June 30, 2017

Today is the last day of the first half of the year. So, I made a new page for the 2nd half of the year. It is here: Go to Portland July - Dec 2017

But before you leave, check out this adorable frog I bought today! He made me giggle when I saw him at the store, so I had to buy it! Still makes me giggle when I see that face!

June 29,2017

Today, I got my old friend out of the little shed and off we went! LOL
Mowed the backyard, the "bird garden" area and my garden path.

Luke came out as usual to help out. I got all the barrels full of vines again, but looks like it will take 2 more barrels to finish it off.

After that, I turned my attention to the knotweed. Cut them all down and dispensed some Roundup via an eye dropper into the stalks. Plus, I trimmed up some more of the hanging branches on the Holly tree because they pull my hair. So, those two things will fill one barrel.

And, around the gardens:

The Blackberries are plentiful (that's not good) and the Grapes are coming on;

the Day Lily has more blossoms open and I found a Dianthus flower making it through the weeds;

the Spirea is a Bumblebee magnet and I also found a Widow's Tear hiding near the White Spiderwort;

The one section of Cone Flowers is getting tall and the buds are forming, David's Memorial planter is looking very nice!

And to end my time of work and sucking in pollen outside, I picked the ripe Raspberries and the 3 ripe Blueberries! Yum!

June 27, 2017

Day Lily finally bloomed... one blossom!

June 26, 2017

I am so glad it is 20 deg cooler today than it has been. Feels good! I decided to first fill the yard trash barrels with more blackberry vines. Luke, of course, came outside with me and laid down right where I was heading with the barrel. LOL I got started on the biggest barrel and suddenly started hearing and feeling little drops of rain. So, I decided to come in until it passed. Turns out, after two tries to go outside, that the sprinkling was actually rain.

Oh well, once I got out there, I also trimmed the Grapevine that was taking over my pathway and discovered it was also strangling my biggest Blueberry plant.

Got the barrels filled and the vine pile went down a little more.

I freed the Blueberry plant from the strangle hold of the Grapevines and discovered two that are almost ready to pick! LOL

My attention will turn to finding my brick path and digging out that nasty Ornamental Grass. That stuff is spreading everywhere and chokes out everything around it.

Now to the more fun stuff! LOL

The Day Lily's are going to open any time now. One was starting, just barely, to open. And the Spiderwort is looking magnificent! I think I will move the Spiderwort over by the Day Lily's when I start moving stuff around.

The red Lily's are in full glory right now and the Spirea has started to bloom its little pink clusters. The Spirea is one of the ones I am going to relocate because it's crowding my Lily's and they aren't getting as tall as they used to.

The Trumpet vine is starting to bloom its pretty orange "trumpets", the hummingbirds will be very happy! And this large plant hasn't started making any flowers yet.

In addition to the Blueberries getting ripe, the raspberries are getting ready to pick and the Pear Tomato plant is sporting some "pears".

June 19, 2017

Got the backyard mowed. It looks more like a "pasture mow" style instead of a yard mow, but the grass was tall and wet and sometimes it laid down instead of getting mowed! LOL Oh well, much better than it was before!

When I was mowing the path through part of the gardens, I noticed that my rust colored Azalea had fully bloomed and the flowers were dying off. I missed seeing it in full bloom. Dang.

And, I took 3 pictures of the back yard from the skylight upstairs and put them all together to make a panorama and decide what I want to do in there!

June 18, 2017

Time to pick up more blackberry vines from the pile. I don't think it will ever end! LOL The "after" pic doesn't look like I made much of a dent in the pile! I filled the 3 large cans with vines. The smaller 4th can has grape vines in it.

Grape leaves and vines kept hitting me in the face and pulling my hair everytime I went through the arbor, so it got a haircut.

I cut off a bunch of Holly Tree branches, too. They kept slapping me when I went to feed the squirrels and cut back that nasty Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed. They are quite pretty when they bloom. They are also quite invasive and take over in no time. When the stems get to be about 3/4 - 1" in diameter is when I cut them. At that size, the stem has a hole that runs through it. Then, I carefully pour some RoundUp down the hole and it goes to the roots to kill them off.

