June 27, 2016

Got up this morning planning to get some work done outside since it was going to be hot this afternoon. At 930am, it was already 80 deg in the shade.

At 630am, I stumbled out to the kitchen to look outside, get a cup of ambition, and get the boys pills.

I opened the slider and *whoosh* this thing went flying past my face! LOL Startled me! Apparently, there was a Scrub Jay sitting in the covered area where the cacti are and I scared it! LOL

So, around 830am, I ventured out to fill the yard trash barrel. Got that accomplished. It was already getting too hot to be in the sun, working, for me.

As long as I was out, I looked around to see what's going on in the gardens.

I had trimmed the grapevines back, under my gated arch, but they clearly decided they wanted to grow there. Fortunately, after I unhooked the gate, I did look forward before stepping through. A red spider had made his/her web across the width of the arch, about eye level and was sitting in the middle waiting for some breakfast to come through! LOL I didn't kill it, but I did move its dining table to the side! LOL

CD Eason Heather is looking very pretty with its hot pink little flowers... but the Spirea and the red Lily's were crowding it so it is growing in two directions!

Coneflowers are starting to bloom and bend their petals to the ground, exposing their faces to the sun! A Bumblebee was enjoying this particular flower! LOL

Lots of DayLilys were open and showing their love!

The orange Dahlia has bloomed. I hope it will get bigger than this, but I guess I should get the weeding done so that it has more space. I believe this was a Dahlia that I "rescued" from the "going to go in the garbage if it doesn't sell" group at Freddie's or Home Depot a few years ago.

Blueberries are ready to pick, some of them. I was going to do that today, but I have not. David brought me blueberries from his bush yesterday, so I can eat those instead! LOL

Coneflowers in various stage of blooming!

June 24, 2016

It was a beautiful morning when I got up! Didn't last though! LOL

I looked out and could see the yellow Day Lily's were blooming.

It also appeared that the squirrels decided to snack in the birdseed since they ate all their own food.

Almost all the Cacti got a good drink from yesterday's rain, but this fella just didn't look good! He wasn't leaning over when I put them there! I have since, put a dowel next to him and strapped him to it so he's standing up again.

All the other cacti seemed fine and happy. They will appreciate the water they got when it stays in the high 80's the coming week!

Even the Aloe Vera is looking better. It's getting green again. It didn't get much water because it still has a "roof" over it.(It turned brown when it got too much water earlier).

I wanted to vacuum, but I decided to brush Cody first since he is losing so much hair. I only got one side of him done because he wouldn't turn around and roll over to let me get the other side. sigh. You can see how big the pile is just from that one side and it was about 5" tall. The hair that is still in the comb came from ALL of Luke! LOL

Yep, I was right! LOL

The telescoping ramp I bought to get Cody into the car has arrived. Seems well built and sturdy. It will telescope out to 8'. I thought I would try it on the couch and see if I can get Cody to walk up it... I haven't done that part yet.

After I finished all that stuff... I did some more cooking. I had started the ham bone cooking yesterday in the crockpot. And, now all of the other ingredients are in the crockpot. It will be done in the AM. I also rotisserie'd two hunks of Turkey breast, cooked some noodles and made some Cheesy Spinach Mushroom caps. (they are really good)!

June 21, 20016

I trimmed the California Lilac and now I can see my bird feeders. I may trim it more.

June 20, 2016

The first day of summer and there is a full moon... called the Honey Moon among other names. There seems to be a lot of confusing and conflicting information about it on the web... but, it is for sure an occurrence that does not happen often at all. I hope the clouds will stay away so I can see it tonight.

After my grueling work of mowing the lawn and filling the yard trash barrel with tree trimmings and friggin' blackberry vines, it was feeling warm, real warm, in the sun. I did the weed-eating as much as I could before I ran out of trimmer line. Then, I abandoned yard work for awhile.

Finally, I went back out to put up my remaining bird houses. They hang on this old tree branch I stuck in the ground.

