Bedroom 9/31/08

As I already told most of you, I thought this would be a relatively simple thing to fix.. the hole in the floor. Boy, was I wrong! LOL Not only is the problem longer and wider than I anticipated, but the wall seems to have some issues too. I'm too old for this crap!!

The room is approximately 12x14 and the closet took up all of one wall except maybe two feet. I made good use of the sledge hammer and a pry bar in trying to free the closet from the ceiling, walls, and floor where it was secured. You can see on the picture the area that the closet covered. It was heavy and well connected too! LOL After I got the closet out and somewhat dismantled, this is what was left over:

As you can see, the "foundation" is having some issues. Dirt kept coming in while I was trying to "clean" the area to see what was going on. I did find a "footing" at the house corner which consisted of a blob of concrete. There seems to be some actual foundation also under the heater area.

The debris from the closet

The boys were, of course, a lot of help to me as usual! NOT!! LOL

Before I left, I covered all the open area and put some boards up under the heater and in the corner. The cold air was very noticeably coming through there! LOL That's were I'm at for now!

The floor has since been finished and I add some carpets after I layed the linoleum.

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