I had planned on mowing today, but I forgot to plug in the mower to charge the ignition button. Grass is about 8" tall again. sigh Plus the weeds are running rampant. I got tired of using the weed-eater, so I just dumped some white vinegar on the weeds (right pic). They were starting to die by the time it was dusk. Since there are no plants over by the weeds, it was safe to dump the vinegar on them. Usually I use cider vinegar, but the white was working well. Just have to be careful, vinegar kills about anything.

Now to the more interesting stuff! LOL I noticed that the blueberries are all full of berries and just starting so get a blue tinge.

The Raspberries actually started filling out a bit and, surprisingly, have berries on them! I thought they were goners after being choked out by those nasty blackberry vines!

All the red lily's are blooming nicely! And this little Columbine needed to have it's picture taken! LOL

The Phygelius, white and red flowers, managed to get through that stupid ornamental grass and start blooming. And, I noticed that the Day Lily's are finally producing some buds to bloom.

So that's it for today's report! LOL Tomorrow after the dew dries up I will mow the yard. Need to get more vinegar too! LOL

June 17, 2017

Wedding Bells

Today was the day that my cousin, John McGregor and his lady, Melinda Martin, exchanged their wedding vows.

The setting for the wedding at the East Fork Country Estate was very nice and the wedding was held outside. Had the clouds broken up, Mt Hood would have been in the background (to the left, not behind the couple).

So, that moment arrived when John walked up the aisle to await his bride to be. The preacher waited there with him.

Melinda, escorted by her Dad, Dennis, made her way up the aisle to join her true love.

The ceremony began which included their personal vows to each other as well as the traditional vows and prayers.

When all the vows were made and the couple enjoyed a couple kisses, they made their way back down the aisle to go sign on the dotted line! (My camera delayed slightly in taking the picture so I almost didn't get them in the "exit" picture! LOL They're on the left).

So, while they were upstairs signing their wedding stuff (and apparently having a blue drink, lol), the rest of us enjoyed some tasty appetizers, drinks, and conversation. When they were done signing, the couple came out to the balcony and everyone clapped for them.

I give you, Mr and Mrs John McGregor

There was a very nice buffet with 3 main dishes (had I known there was a buffet, I wouldn't have eaten so many appetizers! LOL) And, there was some lawn games and a "goofy hat" picture taking event. Dancing would be starting at some point.

Mom and I didn't partake in the lawn games, hats, or dancing and had left shortly after trying a couple of the buffet items, about 7pm.

We wish the McGregor's a long and happy life together.

June 16, 2017
A little wet out today!

June 12, 2017

California Lilac is full of blooms now, bees are buzzing around and I saw one hummingbird stop by for a drink! Red Lily's are starting to open now too!

June 11, 2017

This looks like a very uncomfortable way to eat breakfast! LOL

June 5, 2017

Time to start cleaning up the blackberry vine pile.

I notice the California Lilac is starting to blossom out nicely.The pollinators will be so happy!

May 29, 2017

Finally got the corner cleared. It's about 8x12' in size. I left the few Raspberry stalks that were trying to live. We'll see if they do. They have berries on them. Luke, as normal, helped me by watching my back and getting in my way! LOL

Still have a small section to do. And, of course, the pile got bigger.

I noticed that the dark Columbine only has a couple blooms left, but there are pink ones that have opened below it!

This plant is getting really big, but I have no idea what it is! I'll let it grow and see what it is, I guess! LOL

May 28, 2017

Ugh! Got outside later than I planned on, but went right to work and made a dent of progress before the sun came around and ended my activities! LOL Before noon it was 84 deg in the shade and the honeybees were out collecting pollen.
But, I got quite a bit down and off the neighbors fence AND I found my brick path again! (It's under all that debris! LOL)

I got the vines and raspberries out and didn't hurt my pretty blue and white Iris.

The Vines became less and the pile became more. I got stuck several times fighting with the blackberry vines and one of those mean things whipped around, up under my glasses and thank the Lord I closed my eyes in time because it got stuck up there on my upper and lower lids. grrrrr

Luke, of course, was with me outside, mostly getting in my way! LOL
The last thing I did outside was to move the Rose, Memorial, and Tomato plant to the other side of the deck and add some frogs from brother David's house and a Yoga frog that Sherry got me a couple years ago.