Turns out there are only 4 that I can hang up. Three are on the branch, 1 is in the Grape arbor! LOL One the branch are: Hippy Van, Police Car and Frog. Of course, the wine keg is in the grapes! LOL

When I finished with the hanging of birdhouses, I noticed that there was grass being bold enough to grow in the Frog garden!!


So, I yanked that stuff out as best I could... hard on the back in no time at all.

I did dine on some Raspberries while I was out there and these two blueberries that were not ready yesterday... well, they were ready today! LOL

They were yummy!

One Daylily opened!

Hmmm... used to be a path through there! LOL

Amongst the weeds and grass, I found a red Dahlia(?) growing and my pretty orange Dahlia has made it back again!

I also see that the bees, Bumble and Honey, really like the Spirea flowers. Had quite a few having a late lunch or early dinner! LOL

June 19, 2016

When I got home today, I decided I better get some Raspberries picked. The bushes are looking pretty full. After I picked a bowl full, I cut and pulled out more stupid Blackberry vines. I wouldn't mind them so much if the Blackberries were sweet... but they aren't! LOL

The fruits of my labor.

Day Lily's are getting ready to burst now!

Spiderwort is huge! (It's the big mound with white flowers). Blue Berry's are starting to get blue, but still not blue enough to pick yet.

Artichoke is starting to open up... I believe you're supposed to pick them before that happens. Oh well, maybe next year.

June 12, 2016

I'm not sure what day I really took this birdseye view picture. It was after the 10th and before the 19th. What a mess it is this year. sigh

June 10, 2016

Rain is predicted in the weather forecast, so I had to make an impromptu roof for Echinopsis. She's had plenty of water.

June 8, 2016

This little section is getting way too crowded! The Spirea is crowding the Red Lily's, which makes the Lily's crowd the Columbine and the Coneflowers. Need to make some adjustments in the garden this year.

Trumpet vine is starting to bloom. The hummingbirds will be very happy! The little Viola looked so pretty, yet simple, couldn't resist taking its pic! LOL

Raspberries are looking good!

June 3, 2016

I went outside around 8am and filled the yard trash barrel again from the big pile I made the other day. About 3 more fill ups and that pile will be gone.

Then, I trimmed back some bushes at the side of the garage and cut down some small trees that are trying to grow on the SW corner of the front of the house. So, now I have 2 more piles to be picked up.

I decided while it was still temperate outside, and I would be in the shade, I would move the rubber tiles in the garden where the bird feeders are and put them under my poor old bench out there. I also moved my reindeer and tore up a large section of plastic that was one the ground where they once stood. I am going to let that section go back to grass.

Before and After:

I did some bush, berry and tree trimming while I was working on that side and, yes, started another pile. LOL

I wasn't going to work on the Raspberry patch today, but it was still cool enough out for working, so off I went.

Berry patch before:

So, I cut and pulled and whacked until I got to the fence I put up last year to contain the berry stalks and keep them off the ground. Then, I worked over my tall bush that has pink flowers to get it off my berry patch so the berries can get some decent sun (and rain).

Two "after" pictures:

Kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but this was the result of my labors. That will be about 4 or more barrels full of debris.

Raspberries are starting to get ripe. Ate a few while I was out there. Mom already got a couple cups worth off her plants (that came from here).

There was one casualty in the frog garden. One of my large mushrooms separated its cap from the stem.. yeah, it fell over and broke. LOL Probably a rodent knocked it off the log it was perched on.

Spirea and purple Butterfly bush are blooming. So far, only one spike on the butterfly bush has bloomed.

A lot of the red Lily's have opened up in the last couple days.

May 29, 2016

When it warmed up a little outside, I went out to look at the gardens and all the work that needed to be done. sigh!

As I looked around I saw the orange Dahlia is coming up, Beard Tongue had bloomed,and a red Lily had bloomed.

Artichoke is still growing, Blueberries are starting to change color and the Raspberries are plentiful but only a few were red.

Then, I turned my attention to the problems that are making it impossible to open two of my arch gates.

