Caring for my plants

African Marigold - tagetes erecta
Full sun. 10 - 12" tall.

Allium Roseum
Enjoys full sun to part shade. Planting depth is 4", 3 - 4" spacing. Will grow to 24 - 30". Cut off flowers as they fade and allow the greenery to ripen and turn brown after flowering. Enjoys loose, well drained soil.

Aloe Vera
Enjoys bright light. Turned grayish in the greenhouse. Got sunburned in direct sun outside, but recovered when I brought it back in.

Alpine Rosy Bells

Alyssum - Lobularia maritima
Full Sun. 4 - 6" tall

Anemone- September Charm

Apricot Fudge Double Lily
Likes full sun to partial shade. Grows 24 - 36" tall. Flowers in Early to Mid Summer. Likes loose well drained soil. No special Winter care. Remove flowers when they start fading.


Aster - Callistephus chinensis
Sun or part sun. 6" tall.


Baby�s Breath
Full sun. 36" tall. Well drained soil. Deer resistant.

Bachelor Buttons

Banana Tree
This was a cool-climate Banana Tree. It grew a lot on the deck, partially shaded from the afternoon sun. But, unfortunately, it froze in the first freeze and it killed it.

Bear Berry, Massachusetts - Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Full sun. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. 6 - 12" tall x 3 - 6' wide. Water weekly during dry spells.

Beard Tongue, Red Riding Hood
Full sun. 12 - 24" tall. Water weekly during dry periods. Likes to be planted with Catmint, Dianthus, and Purple Fountain Grass.

Bee Balm Prefers semi-moist soil. Average height 10-12". Dead head as needed. Fertilize every 6 - 8 weeks.

Begonia, Tuberous - Begonia tuberhybrida
Annual. Part sun or shade. 10 - 12" tall.

Begonia Strawberry Ice
Likes full sun to partial shade. Grows 8 - 10" tall. Flowers Early Summer. Likes loose well drained soil. For zone 3 - 8, take them out of the ground and store for the Winter to replant the following Spring.

Bellflower - Campanula portenschlagiana
Part sun. Moderate water. 4 - 8" tall.

Black Eyed Susan vine - Thunbergia alata
Full sun. Not hardy. Consistent moisture in soil. Grows 4 - 5'.

Blue Grape Hyacinths

Blueberries. Enjoys plenty of sun. Likes lots of water.

Butterfly Bush
My butterfly bush is pretty self sufficient. It gets water weekly and I cut it way back in the Fall when it�s done blooming. It likes sun for most if not all of the day. Can be propagated by seed, cuttings or root division. I tried the cuttings, but they all died, no doubt my own fault. For cuttings, cut about a 3" or longer section from the branch tip in the Spring or Summer. Make your cut at an angle. Stick in some potting soil and put in a shaded but light area. Keep warm and moist. Seeds require lots of light to germinate. They also need to be �pre-chilled� for up to 4 wks before planting. Takes a few months to germinate. Root division: Carefully dig up the plant and separate the roots by hand or using a small spade and transplant to the area you want them in.

C D Eason Heather - Erica Cinerea
Part sun. Water regularly. Fertilize in the spring. Deadhead. 12" tall.

Calandiva Kalanchoe

Calibrachoa x hybridia-
Full sun. Water regularly. 6 - 10" tall.

California Lilac - Ceanothus Victoria
Full sun. 6' tall x 8' wide. Fertilize in the Spring. Deadhead. Water regularly.

Calla Lily - Zantedeschia
Bright light. Tolerates direct sunlight. Water moderately. Fertilize moderately bimonthly


Canna Tropical Rose
Full sun. 24 - 30" tall, water frequently. Mine died. Probably froze in the winter. It wasn't until later that I read you're supposed to dig them up every Fall/early Winter and replant the next Spring.

Catalina Guilded Grape - Torenia
Part shade or shade. 8 - 16" tall. Heat tolerant. Normal watering. Fertilize regularly. Deadheading not necessary. Deer Resistant.