May 27, 2017

First thing was to pressure wash the remaining part of the deck. I also noticed that my baby cacti were getting too much direct sun so I made a shade for them.

This mess in the corner of the lot would be today's challenge. I was worried that I might destroy my pretty Iris in the process so I took one last shot of them! LOL

Of course, Luke came out to keep watch. But then he started barking at the neighbor lady while she was trying to tend to their yard, so I broke my rule and let him into the garden where I was working.

My Raspberry patch has encroached over my pathway and nearly into the Iris. The Blackberries have encroached everywhere.

I started cutting things back, including my bush with the pink flowers. If anything on the bush hung low enough to grab my hair or poke me in the eye... it got cut off! I finally found the original rock line for the berry patch. The patch was now twice the size it used to be. Luke was there to help by standing in my way. LOL

It was getting too hot to be outside much longer, but I got a lot cleared out and made this nice 3x4x6 foot pile! I think that's about half what I need to do. I am trying to save what is left of my poor raspberries, but I'm not sure they will survive.

I left the pile and headed to the deck. I noticed that my Spiderwort has really started blooming! Anyway, the wood was dry so I put the sealant down on the deck. It should dry well in the heat!

I have had enough heat, scratches, pollen, sun, etc for this day. I will tend to some indoor stuff now.

May 26, 2017

The cacti are now living outside in their summer home. There was one casualty on the route.

Beach Baby Frog and Harry Frog were added last! They are both gifts from Bettylou.

All the living plants were moved to the front of the cacti house and frogs are on and around the hot tub.

Water was beading up very well on the (dry) newly sealed wood of the deck but there was still more to do the next day on the section that didn't get finished and then get that sealed.

While I was relaxing on the deck, I noticed that the grape leaves have really started filling in. I can't figure out this Columbine variety but I think it is bloomed! LOL

May 25, 2017

I got the two barrels refilled with bush branches. There was only a little more left so I got the old dog food barrel (20 gal) and the other 20 gal barrel and filled those too including most of the leftover leaves. Luke, of course, was outside, too!

While I was waiting for the clouds to go away, I was looking around the gardens. Specifically, the blue and white Iris caught my eye. There was only one... but there are lots more now! The honeysuckle is starting to bloom, also.

Pretty Columbine begging for a photo! And, the little tomato plant has blossoms on it!

Yellow rose has blooms all over the place!

Then, I started with the deck sealant. I got 2/3 of the deck done (the part I had pressure washed). It was sinking in very nicely. I will do a "water test" this afternoon and see if it beads or not. If it does, then I can move on to getting the rest of the deck done (after I move everything again).

May 23, 2017

Today I tackled pressure washing the deck and picking up more branches out of the pile of cuttings to get hauled away tomorrow.
Before and after for those two activities:

Yellow rose has buds opening up all over it! I guess it is enjoying its new location and the sunshine!

I found a Widow's Tear by the tall Lily's and Columbine! And, of course, Luke was ever vigilant making sure I was not bothered by crows or anyone that might be walking down the road! LOL

May 22, 2016
A busy, yet uneventful, day. I'm not complaining. But, it just got too hot today to do any outside stuff that needs done. Was 96 deg with 47% humidity. What fun. NOT

I did venture outside with the camera when I saw that my blue and white Iris had bloomed. I only have one, so it was nice to see it. The rest are purple!

So, on my brief visit to the gardens to get that pic of the Iris, I looked around to see what else was going on in there.
The other azalea has bloomed and the Dianthysis (sp) has one blossom!

Tall lily's and Widow's Tears are getting ready to open.

The Purple Columbine are taking forever to bloom, but they are starting finally. And there used to be a 2' path through the garden. LOL

May 21, 2017

Well, was definitely time to start catching up on Spring chores outside. I knew I needed to weed-eat in the bird garden area, so I did and then mowed it later.
Before and after:

The rest of the garden area needs personal attention. Luke, of course, was watching from under the shade of the Fir and Holly trees.

I got all the frogs moved to one area and here is a shot of the mowed backyard.

May 20, 2017
Peeked outside this morning. It's cool and cloudy, but no real rain is expected. Should clear off this afternoon.

Yellow Rose is starting to open it's buds.

The one Columbine in the back of the garden is taking forever to actually bloom. But the ones up front are doing very well. They're very photogenic!

