December 11, 2016

David came over around noonish with chainsaw in hand. He cut off the lilac branches I wanted cut off and we left two still tall but they won't hit anything if they break. I will "pretty it up" in the Spring. It was cold out there and wet today so just wanted to get done what needed done. Most of the tree is down and now resides here:

Soon after he started cutting, a bird I thought was a Downy or Hairy woodpecker came to visit! It seemed a bit confused about why the tree was being cut down. I didn't get a picture of the bird, but when I came in and looked it up, it was neither a Hairy or Downy Woodpecker... looked more like a Red-Breasted Sapsucker (same family) since it's whole head was red down to its "shoulders". Was interesting anyhow!

Lilac looks a bit scraggly now! LOL

Then, he cut up the branches out front so I can put those in the yard trash barrel tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I had David (I helped) drag the branches to where I usually "stage" stuff to be further cut up and put in the yard trash barrel... So, can't get to the tall piece of bush that I was going to have him cut. (The one that was laying on the drop lines). Oh well, I'll work on that Monday when I get back from Schwabs and my errands and see if I can get the ladder close enough to use my lopers and cut it that way. I was just thrilled to have this much done!

December 10, 2016

I noticed later in the day that the bird feeder pole (and bird feeders) fell over and are nearly on the ground. Will make it easier for the squirrels to get in there to eat the sunflower seeds in the bird feed. LOL

Mother Nature did a bit of trimming over night. Arborvitae, holly tree, lilac, and the tulip tree where my car is parked. Lilac seems to be on my property and now my neighbors property.

I did manage to pull the branch up onto my lawn that was in the sidewalk.

Ice was finally melting good on the branch that is laying on the drop lines.

Icicles got longer and the Japanese Maple is covered in ice... well, everything is! LOL

My neighbors suffered more tree damage than I did.

Across the street, a big branch broke off their tree and is covering 1/2 of the intersecting road!

My neighbor on the north has small branches all over the roof and three large branches broke off his big tree out front. While I was outside pulling that one branch off the sidewalk to the yard, another of his branches broke off and was now blocking his gate to the front yard. He seemed rather surprised when he got home moments later.

The sun came out for awhile and really warmed things up. The ice was falling off the trees onto the roof and then rolling down the roof to the ground. BOY, is that noisy! Cody was hating it because it was happening alot. Luke didn't care for it either. I gave them both herbal "calm down" doggie drugs!

I went outside when things calmed a bit outside and was going to scoop all the "ice cubes" off the walkway... got the porch and step cleared off and started to the walkway... got one scoop out of the way... about a dozen ice cubes (2" x 1") came flying down the roof and hit me in the back and head. I came inside! LOL

December 9, 2016

The snow eventually turned in to freezing rain, which made for a not fun day! LOL

I did manage to forge a trail for the boys across the deck and down the stairs to get to the grass to potty. Luke, of course, went the other way, which was slippery and he was not happy with the "road conditions". I had to go rescue him to get him back on the deck and into the house.

A little concerned about the droplines but this isn't supposed to last, so I'll wait. Hopefully, it will melt and get the branch off the lines without my help!

Lots of ice gathering about.

December 8, 2016

Started snowing around 10am, I think, small powder stuff. But, finally started to stick a bit.

The birds and squirrels came out to eat, despite the snow and breeze.

December 7, 2016

It was windy/breezy today and the starlings were having some trouble hanging on to the suet without getting blown off. There was a waiting line to get to the suet! LOL

Cody and I stayed mostly indoors, Luke too.

December 5, 2016

Cooked a turkey to make the boys food with for awhile!

November 15, 2016

I found fungus among us in the backyard! It's huge! LOL

The pink and white Phygelius bloomed again!

Japanese Maple is looking quite pretty as its leaves die off.

Nice full moon once the clouds parted.

November 5, 2016

Pretty sunrise this morning!

October 15, 2016

Pretty rainbow today!

And a pretty full moon tonight!

October 14, 2016

Solar angel was moved to the rose plant to make room for the new solar angel in David's memorial pot.

New angel in the Memorial pot.

While I was out there I noticed that my broccoli plant is getting broccoli finally! Yay!

September 19, 2016

Uh oh, my bird house branch broke off and fell over. :(

August 25, 2016

Put the remaining 3 birdhouses out on the bird house branch. Looks a little sparse based on prior years! LOL

Cody enjoyed laying under the grape arbor and staying out of the sun while I was working around the yard. Luke, stayed in the shade, but stayed where he could watch me working! LOL

Garnet Brocade is blooming!

Lots of trimming took place and got piled up. Filled the yard trash barrel. I'm done.

August 21, 2016

Grapes are starting to ripen, pink flowers bloomed, white mum plant was huge!

August 19, 2016

David's memorial pot of plants. I added new plants. The old ones died off.


August 15, 2016

Just a few plant pictures! Go figure, LOL.
I was pleasantly surprised to see flowers on the Aloe Vera and equally as happy to see new growth on the yellow rose plant (I trimmed it up yesterday and got rid of the dead parts).

The grapes are, once again, taking over my garden arch. LOL Heavy with fruit. The red Phygelius finally bloomed, too.