Celosia - Celosia plumosa
Great in containers, borders or beds. Blooms early. Plant in the sun or part shade 8 - 10" apart. Grows to 12" tall.

Cherry Bush

Chocolate Vine
I was disappointed that mine died out at the farm (probably got too wet). But, the more I read about it... it is considered an invasive species in many states... so, although interesting... maybe I didn't really want it!

Christmas Cactus


Not hardy. Grow as Annual. Partial sun or shade. Water frequently during dry spells. Mine died after the first good rains of Fall. I later read that you're supposed to dig them up and put them back out the following season.

Columbine - Aquilegia caerulea
Full to filtered sun. Moist, well drained soil. 10 - 16" tall.

Self seeds. Seems to not care what kind of soil it is in. I have two, one is in clay'ish soil and the other in purchased "garden soil"... they do equally as well. Water weekly. Grows 4 - 5' and taller.

Corsican Mint - Mentha requienii
Ground cover. Moderate foot traffic. Full sun. 2" tall. Fertilize Spring and Fall.

Coreopsis - Tickseed
Full sun. 12 - 15" tall. Well drained soil. Deadhead.


Full sun. deadhead. 24 - 36" tall. Water weekly during dry spells. Self- seeds.

Creeping Lamium
Ground cover. Fairly tolerant of dry shade once established. Trim back in late Winter. Easily divided and roots easily.

Creeping Myrtle - Vinca

Creeping Phlox

Crocosmia, Emily McKenzie - crocosmia
Full sun. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. 24 - 36" tall. Prune back in the Fall. Water weekly during dry spells.

Daffodils appreciate plenty of light, but not really direct bright sunlight. It prefers moist soil and to have it's dead flowers removed. They grow to various lengths depending on the variety.

Daffodil Begonia
Prefers partial shade. Grows to 10 - 12" tall. Flowers mid to Late Summer. Likes well drained soil. Dig to a depth of 10 - 12" and mix in organic material or fertilizer. Take the blooms off when they start fading, do not remove stems until they are turning brown.

Full sun. 10 - 12" tall. Well drained soil. Fertilize and water regularly.

Day Lily

Full or part sun. Water weekly during dry spells. 30 - 40" tall. Cut back after flowering for rebloom. Fertilize well.

Dianthus - Dianthus chinensis
Full sun. 8 - 12" tall.

Diasca - diasca barberae
Full or part sun. Water frequently. 6 - 8" tall.

Filbert Tree
Compliments of Squirrels or Birds.. just letting it grow to see if it does!

Korean Heart Throb Dogwood

Dutch Crocus

Dutch Iris
Enjoys full sun to part shade. Planting depth is 4", 3 - 4" spacing. Will grow to 24 - 30". Cut off flowers as they fade and allow the greenery to ripen and turn brown after flowering. Enjoys loose, well drained soil.

Early Snow Glories

Early Stardrift

Echinopsis Eyriesii

English Blue Bells

Fern, Sword

Freesia, Raspberry Swirl
Full sun. well drained soil. Soak overnight before planting. 12" tall. Deadhead. Remove leaves/stems after they turn brown.

Chinese Fringe Tree
Chionanthus Retisis. Slow grower. 15' tall 15-25' broad. White spidery flowers in May. Sun, Part Shade.

Sun or part sun. Annual. 12" tall. Uses little water.

Golden Ball Cactus

Golden Sunrise Stonecrop - Sedum acre �aureum�
Ground cover. Moderate foot traffic. Full to part sun. 2 - 4" tall. Drought tolerant.