Pretty bird stopped by for some Suet Breakfast, not sure what it is. I'll look it up later. Squirrel was busy with its breakfast, too.

I got the Toro out and started it. I lowered the deck so it would cut shorter. But, the grass was still too wet and tall to try to mulch mow it and it kept dying on me. And, it was shorter than I wanted it to be. So about 1/2 way through, the start button wouldn't work any more and I took it to the back to plug it back in and check the underneath. What a mess under there! Cleaned that out and got the two back tires easily up one notch but those front wheels just wouldn't budge no matter how I tried. I hate this mower. Anyway, finally got it going again and finished my puny front yard and side yards. Put it away and back on the charger for tomorrow.

Then I decided to put the new flowers into a new Memorial pot for David. It now does have a "drain hole" in the bottom. LOL So, I put the Marigolds, Lantana and Nemesia in with the angel from David's house and the light up angel mom gave me for it. (Try to ignore the stuff behind the pots in the next pictures).

Then, I used the pot that was the memorial pot and put the Pear Tomato plant and two Pansy's in there. I also moved the rose. I hope they all enjoy their sunny location.

Tomorrow, I plan on mowing the backyard and possibly doing the weed eating.

Then, if I still feel like doing anything... I will move this mess to the other side of the deck so I can pressure wash about 2/3 of the deck (the part I want to use) and get a couple coats of sealant on it. Probably won't do that until after the dentist on Monday.. the pressure washing part.

May 18, 2017

The pink bush in the back is blooming very pretty! It's about 20 yrs old. I wish I could remember what it is! LOL Spiderwort is just starting to bloom.

Some birds came to get some of the fresh seed I put out and Luke, as always, was supervising my work!

May 16, 2017

Has been quite the weather day - big black clouds, breeze/wind, sun, some showers and spitting, then more sun and black clouds etc. The pictures do not do the clouds justice at all.

The Viola's are such a welcome sight. It's nice that they come to visit and arrive in so many different color combo's!

My yellow Rose has lots of buds on it, but the rain is turning its leaves into a mass of black spots.

Iris are still looking very majestic! I sure wish this Columbine would bloom out! It is taking forever! LOL

Since I was taking a day off from society (LOL), I did some much needed cooking. First, I cooked my Lobster tail, but I ate it up with butter and lemon before I could get a picture! LOL

So, I had two cooked whole Russet potatoes and decided to make some deep fried Jo Jo's. One potato I made with dry Ranch dressing mix on it and one with Zesty No Salt Seasoning.

The other potato was a Red Garnet Sweet Potato, maybe that's a yam.. doesn't matter, needed to be cooked, so I microwaved it, cut it into wedges and put Mesquite and Cinnamon rub on it before deep frying it. Quite tasty!

I also grilled my Sirloin Steak and some Beef Sausage. The sausages will be eaten with some Bush's baked beans. I used half the steak to make my sandwich for tomorrow at work. I also grilled my Halibut filet, but I kinda forgot about it and it got a little well done. But, it's still tasty and flaky inside! LOL

I put together 4 dinner meals and some Jo Jo snacks so I am good for dinners for the coming week. I would share, but none of this is probably good for anyone! Except the Halibut, which I don't care to share! LOL

May 15, 2017

A beautiful day for flowers:

Best part is that the cuttings from a couple weeks ago are smushing down so they will fit more compactly in my yard trash barrels! LOL It has shrunk another 18" down!

May 12, 2017

The Iris are really opening up and the pink flowers are coming on the bush/tree behind them.

Volunteer Columbine is getting ready to open and I finally got the little Pear Tomato into a pot that drains.

The yellow rose has tons of buds on it, but they don't show up very well in the picture.

May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Petunia's that I got for Mom and a rainbow that popped up later in the day.

When I looked out this morning, the Iris' were finally opening up! Yay!

May 10, 2017

The Lilac tree by the Laurel bushes is quite a mess since the snow and ice of last Winter. It is hard to tell in the photos but in person it looks like a large branch had split and kept growing. The Lilac flowers have never been in the Laurel bushes like that before and the Lilac branches on the opposite side are laying on my little fence, which it has also not done before.

On the back side of the yard, the white and purple Lilacs are in full bloom.

