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The Calendar:
January 1: New Year's Day
January 21: MLK Day
February 14: Valentines Day
February 18: Presidents Day
March 17: St Patrick's Day
March 20: Spring Begins
March 31: Easter
April 1: April Fools Day
May 12: Mother's Day (2013)

May 27: Memorial Day (2013)
June 14: Flag Day
June 16: Fathers Day (2013)
July 4: Independance Day
Sept 2 Labor Day
Sept 22: Fall begins
Oct 14: Columbus Day
Oct 31: Halloween
Nov 11: Veteran's Day
Nov 28: Thanksgiving (2013)
Dec 25: Christmas
Of course, there are tons of observance days, religious days, state holidays and observance days that I am not listing here.

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(3/2018 - I am updating dates and events)

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The Bookshelf:

Casey Sheridan - Aftershock
As her name suggests, Casey is a watchful, noble, seeker of truth and justice. She has a softer side that she tends to ignore or, at least, set aside, while there's business to take care of.
She's a cop... on a mission.
The story takes the reader to Oregon, Texas, Ireland and Guatemala, in pursuit of the man who is stalking her. Her quest is to find this man and bring him to justice.
Along the way in her travels she regales the reader with bits of history, mythology, and even serves as a tour guide for the reader at her destinations.
Her life is full of mystery, intrigue, danger and a wee bit of romance. You'll be rooting for Casey to solve her mystery and more.

For $9.43, you can buy this book in paperback or for $2.99 you can buy it as a kindle, through Amazon.com and it allows you to preview some pages before you buy!

Casey Sheridan - Shockwave

This is the last of the Casey Sheridan books. Maybe later in life when I have more time, I will write another, but that is not really in the plans now.:(

This time you can travel with Casey to Jamaica, Scotland, and Washington State. She works on a cold case multiple murder and an International fugitive case. There are many twists and turns in each of those events. Her mentor, Alex, and Deputy US Marshal Gale Corfmann figure prominently in her travels and the cases she works. As in the first book, Casey's travels serve as a bit of a travel guide in those areas. For those who read the first book, some questions are answered that may have left you hanging! :)

For $12.25, you can buy this book in paperback or for $2.99 you can buy it as a kindle, through Amazon.com and it allows you to preview some pages before you buy!
It is also available online through Createspace.com and Barnes and Noble.com

Another terrific and engaging new book:

Curse of Wallingford
On the land called Wallingforde, a mighty castle was built and the lord was a man of goodness and might. But years passed, and the mighty castle just outside London waxed old. The death of his lady altered both mind and heart of Wallingford's reigning monarch. The young lords began to break from their father's tyranny.
Unaware such a person was in her midst, Gabby sought the small shed that served always as her retreat. The shed was dark.... the kick was swift... not at all a pleasant way for a man to waken from deep slumber. The young lord intended to never take such treatment again as his father had dealt him. But this was no man's boot!

This is a terrific book full of action, adventure, and a true love story. It's easy to get caught up in the story and the characters. The twists and turns that ultimately bring these lives together were a pleasure as they unfolded!

For $15.38, you can buy this book in paperback or for $2.99 you can buy it as a kindle, through Amazon.com and it allows you to preview some pages before you buy!

My Cookbook - Cooking Up Memories SOLD OUT:

Cooking Up Memories
This cookbook was created and published by me of favorite recipes, some never before published, of mine, my family and friends. Many are recipes that were handed down in my family. click here to look at it

My Cookbook - Nearly Salt Free-A Healthier Me:

Nearly Salt Free - A Healthier Me
This cookbook was created and published by me of recipes that I created and recipes I altered to make them low Sodium. I had two taste testers plus myself to try them out. If two of the 3 of us liked it, it went in the book. You can buy it at Createspace

9/4/15 - I am embarking on a new adventure,
wine making! It didn't go too well. So I will maybe try again the Fall of 2019!

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Today is: Say HI to Angel (passed away 4/11/2011), Garfield (passed away 2/9/07), Psycho (passed away 11/21/2011), Cody (passed away 4/17/2017) and Luke (passed away 01/22/19). Theywere my babies!

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