November 26,2012

Awaking UN-refreshed from a night of the dogs waking me up to go outside about every stinking hours throughout the night. I himmed and hawed for an hour or so whilst drinking my coffee about how I was going to fix the wall at the top of the stairs.

I don't know what the fascination for them was outside all night long, but as soon as that freezing wind would hit me I was wide awake for a bit. I figure I slept about 1/3 of every hour throughout the night. I presume there was some wildlife outside that they kept hearing and wanted to investigate but, then again, the moon was nearly full too! LOL

At 530am I finally just gave up and got up, got dressed, and made coffee. Drank that and watched the news. The boys wanted to sleep but I made them go outside in the cold weather instead while I did some straightening up and dusting. Served them right for keeping me up all night.

So, I had already formulated what I wanted to do with the wall at the top of the stairs. I knew it was having an issue but I had NO idea... sigh.

A few months back, when Sherry was visiting, I took her upstairs to see what I had done up there and the mirror that was on this wall literally fell off the wall into my hands. I knew that was a really bad sign.

You will note in the lower right hand of the picture, it appears that there is a really large rodent hole. That is probably another reason that I wasn't jumping at tackling this wall. After my "Willard the rat" event at my Portland house, I am a bit rodent-shy.

Behind this particular wall is the chimney for the wood stove and the original fireplace. From the attic (next door on the left) you can see daylight alongside of the chimney and I have intended to fix that for some time. I had even got the stuff to fix it this year, but, other things came up and I didn't get it done before nasty weather set in again.

Apparently, 70 or so years ago when they added on the bathroom, and probably the bedroom, downstairs, there were no "codes" for building... at least not out there from what I can tell.

Well, anyway, I had some flooring boards left over and thought those might look very nice on that wall and it would cover up the rat hole so I wouldn't have to look at it. So, that's what I had decided to use instead of the wood I had taken up there to use.

To my elation and surprise... that was NOT a rodent hole at all! In fact, there was no hole there... something had been eating from the inside of the house! LMAO

But, it has looked like that for quite a couple years or so, so whomever was eating has been gone for awhile. Perhaps it had found the poison I put out to be more tasty than that sticky paper the previous residents had put up in there. That paper was there when we moved in, so it has been there at least 45 years. At least that's what I remember.... regardless, it's been there a long long time!

So, I started to lay the Pergot-style flooring up against the wall... and a large chunk of wet drywall fell down out of the center. Sigh. So NOT a good sign. I moved my planks and got the wet drywall out of the way. Put my boards back up and tacked them up the best I could under the unfortunate circumstances.

To move the wet drywall, I also moved the green rug that was on the landing. The wood was wet at the wall and onto the landing about 8".. also not a good thing.

I intended on replacing that landing anyhow because there has always been a sort big missing knothole and I always hated that... believing that bugs, spiders, rats, and God knows what else could come up through it.

I probably should have just left the wall naked and not left my boards up there because they're just going to get wet too, but such is life... I left them up.

Making this discovery now is just really bad timing since it is the wet time of the year and cold out too. Had I been able to find the mortar stuff that I bought, even though the cold East wind was blowing, I might have tried to do something but then again, I think I would rather have someone up there with me in the event I fall off the metal roof... they could call 911 for me!

So, tomorrow, I will go to the store and get some mesh and mortar stuff or flashing and mortar or all three, and keep it in my car so I can race up there on a nice day and get busy on it. Then, let the wall and landing dry out so it will be much nicer for handling and deal with that.

I know now the real reason Dad stopped doing stuff around the farm house... it just never ends and can be quite overwhelming at times.

And there is the last two days of my world. It was not a really fun trip.

On the way home, stopped at David's house and he washed the boys for me. They have been sleeping soundly in the dining room since we got home from there. But they smell really good and are soft and shiny! That was the good part of my day today.


Upstairs Bedrooms

The two rooms upstairs were my brother and my bedrooms. In the 70's I had redecorated my room with this lovely green and white wallpaper and matching paint. I also painted his room since he had left for college!

My Room is on the left, his is on the right:

After I painted both rooms with Kilz to try to cover up the awful green paint, I painted my old room blue and his old room yellow:

Then I added some nice curtains (blue for the yellow room and brown for the blue room) that could "puddle" down to the floor and thought that looked pretty elegant! I have since added a bed up there as well as some carpet on the floors. There is still much I want to do in those rooms.

Yard and Front Porch

Bedroom main floor

Kitchen and Living room

Attic and Storage rooms

Laundry room

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