I planted the little Pear Tomato in this planter, but the planter doesn't seem to want to drain, so I think I will have to move it to a different pot or it might drown.
While I was outside, this little birdie was keeping an eye on what I was doing. LOL

The Columbine are starting to open. Hummingbirds will be happy! It also self seeded a new plant outside of the planter they live in! Stinker, I'll dig it out and move it later.

May 9, 2017

My mission on this beautiful sunny morning was to get the tallest parts of those Laurel bushes trimmed down. They are tall enough that when it was icy and snowy they actually could, and did, touch my drop lines. I know its not going to snow or be icy now, but now is when I can get out there to trim them back. I like to keep those bushes at 5 - 6' tall, but they are way taller than that. As you're looking at the pictures, my ladder is a 6', that will give you some perspective at how out of control they got.
The bushes and the arbor. I needed to get the honeysuckle off the arbor, boy was that a tangled up mess.

I got the top front done first. As you can see the bushes got to about 14' tall or more in places. For whatever reason, I decided to cut the middle section next. I'm not sure why.
Since I had piled the branches to the left side, I worked to the right side and piled up more branches to the left. Now I can't get to the left side, so I called it done! LOL

After I got the blackberries out of that section next to the right end of the bushes and piled them by the grapes, I took the vines off the arbor and drug it over to the brickwork on the right side of the bushes.
The resulting pile of crap to go to the yard trash was about 5' or 5.5' tall and 6 - 7' long and a good 4' wide. Ugh!

I did manage to also get the yard mowed, front and back. I left the level at 3" so there wasn't a huge difference but this time I did mulch while mowing. While I was out front mowing, Bill, my former co-worker who lives down the street, and his doggie, Louie, a chocolate Labradoodle, were driving by and stopped to visit. That was nice, haven't seen Bill for a while.

Anyway, I'm done with the outside for today and will tend to some indoor stuff.

May 7, 2017

My mission today was to fix my arbor that was tilting. It is no longer tilting! It is laying on its side on the cement patio area. I decided I would have to start from scratch.

So, not wanting to leave a big hole that Luke could walk through, I put up some construction fencing to block the way.

I also cut back the butterfly bush, Trumpet vine, and blackberry vines on that side before securing the fencing.

I was starting to feel some allergy effects again. I fed the wildlife and took a picture of my Iris that are forming buds to bloom.

I also cut back dead stalks from some flowers where the stinking Ornamental Grass is trying to take over

The yard trash barrel is full, I plugged in the mower to make sure it is ready for tomorrow. That will conclude my outdoor activity for today.

May 6, 2017

One of the things I wanted to get done today (since it is season dependent), was to get all of the babies off of Echinopsis Eyriesii. So, while I was out I picked up some sand to put on top of the dirt in her pot because the babies are going to have to live with her for awhile. The sand makes it easier for the roots to grow through to get the water below. Have to do it at this time of the year because they become dormant and the roots won't get a good start if you wait too long. In the Spring, they're growing.

That was your cactus lesson for the day! Tee Hee

So, here's where I start and this is all the babies that need moving:

These are babies left from last year and the year before and a shot of the black sand that I put in:

I pulled off the babies one by one and planted them in the sand. I put a few in with last years babies to fill in that bald spot in the center. The rest went in the pot with their Mom (after I sprayed the sand with copper fungicide).

Now she only has one little baby left growing on her, but it was too little to pull off and plant. I was going to lop off Echinopsis' head this year, but I have not the time or space to do that. (That way I would have two big ones and a bunch of babies). I like this silhouette pic of the other cacti. They are getting very tall and they are outgrowing this room.

April 30, 2017

After Luke and I got home from visiting today, I eventually went out to do some yard work. Mostly, I just wanted to cut down grass in the yard with the weed eater so it would dry out more and I could mow it with the mower. So, I did get the backyard done as far as my cord would reach!
Most of the grass in the back was between 9 & 12" tall, very thick and very wet!

Before and after shots, side by side:

At least it is now at a manageable length of 4 - 6".

Lilacs are starting to bloom now.