The grapes, before and after:

This other arch is where the Butterfly Bush, Trumpet Vine, Honeysuckle vine, lots of blackberry vines, and my older shrubs meet. What a mess!! *faint*

The gate before and after:

I trimmed up one corner of the Laurel bush first because it was grossly in my way of using my brick path...which I could no longer see because it had so many weeds growing. Then I cleaned out all the blackberry vines that were choking out the Trumpet Vine. That seemed like it took forever.
I was going to trim back the Butterfly bush anyway, but in order to get the damn Blackberry vines cut down and poison the root... I had to take out a lot more than I had intended. Looks a bit nekkid now.

So, after 4 hours of cutting trimming and piling up... I have this:

Tomorrow, I will attack the Raspberry corner, shrubs on the back fence, and this nasty Japanese Knotweed, I hope.

The worst part of today is that while I was carring out some berryvines to the pile.. it attacked me and I stepped in a "hole" which, of course, buckled my ankle and I fell to the ground. On the good side, I landed in the grass and not the pavement. Whew! After I whined for a moment or two, I realized that I had landed right next to a large rock that is in the grass! Thank God I didn't land on it. Whew, again! Then, I realized that the boys go doody in that area. Sigh! Thank God again, the only doody I landed on was nice and dry! LMAO Ankle is fine, twisted not sprained. I foresee some Coconut Vodka in my very near future.

May 23, 2016

With all the rain and sun we've had lately, everything has grown out of control.. and it wasn't in control before that! LOL

My Grapes are huge. They are starting to take over the Arch with the gate that I use to enter the garden area.

On the other side of the grapes, the blackberries and Honeysuckle have taken over and only 1/2 of the gate can open.

Columbine are still blooming and the first Passion Flower has bloomed.

Red Phygelius finally bloomed. It is dwarfed by the white one! The hummingbirds like that plant. Tiger Lily's are getting color now, but they are still so short - about 3'! Usually they get much taller than they are.

Clearly I need to have some dry days so I can get out there and do some weeding. *faint* The Spiderwort is still blooming and so are the Sweet William, but I'm not sure what else might be in there. LOL Not sure what is going on with my Aloe Vera plants. They are turning a ghostly brown color. They like full sun and occasional watering. They were mostly sheltered from the rain we had but they did get sun when it came out. Not sure what's going on.

Everything is looking good in the Frog Garden. Only a couple are tipped over. My Policeman Frog seems to fall over frequently, I think he must be Irish! LOL

May 10, 2016

This morning the Cacti, Succulents, and Corn Plant got moved to their outdoor home. Beach frog can be out in the shade when it's not raining.

Mom isn't the only one with volunteer Viola's. I found 3.

I'm sure this is the parent plant of the volunteers. I was going to get rid of her since she was so bedraggled looking, but it bloomed early with lots of flowers and keeps on blooming, so I'm keeping it around. I love Pansies and Viola's with their pretty faces!

And, that will be it for pictures today. Nothing else I'm doing will be picture worthy! LOL Oh, the frogs are all standing in the garden, so I guess they didn't party last night! LOL

May 9, 2016

I was wondering why the back of my thighs were hurting a couple days ago. Couldn't think of anything I had done to cause that.

Then, I went out to finish weeding the frog garden. OH YEAH! NOW I remember! LOL I had been weeding in the frog garden a few days ago! LOL But, then I heard my PT instructor from the academy's voice in my head... he would refer to this kind of ache as "good feeling". Yeah, wasn't then and isn't now! LOL (You thought I was going to say something inspirational, didn't you)? LOL

But, I trudged on and tried to ignore it. Pulled the rest of the weeds out, laid down the newspapers and put bagged dirt over it. Looks nice, huh?!

Next, I pulled out all the frogs that were in the mini greenhouses for weather protection. There were lots of them! But, got them all placed, put some on pedestals but most are directly on the ground. (Since they tend to party at night, I thought it would be better if most didn't have to fall too far)! All of the toadstools had to be placed behind the frog garden because there wasn't room for them. Three need repairs and I will do that tomorrow or the next day.

Looking to the south and to the north:

I just didn't have the energy to weed in the bed in front of the Frog Garden today so the picture from the front isn't that great.

And, lastly, I have to show you my California Lilac again. It's nearly in full bloom and looks so pretty! The picture doesn't do it justice.

