November 25, 2012
Well, it's been awhile since I posted anything from inside the house at the farm. Quite awhile!

Didn't really do anything too strenuous upon arrival.

First thing was to remove the fake blue leathery stuff off the couch and replace it with a cotton cover that can be removed and washed.

Looks nice!

Then, I put together the coffee table that I bought to replace the footlocker that I had been using for a coffee table.

Looks nice! That's better

Cody immediately took command of his couch bed.

But, then Luke felt left out.

Awwww, poor boy!

There we go... now they're happy campers! LOL

Two bugs in a rug, as it were!

Moving on....
I was out in the kitchen and happened to look out the side window. The sun had finally broken through the fog and clouds and, although not warm, was a nice addition to the day.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something and I decided that it just didn't look right. So, out we all went to the yard and back fence Click Here to continue the story... tee hee



Plumbing is my 2nd least favorite thing to do. Electricity is my least favorite. But, I digress. I had to replace the trap under the kitchen sink since it was leaking. The first time I tried to fix it, it leaked worse. Then I brought up more supplies next time I went out there, tried it again but things just didn't fit right on the dinosauer system that is in place. So the 3rd time I brought up even more plumbing supplies, some I had purchased and some I had found in my basement. Then after a half of a day, a few hours anyway, I finally got the right combination of pipe and was able to connect it all. I did have to use duct tape (I love duct tape! LOL) on the small pipe that comes from the sink (it has rusted through for about 3" on the pipe) because I couldn't get it off. But the duct tape is working great. So, as far as I'm concerned... this job is done!


I've been avoiding the kitchen in general because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this brown, yellow and white room with it's orange counter and avocado green counter. The third counter is white, the floor is dark brown. It gave me a headache just trying to think of how to make it look better on my shoestring budget.
So, as luck would have it, I had a bunch of left over white ceramic tiles from when I tiled my shower/tub area at the Portland house. So I got some grout and ceramic glue stuff and decided to redo the orange and green counters with those. Of course, I did have to buy some more tiles to cover it, but at least I didn't have to buy ALL of it!
When I am finished with the counters, I will never ever again do this. It takes forever with all the waiting time and grout is a pain in the butt to deal with.
After I got the tile situation under control. I decided to paint the cupboards. I was going to try a "antiquing" of the existing horrible yellow cupboards, but abandoned that idea and used some paint that I had already purchased before.

Green counter, before

Green counter, during tiling

Green counter, finished

Orange counter, before

Orange counter, during tiling

orange counter, finished

New paint job:

Bank of cupboards across the room from the previous picture:

The West and East walls will get a new coat of paint, but I'm in a quandry as to which color I like best. There is not a lot of "wall" in this room, it's storage and cupboards. The first pic is on the West end and is the biggest wall area. The second pic is the East end, but not much wall there.

All the woodwork is finally painted in the kitchen. Next will be the walls and ceiling, the ceiling, of course, will be white, the walls will be an aqua-blue.

The walls and ceiling are all painted now. Although I like the Turquoise color, I'm not fond of A LOT of turquoise in the kitchen.

These pics are the north side of the kitchen. (Please note the addition of some "copper" backing behind the stove). The turquoise really gave it some life amid all the brown. Of course, the (now) white ceiling helped alot too! LOL

The East side of the kitchen looks pretty nice I think. There isn't an overpowering amount of Turquoise here.

A little brown sponge work helps:

This side of the kitchen I can barely stand to look at. WAY too much turquoise on this end. Fortunately, when I get the old wood burning kitchen stove back in there, it will take up most of that wall and then I think the wall will look fine.

Well, this looks better:

I am not doing any more painting in this room. The ceilings now have semi-gloss white and looks nice. The turquoise walls, part of them, have been "softened" with a lighter version of the same color and that's the way they will stay unless someone else wants to paint them! LOL

These walls remain the same as before:

Okay, I lied.

I decided to paint the kitchen Apricot and then made some curtains for it. I like it much better now!

West Wall North and East Walls

North Wall

All that's left is the tedious job of painting all the hinges gloss black to match the handles on the doors and drawers. Also have to repaint the ceiling with a gloss or semi gloss paint as the paint I used was not.... groan! LOL

That's it! There's still more to do on all the projects, but I finally feel like I'm moving forward instead of spinning my wheels getting things done.

Living room gets a face lift too!

(I had moved the small bed to the living room because I needed to fix the floor in the bedroom)


I painted the room first, made new curtains, recovered my old couch and most recently, added some new flooring

I decided that the brown and tan was just too dark in that little room. So I painted it, well, half of it, in a very pretty medium blue. It looks rather nice, although the pictures don't really show it well. Half of the room is blue, the other half (where there is not much "wall" space), is still tan.

Yard and Front Porch

Downstairs Bedroom

Attic and Storage rooms

Laundry room

Ustairs bedrooms

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