Pink Azalea is getting new leaves and the flowers bloomed! YAY! And, this purple flower bloomed, but I can't recall what it is! LOL

Luke, of course, came out to keep watch from the shade of the Fir tree, while I worked in the sun. LOL

April 21, 2017

What a beautiful day out. Sun is out, slight breeze occasionally, about 70 degrees. Pollen abounds, eyes itch, sneezing ensues... LOL Seriously, it is beautiful outside, wish it would last but rain will come again sometime tomorrow according to the weather report. It would be really nice to have at least 3 whole days in a row that are sunny and dry to get stuff accomplished!

First I went around to perform poop patrol. It wasn't as bad as I expected. So, now I know for sure that Cody was the main contributor. LOL
Grass is getting tall but mainly just in one area. It was really wet out there, too. Maybe before it rains tomorrow I can do something to knock down the tall grass.

Luke came out with me, as he always has, to keep watch. Sweet boy. Uh, he also comes out to bark at the Crows when they start announcing that food is back! LOL

I have not fed the wildlife for nearly two weeks, so they got priority. Filled the sunflower seed holders and the peanut holder for the squirrels,

Birds were next, both feeders and the suet cages got filled.

And some extra "Critter Mix" just to make sure everyone is happy! LOL

So, when feeders were full, started looking around to see what was going on in the gardens. The Blueberry plants are looking great and the Raspberry plants are growing well, unfortunately, the wild blackberry vines are doing an exceptional job at infiltrating the Raspberry's. I guess that will be my next priority to clean that mess up.. oh and fix my arbor that is still laying at a stern angle.

Tree I transplanted last year is perking up and producing leaves!

The Azalea looks like it will survive, it's making flowers. Grape Hyacinths are still looking lovely!

Pretty little volunteer BlueBells came back! The ferns are starting to green up too.

I think this first pic is a volunteer Columbine. It is making flowers so when they bloom, I will know. LOL The white Mum is putting out fresh leaves

The Lamb's Ear is escaping the confines of the garden and the Iris are getting tall.

Arborvitae is looking pretty awful, I don't think it likes all this rain. But, on the plus side, the Spirea, Coneflower, Columbine, tall Lily's and a couple small bushes are doing very well!

Oh, and I noticed that there are just oodles of these beautiful, brightly colored yellow flowers all over! Clearly, they like the rainy weather! LOL

So, when I was going to come inside again, I looked around for Luke and didn't see him anywhere around. Odd! I guess going in and out of the house 4 times was enough and he had not followed me the 5th trip out! LOL Instead, he was napping on Cody's blanket, with a bone. Stinker! LOL

April 20, 2017
Decided to tackle the carpet in the dining room. What a mess. But, I got it out of there and got the dirt cleaned up. Couldn't get much of the tape up and didn't try real hard because it all has to be replaced anyhow. LOL Ugh!

So I decided for now, to put some rubber-backed rug runners down and put everything back in place. I moved Luke's bed to where Cody's used to be and I'm not sure he's happy with that because he liked sleeping under the table where his bed used to be.

April 17, 2017

April 10, 2017

Another day of broken overcast skies, but it is not bad temperature wise, mid 50's I would guess. Ran some errands and then looked around the yard a bit.

The birds and squirrels sure are messy with their peanuts!

Yellow rose is sprucing right up and the Pansies in David's Memorial garden are looking pretty.

Volunteer Pansy and the Grape Hyacinths are looking good!

Blueberry plants appear to be loaded with "berries-to-be"!

The arbor is having some serious issues. The gate came off it's hinges but is kind of staying in place because I zip-locked one side and the honeysuckle vines are holding the other side and most of the arbor up! LOL What a mess!

Tulip Tree is blooming. It's quite a pretty thing. But, it only lasts for about a week after fully bloomed and then drops all its petals on everything. But, on the good side, the leaves will fill in and be nice house shade in the afternoon sun.

April 8, 2017

It was raining out at the farm house, nasty day. But, got things done and drug a bunch of stuff home. Garage is now full again and there is a ton of crap to wash.

March 31, 2017

After I got my Winter tires off, I decided to get started on the garden clean up. Sun was mostly out and it was still in the low 50's... perfect for working in the yard in sweats! LOL Of course, first I had to clean the yard up of doggie doo doo so I didn't have to walk through it or push the cart through it. LOL

This would be my first area to clean up.