Grapes, Concord
I took a couple 6" cuttings from a friends� mature plant, stuck them in pots and watered them when necessary. Amazingly, they started growing. I planted one in the ground and took one to a different location. It kept growing but there was no fruit. That is because they don�t bear fruit until the 3rd year after planting. The 3rd year, it was growing great and, in fact, produced fruit. It�s growing great and huge now with lots of fruit. I need to get it onto a proper arbor because it does get very heavy. I cut it back pretty good last year, about 3' vines is all I left and it is huge this year. Latches on to everything in sight. It gets watered once a week like everything else in the garden, it lives in full sun all day. I put leaves from the trees that have fallen around the base in prep for Winter and that seems to be working out well. There are several sites online to tell you the proper way to prune Concord grapes. It gets a little confusing and, yes, sounds very time consuming.

Grecian Windflowers

Perennial. Full sun. 8 - 24" tall. Water weekly during dry spells. Fertilize in the Spring.

Hens and Chicks - Sempervivum
Full Sun or part shade. 4 - 8" tall. Well drained soil. Drought resistant


Hosta Gold Standard
Shade or partial shade. Regular watering, likes it wet or dry. 12 - 24" tall.

Hosta Wide Brim
Partial shade or shade. Adapts to dry or moist conditions. Grows to 36" tall.

Heuchera villosa
Shade to part shade. Perennial. Low water.

Shade to part shade. Perennial. Low water.

Iris, purple
There a many types of Iris but basically they like lots of light and moist soils.

Japanese Forest Grass
Spreads out quickly.

Japanese Iris Shogun
Likes Full Sun to Part Shade. Grows to 24 - 36" tall. Flowers mid - late Spring. Likes loose well drained soil. Likes a light winter mulch in cold areas. Remover the mulch in the Spring..

Jasmine Vine - Jasminum polyanthum
Full sun. Fertilize in the Spring. Vine. 10 - 20" tall x 4 - 6' wide. Water 1 or 2 times a week

Juniper, Blue Star - Juniperus squamata
Full sun. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant. 12 - 24" tall x 24 - 36" wide. Fertilize in the Spring. Water weekly.

Lady's Mantel
Full sun to part shade. 12 - 18" tall. Well drained soil. Clump forming. Self-sows. Deadhead. Fertilize during active growth.

Lamb's Ear

Lantana - Blooms in the Summer. Full sun. Light watering. Grows 12 - 16" tall and 12 - 14" wide. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Full sun to part shade. 6" tall. Rich, gritty, quick draining soil. Hardy to -30 deg faren.


Lily, Triplett
Full sun. 24" tall. Plant 4" deep, water thoroughly.

Lisianthus - eustoma grandiflorum
Full or part sun. 24 - 36" tall.

Lobella erinus. Regatta Rose. Part sun. Likes moist soil. Good for hanging baskets. Blooms in the Spring. Grows 6 - 8" tall. Likes

Mandevilla - Mandevilla Dipladenia
Full sun. Annual. Vine. Not hardy. Well drained soil. Fertilize monthly. Prune back in the Spring. Water daily. Likes to be planted with Scaevola, Verbena, and Vinca.

Marigold - Blooms Summer to Fall. Heat tolerant, full sun. Grows 8 - 10" tall, space 8 - 10"apart. Water regularly. Likes moist, well drained soil but can adapt to others.

Meadow Sage - Salvia nemorosa
Full sun. 24" tall. Deadhead.

Millet, Purple Majesty
Full or part sun. 4 - 5' tall.

Cereus forbesii monstrose aka/ Ming Thing Cactus

Moon Cactus

Mountain Bells

Full sun. 15" tall. Water every other day.

Part sun. Not direct hot sunlight. Water frequently. Deadhead.

Nemisia - Nemesia strumosa
Full Sun, moist well drained soil, regular watering. Grows 6-8" tall and 8-12" wide. Water regularly. Blooms Spring and Summer. It is an annual.


Oriental Lily
Plenty of light, but not direct sunlight. Deadhead. Moist soil.

Ornamental Pepper - Capsicum annuum
Drought tolerant. Heat tolerant. Full sun. Water regularly.

