Storage Room

The storage room is located on the back porch. It had walls and the roof/ceiling frame. I finished the floor, the roof, and interior of the walls. When some leaking problems, stemming from the old house roof are alleviated, I'll be able to finish the ceiling part.

Looking to the front

Looking to the back

The Attic

The attic is unfinished. It had insulation on the "ceiling" and the 3 walls. There is no 4th wall to speak of. It is "open" to the back porch. Which I'm sure was "opened" to make the moving of beds and furniture to the upstairs, easier as the stairs to the upstairs has a sharp right turn in them.

Looking to the back showing the left side better where the work is going on.

Looking to the back

Looking to the front, where the stairs are. Cute little hutch huh? LOL

We put these boards up mostly because it will look nicer and not so creepy, but also because it will hold the insulation up where the squirrels and other beady-eyed creatures keep tearing it down. In the olden days, apparently, they didn't use plywood and tarpaper when building roofs, so there are several areas, especially with that "fake tile" roofing, where critters and the elements can get inside. The next thing for this room will be to add a 2' high wall to block off the last 3 or 4' of the floor where it is so cramped I wouldn't store anything in there and it would be most difficult to finish the "ceiling" to that place where the floor intersects the roof.

Yard and Front Porch

Downstairs Bedroom

Kitchen and Living room

Laundry room

Upstairs bedrooms

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