Trimmed up the Spirea, pulled out all the dead stalks from the tall Lily's, Coneflowers, and Columbine. Then I had to pull out the Bearberry plant and the Heather with the hot pink flowers because they didn't survive the brutal long Winter. Then, moved on to the invasive Passion Flower vines that were covering and choking out Azalea.

All except this one long arm of the Azalea looks dead. I hope it will survive. The tall lily's are coming up by the droves in the other side of the garden where I cleaned.

I was also delighted to find two different Daffodils that were fighting their way through the Passion Flower vines to show their pretty faces!

By the time I got that far, the barrel was full and I couldn't squash it down any further. Plus, my back/hip was starting to hurt so I gave up for the day. I have much work to do this weekend at the farm, so I don't want to overdo it now.

But, stay tuned! This will be the next mess to clean up! LOL

Once the basic major clean up is completed, I will go back and be more meticulous! LOL

March 25, 2017

Squirrel eating the last of the peanuts! LOL

March 19, 2017

Cody with a large antler I brought back from the farm. I'm not sure he knows what to do with it! LOL

Daffodils at the corner in the front yard.

March 18, 2017

Funny looking birds in these here parts!

I don't remember this bush getting flowers before leaves.. Actually, now that I think about it... that bush has PINK flowers! LOL Hmmmmm

March 16, 2017

Geez, guess I haven't been here for awhile. That's probably because the weather has sucked so much there was nothing to take pictures of. LOL
But, on this, a not wet day, I ventured through the garden to see what was going on. I knew there was a lot of work to be done... sigh. LOL

I think the crow, who was talking loudly, thought I was out there to give them more food. It was wrong! LOL

Poor Azalea is trying to get out from under the Passion Flower vines. The Blueberries have new buds on them.

Butterfly Bush and Cone flowers woke up.

Day Lily's are breaking through.

Sedum Garnet Brocade is starting to come to life and the Grape Hyacinths have perked up.

Honeysuckle has new leaves coming out and it looks like it is pulling my arbor over. The Iris are making their way out of the weeds, too!

Lamb's Ear survived the snow and ice, it will fill in a lot once it's warmer. Passion Flower definitely needs some serious cutting back.

Pink Spirea has new leaves coming out and the tall Lily's are showing new growth.

Yellow rose is sporting lots of new growth. I was going to take it to the farm, but I have decided to keep it here. The plants in David's Memorial Planter are not doing well. I think there is not enough drainage in that pot.

I bought some mini Daffodils and a mini Iris last week and finally planted them in a planter.

Out in the front yard, some of the Daffodils bloomed, but the rain was beating them up. And, the Camelia has been blooming and now dropping petals all over.

The Pink Hyacinths started blooming, too.

February 11, 2017

Pretty decent day outside today. I managed to get out and feed the birds and squirrels. Luke came outside with me. The crows were keeping a close eye on what I was doing!

I looked around at my once beautiful gardens. Boy, the weather has really taken a toll this year. Going to be a lot of work to clear that mess up and make it pretty again. I did notice that the Iris have started growing. egad! What a mess. Since there is so much work in there to do... I may go ahead and redesign the area.

February 10, 2017

The Full Snow Moon made an appearance!

February 9, 2017

Crazy weather this season. I thought I might have to start building an Arc!

February 7, 2017

Well, I guess it's not QUITE ready to be Spring yet! LOL But, the snow didn't last long this time and didn't pile up either.

January 31, 2017

More signs of Spring are here!! Daffodils still growing, Robin showed up out front, Scrub Jay dining out back!

January 28, 2017

There is hope again that Spring really is around the corner. The only really good thing about the freezing and snow is that, hopefully, it killed any fleas and that sort of thing that were getting ready to be born in the Spring.

Finally, the snow is gone, but it is still chilly outside.

Anyway, I put out peanuts and sunflower seeds for the big birds and Squirrels that visit and/or live here. When I first looked outside there were about a dozen crows in the yard and on the suet, but by the time I got the camera, the Starlings were taking over!

Squirrels started coming out to dine. They like to sit in the seed catcher and pull the sunflowers out of the holder.

January 17, 2017

And, the cold continues. Not normal for Portland to hang on this long and be this cold!

Ice was forming, again, on my grapevines (and everything else).

January 13, 2017

Cody really does like laying on the snow!