Full Sun to part shade. Grows 10 - 15" tall, 14 - 20" wide. Well drained soil. Water sparingly. Fertilize regularly. Good for containers, mixed borders, or beds. Blooms late Spring to early Summer.

Oxalis Versicolor
Likes full sun to partial shade. Prefers moist, humus rich soil. Grows to 6 - 10" tall. Blooms Late-Summer to Fall. Likes moist soil, but doesn't want its feet soggy. Remove faded flowers and at the end of the season, let the foliage turn yellow and die back. Light mulch in the winter months..

Painted Daisy

Heat tolerant. Full to partial sun. Well drained soil. Water and fertilize weekly. Grows 6" - 12" tall.

Passion Flower - Passiflora cearulea
Prune dead stems in the early Spring. Fertilize every April with time release fertilizer. Well draining soil. Attach vine to support. Mulch during severe cold weather.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
Indoor plant. Fertilize monthly. Keep soil moist but not wet. No standing water in pot or saucer. Likes 60 - 85 deg F for temps.

Petunia - Petunia grandiflora
Full sun. 10 - 15" tall. Water and fertilize weekly.

Phlox - SEE Woodland Phlox
Weather tolerant. Full sun. 12 - 14" tall

Phygelius Snow Queen - Phygelius crofsnoque
Full sun to part shade. 24 - 36" tall. Well drained soil. Moist. Provide winter mulch. Cut back in the Spring to encourage bushy growth.

Pikes Peak Purple Penstemon

Full sun. Light watering in well drained soil. Grows 8 - 10" tall. Re-seeds itself. Blooms late Spring and Summer.

Ranunculus - Ranunculus asiaticus
Part Sun, Moist, well drained soil, fertilize regularly. Good for Containers, borders or beds.



Sedum Garnet Brocade - Sedum Hylotelephium hybrid
Full Sun. 12 - 16" tall. Fertilize yearly. Trim in the early summer to decrease height and encourage branching. Likes to be planted with Black-Eyed Susan, Heliopsis, and Purple Coneflower.

Full or part sun. 6 - 10" tall.

Snow Crocus

Sparkler Allium

Spiderwort Snowcap - Tradescantia x andersoniana
Full sun or partial shade. 20" tall.


Stenocereus Dumortierii

Stepables ground covers

Stonecrop Cape Blanco
Well drained, gravelly soil. Drought tolerant. Requires little water. Part shade.

Strawflower - Bracteantha bracteata
Heat tolerant. Full sun. Well drained, moist, soil.

Sunflower - Helianthus annuus
Full sun. 2 - 3' tall. Well drained soil. Average water.

Sweet Potato Vines
Hanging basket or climbing vine. Plant in full sun 18 - 24" apart. Can grow up to 20' vine.

Sweet William

Sylvatica Blue - Myosotis
Part sun/part shade. Fertilize regularly. Well draining soil. 10 - 12" tall.

Trumpet Vine


Full sun. 10 - 12" tall. Trailing growth habit. Heat tolerant. Water frequently. Fertilize regularly.

Vinca (SEE Creeping Myrtle
Sandy, well drained soil. Sun to light shade. Prefers hot dry climate but likes cool climates also. 14 - 16" tall.

Water and fertilize as needed. Grows to 6-8" tall. Likes well drained soil. Full to partial sun.

Wallflower - Erysimum hybrid
Perennial. Full Sun. 14 - 18" tall. Pinch back to make bushy. Water weekly during dry spells. Likes to be planted with Beard Tongue.

Weeping Elm
Elm CampersownII. Full Sun. Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. 15' tall, 15' wide or more.

White Bacopa - Sutera cordata
Trails. Sun to part shade. Fertilize every two weeks.

Widows Tears

Woodland Phlox - Phlox divaricata �Chattahoochee�
Perennial. Full Sun. Light watering. 15" tall.


Zinnia - zinnia elegans
Full sun. Moist, well drained soil. Fertilize regularly. Bushy. 12 - 14" plants.