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Personally, I don't have any major plans for this Christmas. I picked up a fake tree this year and decorated it with inexpensive balls because I wasn't sure how the animals might get along with this seasonal member of the household. But, they were ok with it and haven't bothered it at all. I like decorating the tree and it turned out real pretty!!

I really hope it will snow enough in town to build a snowman and freak the mutts out! They've never seen one! It will be fun! LOL

I keep hoping some little elves will show up and clean up the leaves in the front yard, maybe do the dishes, clean the garage, clean and rearrange the upstairs room and well, a variety of things... I've not seen them yet, but I suppose they are busy at this time of the year. Maybe they'll add me to the list!

Of course, I still have alot of decorating to do. I'm getting in the decorating mood now. Some snow would help! But I still have to dig out all the decor and then decide what I'm going to put up. And, there is still the lighted lawn decorations to put out and I hope to get to that this weekend.
The final decoration to go up will be the mistletoe in case an unsuspecting victim drops by! LOL

I think I want to go out for dinner on Christmas if Mom wants to do that again. It worked out well for Thanksgiving and I didn't miss all the cooking or cleaning up later on!

Overall, I've had a good year this year. No regrets! Dad stayed out of the hospital, Mom is still going strong, renewed friendships with a grade school pal and a high school pal, got to see old friends from Mt. Hood for an evening, all sorts of good stuff came my way this year!! Even though I haven't gotten rich, I haven't gotten pretty, and I've not seen my sleek figure for a year or 3... I've nothing to complain about. I find I am blessed with loving parents, a terrific brother, many good friends and two mutts and 3 cats that love me!
So, yep, its all good!

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