Laundry Room

Well, first of all.... here's the fruits of my labors from last week. The garage and add-on... you can actually SEE almost all of the dirt floor in the garage now! LOL You can't see much in the "add on" but the shelves in the back are now empty. Most of the shelves in the front are empty, except for some tools that don't work.

Now, on with the Laundry room tour. You better sit down! LMAO

These are the west wall and north wall, respectively, from the outside.

The washer and dryer got moved to their new location first. This washer and dryer has since been disposed of. I do have a brand new washing machine out there and I have a nearly new dryer in my garage in Portland that will come out here when I get the electricity issue resolved.

I pulled off some of the paneling first, on the North wall, to see what was going on behind it.

Major mold! Ewwwwww!!

I pulled down and cleaned out the ceiling portion (chalkboard and insulation) that had already broken through before I started on the wall because I didn't like that stuff hanging down over me! Even a short person like me has to duck to avoid the ceiling rot! Then, I moved on to the north wall and pulled all that chalkboard and insulation out.

I had hope for the wall until I realized there was a thin particle board like sheet between the studs and the outer wall which was concealing the condition of the outer wood. These are the insides of the north wall.

So, I removed the next section of ceiling that was getting ready to break through and cleaned up the mess I had just made and bagged up the loose smaller stuff

Then, I pulled off the rest of the paneling on the North wall and the short portion on the East wall.... sigh
REALLY major mold going on here!

So, I sorta took a step back to rethink the whole thing.... and looked over the rafters and all that. The white stuff is also mold and you can see the condition of the cross beam that holds the end of the rafters up at the wall. One of the pictures above shows the delicate condition of the North wall.


Between the rafters

Cross Beam

Well that's it for the Laundry room saga. I'm not sure what, if anything, I should do with it. I will haul out some lumber next week and board it off at the opening to the back porch and insulate the back porch side of the new wall because that's where the hot water heater is. Winter will be here in no time and I don't want things freezing up now that I removed a substantial portion of the insulation!

UPDATE! October 2010

I finished re-insulating the walls and ceiling during the Spring months and put the walls back up. I still have to do the painting.

I decided to tackle the floors and get the laundry room ready for use because I have to move the washer and dryer in here or do some major renovating to put them where I was originally going to. So......... I tackled the floor and made a ramp to get inside (easier for moving large objects in/out). I made the part where the shelves and "stuff" will be about 3" taller than the floor for the washer/dryer. In the event of an overflow, or if the hot water heater goes nuts, it will keep whatever is on the shelves and the shelves themselves dry.
Keep scrolling!!

And, of course, an ending photo of the boys while I was waiting for the well guy to call and tell me how much I owe him before we left for Portland this morning.

dat's it!

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