January 12, 2017

The backyard, taken from the skylight window.

Cody enjoying the cool of the snow and the warmth(?) of the sun.

I was going to go to work the 13th, when it occurred to me that I couldn't get the doors of the garage open with all that snow in front of them. So, I dug a path to the driveway and cleared about 2/3 of the driveway. I tested with the car to see if I needed to shovel any more and I didn't need to, it seemed it was going to do just fine getting to the street. So, I backed back into the garage, put the shovel inside and locked the door!

I didn't see this icicle until after I finished. It's about a foot long. I walked under it several times. Glad it didn't break lose on my head! LOL

Aaahh! The Wolf Moon. That explains the boys, mostly Cody, being so annoying today! LOL

January 11, 2016

Started snowing last night, but it was predicted that we would have snow overnight so that wasn't a real big surprise. They said 1 - 4" at the valley floor. So, off I went to bed since I was going to work in the morning.

I woke up at 130am and took a look outside to see how much snow I got.

Definitely was more than predicted and still coming down! I went back to bed and cuddled with Luke who was still on the bed! LOL

Didn't look any better at 5am.

I confirmed my office was closed today and settled in to see how much more snow would fall.
Around 7am, I dug just a short bit out away from the doggie door so the boys could get out if needed. Luke was the first one to go out... sniffed the snow, took a leak right there on the deck, walked a few feet, made a circle and came back in. LOL

When it finally got light out, I decided to go ahead and dig trails for the boys to get off the deck. To my surprise, the boys had actually made their own trails... even though they did their business on the deck! Stinkers.

So, I just improved on their trails and came in.

Cody had come outside while I was shoveling and then he stuck his big ol' feet in the way of me closing the sliding door. Stinker! He liked laying on the snow but wanted the house warmth too I guess! LOL He finally did get up and come in but he did it in his time, not mine.

A little later, I decided I should get the shovel and clear the walkway and porch out front. When I walked out, there was Cody, outside, laying in the path I made and looking pleased as punch with himself! LOL Luke was also quite happy, he was on his bed in the warm house! LOL

I didn't get the shovel, but decided to take pics out front. I was quite surprised when I looked out and saw that my walkway already had a path down it, as did my part of the sidewalk! Acts of random kindness - gets ya right in the heart and gives hope that there really are good people in the world. I think it was my neighbor to the north. That was really nice of him.

So, in closing, here is the boys house and part of the backyard.

Going to take awhile to melt all that snow. Especially since we are not supposed to get above freezing for a couple more days... then warm to the 40's and rain, which could also not be a good thing because it might melt too fast and cause flooding. The Governor declared the whole state in a state of emergency because of the snow. I personally don't think that is really warranted, but I think it was for financial reasons to get more help paid for by the feds (our tax dollars). I also read that Seattle is sending heavy equipment and electricians to help get electricity to those still out and help clean up these roads.. but, neighborhood roads won't get any help as usual.

Ahhhh, life in the fast lane! LOL

January 9, 2017

Well, it has certainly been a cold, icy close to 2016 and a cold, icy open for the new year! LOL

Definitely not the norm for here, although, the first 2 weeks of January is when we get snow/ice... if we are going to get some.

Darn this Global Warming thing! LMAO

The ice started melting yesterday. But, it is slow in leaving. It was raining so hard this morning that it woke me up and I thought that was great because it would make the ice/snow go away faster.

There was about 1/2 inch of ice still blanketing the yard, but it is melting.

The deck had iced back over, making it slippery for the boys if they needed to go out. I have, after I took the pictures, blazed them new trails to get out.

The brutal east winds made my downspout become detached and a big icicle was forming in the hole where the pipe goes. Yikes! LOL It has diminished quite a bit now that things are melting, so I will be able to put it back together soon.

I see my fisherlady frog is now an ice fisherlady! Poor thing.

This was not one of my better ideas for protecting my frog statues from the weather. The wind just tore it all up. Now all the frogs are cold! LOL Poor frogs. Later I discovered that two frogs had leapt off the top shelf. One landed on icy cement and broke, I can't repair it. The other landed on icy grass, but it isn't broken.

The trees must have lost all their ice out front now. I haven't heard any ice falling on to and rolling off of my roof. My goodness that is loud when it happens!

January 1, 2017


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