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August 16, 2014

Petunia's, Phlox(?) and Torenia. The Petunia's and Phlox(?) seem to like it in this part shade section! The Torenia filled in quite nicely and is producing many purple and yellow flowers.

July 20, 2014

Pictures of the front flower beds. Looking pretty!

The metal sun in this picture was a birthday gift from Claudette and Phil

July 13, 2014

Happy Birthday flowers from Debbie. Purple Aster, pink Zinnia and different colored Phlox. Torenia is the one by itself to be planted, it likes a bit of shade so it couldn't go in with the others that prefer full sun!

Just a few pics from Mom's 80th birthday lunch at McGrath's Fishhouse in Milwaukie with friends and relatives. Good time had by all.
Traditionally, the McGrath's staff, at some point will put a hat shaped like a fish on the birthday person and sing happy Birthday - but, Mom put a kibosh on that right at the beginning! LOL

Me and Mom, friend, Judy, on the left

Mom sitting. L to R: Debbie, John, Phil, Tim, David, and Claudette

L to R: Mom, Tim, and Melody

Around the table, starting from the front left: Phil, Claudette, John, Judy, Mom, Jessie, Juanita, Melody and Tim

L to R: Jessie, Juanita, and David being camera shy. LOL NOTE: Check out that guy standing behind Jessie... he kind of has a ghostly appearance!

L to R: Jessie, Juanita, David and Melody

Around the table, starting from the front left: Claudette, John, Judy, Mom, Jessie, David, Melody and Tim - someone was saying something interesting! Everyone turned to listen! LOL

Around the table, starting from the left: David, Melody, Tim, Claudette, John, Judy, and Mom

June 21,2014

Debbie and I went to the Somerset Assisted Living Home to listen to our friend, Ray Taylor, play guitar. We both thought he did very well. The lady in the pictures with him plays violin in the symphony and is also the music director at the Home. Seems like a nice gal. They hadn't really practiced together very much from what we gathered, but it was nice anyhow. Ray did most of the playing by himself and sometimes she sang and encouraged the audience to participate. There was alittle over 2 dozen people in the audience. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show very much.

Tuning up

Playing a song

Ray is very intent when he is playing. He is a perfectionist and today was no different. He smiles frequently, but the camera seemed to always click the picture right after he stopped! LOL

Caught him smiling finally!

Debbie had taken, she thought, a short video of him playing a song, but when she got home... it wasn't on the camera. Next time!

June 19, 2014

We had lunch at Shari's again. Actually, we had breakfast for lunch. But that's not important! LOL
There was a new batch of 6 ducklings with their mama duck paddling down the waterway. A few of the older ducks paddled out to meet them. Three of the babies stuck close to their Mama, but some were more independent thinkers and were venturing to the shore.

May 25, 2014
Mom and I had a nice breakfast at Shari's today. Afterwards, we fed the teenager goslings, ducks and geese... mostly the goslings because we didn't have that much bread to feed everyone... but thought I would share the pics of the birds!

Now on to Mom's newest flowers!

Bright and cheery to the left side!

Mary Rose and its companion red rose has gone biserk! LOL Definetly needs a trim up but we didn't do that today. I think it's kinda neat how the red roses are all at the bottom level and Mary Rose is the rest of it!

Tiger Lilies are up and starting to bloom on the right side.


May 11, 2014

Mary Rose is growing like a weed and has tons of roses on it! The weather the last couple days had her not looking her best, but I got a good shot of the Pink Roses.

And, of course, she still has red Roses growing off the same base. But they are pretty! LOL

This is the left side of the flower beds. Some are blooming, some are just growing! All look good and healthy.

February 6 - 8, 2014
Well, it looks like Ma Nature is going to have the last laugh on us in the flatlands! We had almost 2 weeks of beautiful weather, leading us to believe that Spring had sprung. But, then that dastardly groundhog saw his shadow... and we thought maybe it would only affect his side of the USA... but, indeed, we got a surprise snowfall over the course of 4 or 5 days that cripple many of us in the lower lands and most of those in the upper lands. Then, to top it off, the freezing rain came and blanketed us with about 1/4 inch of ice. Oh, so much fun! LOL But, most people stayed at home and allowed the highway departments to do their jobs, many businesses stayed closed, and eventually rain and warmer temps came to set us all free.

