EVERYTHING is a toy! She has brought everything from bugs to lizards, from birds to mice...that "guess who" has to catch and put outside again. But, to date, the only thing that she has actually killed and eaten were some of the bugs and moths she's brought home.

Well, anyway, there I am in the middle of the living room, barefeet, still trying to wake up, the whole house is alive with critters and a hysterical wife, no gun, no gloves and no idea what I'm up against, but it sounded like it was bigger than me!...yep, this is going to be a wonderful day.

I finally fight my way past Jessie, push Sushi out of the way, stopped the advancing kitty reinforcememt, forget to grab the gun...I'm trying to formulate how to tell the 911 operator how I lost my finger/and or hand or why my face is a bloody mess...wondering if those rabies shots hurt as much as they say they do.

I part the plant and there it's a blue Parakeet, wet, cold and holding it's own against Sushi. Apparently, Sushi had found it outside in the rain and brought it home to play with. The parakeet (we're thinking of naming it "cat bait" or "kitty teaser") seems to be in pretty good health. It's blue with a yellowish head. It still has all of his flight feathers and still can fly, so, I gently picked it up and it sat on my fingers, after taking a nip at me!
As I was bringing it into the bedroom to show Peggy, Sushi was at my feet "talking to me"...I assumed that she was saying that it would probably taste real good with catsup! or that "I found it first, it's MINE!". I'm expecting Peggy to freak out when I show her the "bird"...but, to my surprise...I get "OH!!!!'s so beautiful!". That's when I KNEW we had another pet *sigh*.

IMMEDIATELY she wanted to run down to Walmart and get a "bird" hotel cage! with all the trimmings......yep, another wonderful day *LOL*. I'm standing there with this bird on my hand...and she's thinking where we can put the cage, the cats are trying to rush me...and Jessie is just staring at me "what the hell is that? and is it edible?"

Before I knew it...Peggy had coffee made, and was getting dressed, I had put the bird in a box with some water and shooed all the cats and dog out of the bedroom....the next thing I knew, we were at Walmart picking out wall paper for the cage and trying to figure out, what the hell does it take to keep a parakeet alive?

So, thirty dollars later, I put the cage together, got water and feed in it's little dish and the bird in the was pretty hungry, so it must've been out for awhile. Now, it's sitting in it's little condo, on top of a china hutch.

(Sunni and Gracie)

Now, here I am, with another mouth (beak) to feed, the house has settled again.

The cats are secluded in their own little niches around the house, Jessie still doesn't have a clue.

Peggy has gotten over the excitement of this morning (although I saw her going over Sushi's adoption papers seeing if there a clause that we can use to send her back to the "pound"..*LOL* just kidding), and I'm just waiting for the next "emergency" to occur around here...*LOL*...I thought things were suppose to settle down when you get married!...*LOL*

May we introduce our newest family member....

Cat Bait

Please note the nice cage that PEGGY picked out...*LOL*. Right now we have the cage on the floor so the cats can satisfy their curiousity...and wouldn't you know it...Jessie wants to PLAY with the bird..she's prancing around the cage trying to make the bird move...*LOL*.

(Baby & Jessie)