May 6, 2016

Woke up to a beautiful day outside. Sun is shining, birds are chirping, skies are clear, temps are comfy.

So, I checked my to do list and decided that the weed-eater would get a work out in the gardens first. (Actually, the first thing that happened when I walked outside a little after 9am, was a sneeze attack. sigh)

The area was quite the overgrown mess.

The Spirea got so full this year that it was forcing the tall Lily's to grow nearly sideways.

Luke came out with me to keep watch while I was working. LOL

While I was working I was also looking around to see what activity was taking place out there.

Coneflowers are filling in but they have a ways to go before they should flower. They're only about 12 - 18" tall and should be at least 3' tall.

These lily's are usually at least 4' tall but they are only about 2 - 2.5' and forming flower buds already.

Grapes are filling in very well and making little baby grapes!

My artichoke plant is only about 18 inches tall and is already making an artichoke!

Foliage for the Day Lilys is bigger this year than last year, but no yellow flowers yet.

Honeysuckle is blooming

Raspberry has lots of green berries on it.

a couple mums are coming to life!

I tied up the Weigelia bush so it would stop crowding the tall lilys, but I think I am too late on doing it. I also finished all the weed-eating action. That took much longer than I thought it would but it looks much better now.

I need to trim these back quite a bit, but it won't be today. I've had enough pollen. At least I did locate my shovel and my garden scissors while I was out there! LOL

I started to do some weeding here. In the "frog garden". What a mess.

I started pulling grass out and noticed that some of that grass looked like flowers growing by the sides. So, I pulled up the "weed block" fabric to see what was going on under there. After I pulled most of the grass out that was growing, I discovered what I believe are Allium growing - under the weed block! The grass was also growing, but had grown through the weed block.

I'm sure that it is Allium because it smelled like onions when I was digging them out. (They are of the onion family). I've never been happy with that weed block crap and won't buy it ever again. In the hole where I dug out that tree, I laid down newspapers (my new weed block) and the pot that I put the flowers in is (now) sitting in that hole.

I noticed while I was working that a little friend was over head watching.

It got too hot in the sun to keep working out there, so I gave up. I did get a hose and sprinkler hooked up but the timer doesn't fit correctly on the spigot. Fine. Deal with it later since this set up is not really what I want anyhow, but I want to get water to my flowers! I'll water them in the morning.

Here is some close ups of a Columbine, Iris, and Purple Widows Tear.

May 4, 2016

Here it is May already! This year is slipping by so quickly in some ways and dragging in others. Guess that's just life.

What with all the other stuff going on, I have sorely neglected my gardens. The frogs are still under cover on the deck, too. sigh!

But despite being abused and neglected by me, my flowers are blooming and showing me love! (I like that in a plant! LOL)

The California Lilac is huge and now blooming. My blue and pink Columbines are looking pretty, too.

The blue and white Iris, purple Iris and the white Japanese Iris are standing tall.

Phygelius is starting to open her yellow flowers and the rust colored Azalea is blooming.

The white Spider Wort (Widow's Tears) is just starting to open and the Sweet William just opened up yesterday. That tree I dug out and transplanted is going to make it I guess! It has new leaves on it and looking pretty healthy!

That's it for today. Tomorrow I need to drag hoses out and get things set up for watering, on a timer.

April 23, 2016

Another slow news day. The Azalea's out front are all in bloom. The California Lilac is getting ready to bloom. More Iris came out. One of the Japanese Iris managed to get through the Passion Flower vines and bloom. Pink Bush is looking very nice! The first rose blossoms died and several new ones are starting to bloom.

April 21, 2016

Nothing much to report today. Columbine are starting to open, Grapes are leafing out nicely, Iris started blooming and the Pink bush suddenly bloomed!

April 8, 2016

I started out this morning intent on moving the giant California Lilac bush to a different location. It got so big that I can't see my birds or anything that is behind it. I had to trim off the bottom branches so I could see what I was doing, but it's so cramped in that area that I still couldn't do anything. The bush won, for now.

