Ancestors of so long ago,
I'll search until I find.

Till I can prove and clearly show,
that you are truly mine.

I'll follow behind your trail of tears,
the hidden footprints of time.

Covered and buried throughout the years,
and continue each mountain to climb.

I'll search every faraway seaside shore,
and every valley below.
I'll unlock each and every door,
as my own teardrops flow.

I'll unearth the buried history of you,
and your own ancestral kin,

I'll search for that all important clue,
and open my heart to let you in.


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In Memory of

In Memory of my brother, David Lawrence Cates

In Memory of my wonderful father, Lawrence Grey Cates

In Memory of my Uncle Jim

In Memory of my Aunt Margaret

Coming soon: Memorials to my Aunt Frances and Aunt Louella.

A few words from me:
I have learned that many people, although well-meaning in their research,
have no true basis for their claims.
Some seem to have a need to ensure that their lines go back
to persons of historical importance like Kings,
Queens, and Presidents or perhaps a movie star and the like.
Many of those connections are just not really connections.

Folks... if you can follow it back far enough,
you will no doubt be related to a King, Queen,
President, Movie Star, Duke, Duchess, and others of whom are considered
important people. But, most people probably not in a direct line.

Just remember this as you do your research...
YOUR people, whoever they are, are important people!

It doesn't matter if you are a direct (or even indirect) descendant
of one of those whom society considers
more important than the rest of us.
What would those Kings, Queens and Presidents have done
without their gardeners, cooks, house keepers and the like?
I'll tell you what! They'd have been washing their own undies,
pulling their own weeds and cooking their own food!
Just like the rest of us have to do! Yep, even the Servants,
farmers, millers,serfs, and all the others that made up
society were important, too.

Truly.. if not for your ancestors, you wouldn't be the you
that you (and, hopefully, others) have grown to know and love!
How friggin' important does THAT make ALL your people??
Pretty important, indeed!

Our ancestors lived, loved, laughed, cried, faced and endured
hardships that would turn us nowadays into a quivering mass of jello.
They were hardy people of adventure and guts... men and women alike.
Honestly, ladies, can you even imagine what is was like to be
8 mos pregnant and traveling in a covered wagon
over treacherous trails?
And you men... I want to see you go out into the mountains
and with just minimal tools, (no power tools),
build a home in the middle of nowhere that won't
fall down in the first storm... and don't forget to hand dig
the outhouse and water well.
And, get it done quickly, the family needs a roof over their head!
Hardy, indeed!!

One has to be very careful to verify what they find on the
Internet and not assume that the other person has verified the information
they have posted.
Check out what they cite as their proof!

To that end, I am redoing my tree, paternal and maternal, and if I can't
verify the information through official documents or the like,
I have removed it or at the very least, notated it.
This has shortened my names lists by leaps and bounds.
In fact, I also found several incidences
where family organizations, online, have given proof of errors that
plague the Internet as truths.
Those branches, who I wrongfully connected without doing any verifying,
I have removed from my tree... so, the search continues.

For common names, one needs to make sure that the person in their
line is actually the same as the person who they have found.
In my personal case, I have found 3 John MacGregor's in
Aberdeenshire area of Scotland, who all married
an Ann Morrison in the same year.
AND, they are all about the same year of birth. Aye Yi YI!
I have no idea
which set of newlyweds is MY John MacGregor and Ann Morrison,
so for now, that line is "on hold".

Some of the more useful tools that I have found are,,, and
Ancestry and Origins cost money, but the other two are free.

I am also a volunteer photo-taker of headstones in findagrave and,
amazingly, that is actually a very rewarding hobby (good exercise in the
hilly'er cemeteries too! ha).
It was on findagrave that I came across the two poems I have
posted here. Another volunteer had posted them on his findagrave
profile page and I thought they were really neat. (Thanks Sammy!)

One of the many pleasures of genealogy is to find relatives
that you have never met or even known about before. I have been fortunate
to meet "cousins" in person, as well as in emails.
In fact, most people I have met because of genealogy, related or not,
have, by and large, been really nice, genuine people.

You will find genealogy information
researched by Syd Gardner at Click here
he has done extensive research on the
Deming/Boles family lines.
This is just a tiny bit of his information.

Dear Ancestor,

Your tombstone stands among the rest:
Neglected and alone,

The name and date are chiseled out -
on polished, marbled stone.

It reaches out to all who care,
It is too late to mourn -

You did not know that I exist,
You died and I was born.

Yet, each of us are cells of you:
In flesh, in blood, in bone.

Our blood contracts and beats a pulse -
entirely not our own.

Dear ancestor, the place you filled,
a hundred years ago -

Spreads out among the ones you left,
Who would have loved you so.

I wonder if you lived and loved,
I wonder if you knew -

That some day I would find the spot;
And come and visit you?



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