May 23, 2015

A few pictures from the garden for your viewing pleasure.

This brave little soul... its stalk is only about 3" tall... but, bless its little heart, it bloomed first and the blossom is a full-sized Tiger Lily! Very cute!

Wasn't sure that the Widow's Tears were going to do anything this year, but once they got started they went crazy!

Last, but not least, a hanging basket of Petunia's that Debbie gave me. It is too big to hang on the lambs hook, so it sitting on a pedestal instead. It is a beauty!!

May 3, 2015

Mom and I went to Shari's for brunch after our trip to Goodwill.

Mama duck was near the front door quacking,trying to get her kids to follow her...

Some were having a bit of difficulty getting over the rocks to get to the pavement...

Finally, they all got over the boulder and to their Mom...

Mama duck led them away and they disappeared into the brush.

The geese also had their babies out and about. These look to be about teenager size.

A lot of the duck parents had their babies out on the water this nice day.

Last, but not least, I had taken a big hanging basket of Petunia's to Mom. In return, I took hom a Mum, Tomato plant, and Pansy. Not a bad deal! LOL Mom's Widow's Tears are blooming now, mine don't even have buds yet!

April 26, 2015

Lots of color in the flower beds.

April 16, 2015

Beautiful pink Dogwood down the street.

February 21, 2015

So, when I got to Mom's place, I used the tall sturdy plastic pots that I painted last year as pedestals for her planter potss. Of course, there is not much going on in the pots yet... it is only February, after all! LOL

I think it will look nice when the flowers are growing and blooming. Plus, she can reach them much easier to prune or pull weeds.

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