February 6.. my parking lot

February 7.. footprints

February 7 - blowing snow

February 7 - Really blowing snow

February 8 - footsteps in the snow

February 8 - the days snowfall

January 26, 2014

Trixie the Turtle and the two band members got face lifts this year. They are all ready for Spring to come now.

Also added to Mom's statuary is Tammy and the Totlets. (I think that is what she named them). They were supposed to be a Christmas gift, but since it was in my garage, I didn't see it at Christmas, so she got it as a "Happy New Year" gift instead! LOL


September 19, 2013
Probably the last of the flower pictures for the season. Looking good!

September 9, 2013

Well, Mom has certainly been busy keeping her garden pretty!

Newest hanging basket of yellow and purple pansies:


And a pretty basket of white/purple pansies:


New Mums and Dahlia's were added to the front with the Widow's Tears, Portucala, Petunia's and double Petunia's. Very pretty!:

And some new Mums and Dahlia's were added to the other side of the front porch:

September 2, 2013

Another pretty sunset looking out from the back porch

August 22, 2013

The sunset tonight was so spectacular and rich with color!

August 21, 2013

Red sky at night, sailor's delight.... so I guess it will be nice, but not spectacular, on August 22nd since the sunset is orange-y and not red! LOL

July 31, 2013

The day is done as the sun slips into the western horizon in Milwaukie

July 30, 2013, Sunset photos

July 25, 2013

Movie for Mom (still photos below):

July 14, 2013

Everything is looking so pretty in the front garden!

In the beginning... October 23, 2012

How it looks today!

A few close-ups

Begonia has gone crazy!

Birthday gift from Debbie

Hot Pink and Purple Petunia's


And, last one... for now... Widow's Tears.

June 30, 2013

Sunset from the back patio

June 19, 2013

Beautiful sunset out the back door

June 12, 2013

Begonia is getting a pretty red flower

Solar color-changing butterfly

Red, White and Blue bowl for Debbie

Double Petunia

Flowerbed in the front

Red, white and blue bowl for Mary!

Impatiens in the back

One turning red, top left! LOL

Cherry tomatoes forming towards the bottom

May 20, 2013
Started out as a gray day, but the sun did break through and it was beautiful out for the afternoon.

The Fuchsia is doing great and will look awesome if all those buds open at the same time!

Beard Tongue is doing very well and seems to like its new location.

Mary Rose, my namesake, is looking very pretty!

But, the red rose keeps showing up on Mary Rose's stem. It's pretty, but it's not supposed to be there! LOL

Petunia is looking pretty!

Raspberries are looking good and already forming berries!

Tilley Tomato is doing very well and its baby 'maters are already forming!

Tiger Lily's are just starting to bloom. And what a cute Turtle! Some very nice and thoughtful person must have given that as a Mother's Day gift! LOL

Neighbor's Rose

Another neighbors rose

March 29, 2013

The daffodils

And, this Daffodil only made it about 1" out of the soil before it bloomed!


The Pansy's are thoroughly enjoying the Spring weather!

March 8, 2013

The little bulbs that I put in the pots for her are almost all above ground and blooming or getting there. One Hyacinth bulb hasn't come up yet. But, the weather has been so odd, they are probably confused about what they're supposed to be doing. LOL

Close up of the little orange crocus. They are very dainty and cute!

Her pansies are really loving the sun and warmth!

And, last but not least, Mary Rose is showing signs of life and leafing out!

October 23, 2012

The new garden out front, ready for Spring to bloom!

Close up of Mary Rose, who has not gone dormant yet. This plant is on the other side of the door.

Close up of the Pansies in the hanging basket.

Close up of the Mum plant

Debbies backyard
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