I deadheaded the Flutter plant yesterday and a couple new blossoms came on already. Those plants I got look like they are dying in that pot. Not sure what is going on with that Corn Plant but it seems to like to lean. LOL

August 8, 2016


August 6, 2016

I had some Frog statues that were at my brother's house sent to my house. They didn't fare real well in the transport. But, they might have been broken in 2003 when David moved to his latest CA address. Actually, parts seem to have had glue on them already so it seems they may have been broken before that move! LOL

Anyway, I almost gave up, but gave it one more try to fix them up. One came out really well.

Unfortunately, the 2nd frog was damaged quite a bit and I couldn't get the parts to fit. But, from the front it's not too bad! LOL

But, there were lefover parts. Sigh!

I also found this copper bank in David's stuff. I remember it as a child. I think we both had one. I'll keep it. Have no idea where mine would have disappeared to.

While I would wait for glue to dry so I could add more small pieces to the frogs, I made the boys some new wet food with chicken, made a chicken noodle casserole, washed the dishes and went through pictures and boxes of this and that.

The casserole turned out pretty good and not real high in sodium. But needs some (no salt) seasoning.

July 30, 2016

I bought this Freesia flower on impulse when I stopped at the store. I like them! Matches perfectly with the Flutter flower that Mom got. I think I will plant them together.

This fuzzy frog arrived in the mail. Bettylou in CA sent him to me! It's very soft and squishable! LOL Cute too!

Since it wasn't going to be 90+ degrees today, I decided I would do some work in the gardens, mow the lawn, do some weed eating, and fill the yard trash barrel. Holy cow!
Well, the lawn mower wouldn't start, again. Even using that quick start stuff, it didn't.
So, I looked around at what needed done in the gardens.
First thing was to tie up the cone flowers, day lily's, spider wort, and Phygelius. What a pain in the back that was! LOL Doesn't really show it well in the pictures, but I did get them all off the ground and out of the way.

Everything was terribly overgrown, apparently the garden was very happy with the weather we've been having!

So, off I went with the weed eater, clippers and gloves.
Found and cleared all my paths, cleaned out more raspberry canes and blackberry vines, and cut down the corn and sunflower plants that were growing in the bird garden. My piles of yard trash grew quite a bit. I will fill the can tomorrow.
I will never buy or plant another viney plant and I'm going to dig out that ornamental grass I thought would be so nice. It's not. It's invasive.

July 26, 2016

Mom sent me home from her place with a tomato plant she bought me and a Flutter Plant that she got in memory of David. When the Angel from his house arrives to mine, it will go in the pot with these pretty flowers. They are actually a "bee balm" variety. Very Pretty. I also bought a Broccoli plant.

Then I pulled all the babies off of Echinopsis. There are quite a few!

So, I added babies to last years dish of babies and the rest got their own pot.

I don't know if this is a Christmas or an Easter cactus, but it hasn't bloomed since I got it a few years back. It does always get lots of new growth when I put it outside though. Wish it would bloom!

Mom gave me these Frog Salt and Pepper shakers. Aren't they just adorable?

July 24,2016

The boys appreciated that David came to their house to babysit them while I was gone and took good care of them. They were sticking to me like velcro after David left. They went to sleep in my room, mostly blocking my way out! LOL

July 15, 2016

I was surprised to walk out and see this pink Calla Lily in bloom! I don't recall ever planting one! LOL

Heather CD Eason, red Dahlia, and Cone flowers are looking good!

Orange Dahlia and Passion flower are doing nicely, too.

Luke tried to sneak in behind me into the gardens. LOL Stinker! He knows he's not supposed to be in there!

July 7, 2016

I got brave and decided to see how bad off my gardens were. They were already a mess when I left. Unfortunately, they still are! LOL

My yellow rose, that I thought was mostly dead from bugs, has 3 buds on it! What a nice surprise that was!

A close up of the honeysuckle! Isn't it pretty?

July 2 - 4, 2016

My very brief trip to Los Angeles I stayed in West Hollywood. Interesting place. Found an inexpensive hotel online and booked my room... The Holloway.... just under $100 per night. *faint*

It was truly a bare bones place with no telephone or alarm clock. Must have been built in the 1920's! It was mostly quiet though. Parking sucked and was hard to fit a normal sized car in and get it back out. The one night that I decided to try some dinner at IHOP next door, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Got to the room, got comfy and opened my dinner.... it was a fried chicken sandwich and fries. I only ate a few bites and wasn't hungry any more. It was a good sandwich, just not what I ordered.

All the streets I was on in LA area were horrible, bumpy, and in a state of ill repair. This one I think was La Cieniega Blvd, a main drag into W Hollywood. In all fairness, they do get those nasty earthquakes, though, they tend to be hard on everything! Traffic was awful, yes, I know it was a holiday weekend, but it is always awful. I was SO glad that I took GPS with me!

This is the wing of Cedars Sinai that my brother was in. It's a huge campus of "towers" for different purposes. Easy to get lost and hard to know where to park until you've been there once and figure out where you're going! But, everyone was really terrific.

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