The red arrows point to the bush. The purple arrows point to what I cut off it.

So, instead, I moved a tree that was planted by a bird or squirrel in my garden. I'm not sure what it is.

Luke investigating the transplanted tree.

Finally got the back yard mowed including the area in the Bird Garden.

After that, I was just looking around at what pollen was blooming! LOL

These pretty little Bluebell looking flowers are growing under the Fir tree and Holly tree. Don't know where they came from. And the Viola's are still looking good in their pot.

Lilacs are all blooming.

Yellow rose has one blossom but 3 more are showing color. And the Lilac bush has flowers appearing on it. You can also see the pink blossoms on the Azalea to the left of the bush.

March 29, 2016

Yep, March came in like a wet lion and went out like a fluffy lamb! I love that!

I was finally able to mow my back yard which had reached about 8" tall. It wasn't the easiest task because it was wet, but I got it done.
Before and After:

There is a lot evidence that Spring has arrived.
The Artichoke is looking good and the early Azalea is getting ready to open.

Blueberries are loaded with blossoms and the Columbine is starting to poke through.

The yellow Day Lily's are looking very healthy and the Garnet Brocade has some good new growth.

The grape leaf buds are starting to open early. The ornamental grasses have woken up and that area is a total mess. LOL

Last year's kale appears to have gone to seed. Can't hardly see it in the pic with the Butterfly Bush behind it. Speaking of which, the Butterfly Bush, Trumpet Flower, and Honeysuckle are growing great!

The Lamb's Ear is waking up and Lila Lilac is getting ready to bloom.

The tall Lily's are growing great and the Raspberry vines are leafing out.

Sweet William is cropping up and Viola's have been blooming for a couple weeks now.

and, last but not least, the rose has new leaves and 5 rose buds started. The Hyacinth's are in bloom and that other purple flower that I can't remember the name of is going to bloom.

February 25, 2016

Just some beginning of Spring pictures:

The Camelia flowers are dying off. That's fine, I don't like Camelia's! LOL

Daffodils on the front corner are looking pretty!

The first ones to break ground are always the pink Hyacinth and the Daffodil that comes up in my brickwork. They are the last to bloom though!

And one group of Daffodils came up in the back.


The boys and I went over to David's house for some dinner and so the boys could get baths.

I watched Mad Max Fury Road while the boys were getting their baths. Then we watched R.I.P.D. until time to fix dinner.

The guests of honor arrived about an hour before the boys and I got there.
Two 2 1/2 lb live lobsters

While waiting for the water to boil for the lobster, we dined on the 1 pound of jumbo shrimp and shrimp cocktail.

The two 6 oz Filet Mignon's were put on the rotisserie and soon after, it was time for the Lobster to take a dunk! LOL

Dinner was served with green beans and French bread! My homebrew Canadian Blonde beer was the beverage for the night.
Yum!Everything was absolutely delicious! Just perfect!

Didn't take long before all that was left was shells! LOL


One of the Shell Crackers broke, though! LOL That lobster had some sturdy shell on it! LOL

After dinner we watched the movie Martian. The acting was fine and the story line was fine but the movie was kinda slow and dry. Neither of us were really impressed with it.

Luke got dry first from his bath and got some extra attention from David.

At some point, they both were dry enough to get on the couch, so they did. LOL

We put in another movie, John Wick, and started watching that. But, it was after midnight and I was getting tired. Then, I saw that I wasn't the only one! LOL

So, we all went to bed. Luke slept on my bed all night. David had to lift him up there because it sits taller than most beds, Cody stayed on the carpet.

Buddie, David's cat, is not at all happy that DOGS were in her house smelling it up! But, hopefully, she will forgive him soon! LOL She came out of the bedroom exactly once the entire time we were there. David tried to introduce her to the boys, but she was having nothing to do with that. She clawed him and took off running back to her bedroom.

The boys and I left around 1130am this morning and came to our house. Glad I didn't wait much longer to leave. About 1/2 hour after arriving home, the skies opened up and it poured rain. It was pouring rain and really windy at David's about an hour after we had left there. It was nice and dry for our trek home.

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