Portland 2018, 2nd quarter

June 29, 2018

I did get some work done today. The job was actually more than I anticipated. Took me 3 hours, almost, to trim what I could reach from the ground with the hedge trimmer and various sizes of loppers.

Before and After:

The Grape arbor and path before and after: (don't look real hard, I didn't do anything to the grapes or the path - snicker)

The Day Lily's were going strong this morning and the Coneflowers are getting ready to "cone".

and, this afternoon a different colored Asiatic Lily bloomed in the pot on the deck and another red and orange one bloomed!

June 28, 2018

I spent the morning on errands and then spent the afternoon cooking. Three of the recipes were from DaVita recipe books. One is an old favorite and the other is for Mom and Mrs P.

From the DaVita cookbook:
Egg Fried Rice and Singapore Noodles.

and, a Bavarian Apple Tart:

One of my old favorites is the Baloney Boat and I made some Deviled Eggs (although these are not the prettiest ones I've made! LOL)

June 27, 2018

Just a few flower pics for today.

And this one is a Day Lily called French Lingerie! LOL There were 5 of those but the squirrels killed off 4 of them. Not sure if they will be "frilly" or "see through" with a name like that! LOL

June 26, 2018

I did go out and attack the Holly mess. Filled the two largest yard trash barrels and still had some left over so I put it over on the larger pile to deal with later. Then, after I got the cans to the curb, I took a break. I need to "square up" this side of that arborvitae.

I went out and fed the wildlife and put up the new bird feeder to replace the one that broke. Then, I ripped out some vine that is invading my Day Lily's. Can't remember what the vine is called, one type is poisonous the other isn't. After I pulled that out the Day Lily plants flopped out, apparently the vine was holding it up! LOL
After that, I did some more work in the Raspberry patch. Had to cut out a lot of the Raspberry stalks so I could get to the nasty Blackberry vines. Didn't get as much done as I wanted. But, my rib was telling me it was time to stop, so I did.

So that was it for the outdoor activity for now.

Sat down on the chair on the deck and noticed the newest deck flowers were looking very nice. Portulaca is so pretty! Flowers don't last long, but they keep rejuvenating.

I also noticed that the Christmas or Easter Cactus that I got from Thelma's nephew, David, has finally perked up and has new growth coming on! Yay!

June 24, 2018

Not much for today. Another Asiatic Lily opened. This one is completely orange and has no black spots. I also noticed that the purple Butterfly Bush is starting to bloom.

June 24, 2018

What a nice surprise this morning! Another of the Asiatic Lily's blossomed. It is red and orange! Beautiful.

My mission today was to cut some stuff down and trim some things up. I started with the offshoot of Holly. It was actually several offshoots. I am seriously thinking of getting rid of that Arborvitae, too. This empty space is where the numerous shoots of Holly were.

Next on the list was the bushes on the back fence line and the Raspberry patch. What a mess and lots of wild blackberry vines, too.

It didn't go as quickly as I wanted, but I now have a huge pile of cuttings, about 15'x4'x5'. Lots of work using the loppers.

While I was out there, I spied one Blueberry that was ripe and several Raspberries. Yes, I snacked on them! LOL

So the back is trimmed and the Maple as well as those viney shrubs look much better. Also got started on the east end of my path. But it was getting too hot, so I quit about 1pm. Besides, I was getting hungry!

I still have much to do, but not today. I still have all these shrubs to trim at the front and on top. Then recreate my path between the grapes and the butterfly bushes and Trumpet vine. Still need to get the rest of the blackberry vines out of my blueberry patch, clean up all the garden areas, and trim back the grapes. sigh!

Luke did come outside and stay with me through all the trimming events. He could lay in the shade and was perfectly happy. Unfortunately, he would lay directly in my path of travel and get in my way! Stinker! LOL

June 23, 2018

I moved the big seed brick out to the regular suet pole since no one seemed interested in it over by the fir tree. First time I looked outside after moving it, the was a squirrel gnawing at it and I went to get the camera and the squirrel was gone and had been replaced with this Scrub Jay!

Later on, I glanced out the door and saw this raccoon getting ready to steal the Squirrels' peanuts! (It did get in there and take all the ones that were in there)! Then, it left! LOL Haven't seen any in my yard for many years.

June 22, 2018

So happy to see an Orange Asiatic Lily has bloomed! Like it!. Also noticed that 3 of the Day Lily's finally opened.

The first Trumpet flower has started opening too. The Hummingbirds will be very happy! LOL

I put out more Peanuts and Sunflower seeds for the Squirrels. I also put out a brick of seeds for them to work on. First thing I noticed was that a couple Scrub Jays chased the little squirrels away from their seeds. And then two Crows came in to steal peanuts. Hopefully the Squirrels will get to eat their treats.

June 21, 2018

When I let Luke out (he can really get out by himself but sometimes he seems to need me to go with him... sigh), anyway I noticed a couple of new things. One thing is that one of the cacti that I cut in half has a new baby growing! And a new yellow Asiatic Lily bloomed, but it is different than the first one! I like it better!

I also noticed that the Day Lily's are getting ready to bloom in force! Cone flowers are starting now too!

The Spirea is also starting to bloom.. I will make sure to cut it down every year from now on.. it gets way too big!

June 19, 2018

The stump grinder arrived right at 9am, helped himself to the backyard and started working. He's been here before. Anyway, the Holly stump is gone! There is a Holly tree next to where the stump was that I can cut down and poison the roots.

I did get the weed eating done at the sides of the house, but not the front. While I was weed eating, it spit something back at me and I have a boo-boo by my knee now. Hurt too! Sorta lost interest in doing any more of it after that. LOL But I did also get the mowing done in the front. The whole time I was outside, this Crow was being very vocal. I think it wanted me to understand that the feeders were getting empty! LOL

June 18, 2018

The yellow Asiatic Lily on the deck blessed me with a blossom. I was hoping this was a Tiger Lily, but this is pretty too!

June 16, 2018

Today was cooking and laundry day for me. Oh boy. LOL
So, I made a Tropical Fruit Compote and there is also Shrimp that were already cooked when I bought them.

Grilled some Halibut and sauteed some Asparagus, Celery, Onion, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Garlic, and squirted a little Lemon juice on it.

June 15, 2018

Today, I planted 2 rose plants that Mom got for me... they are called Arizona. They are just starting to wake up! AND, what a surprise when I looked at the Corn Plant and found a new growth on it! Woo Hoo!

I also planted Portulaca and Lobella in my little planters. The pansy's that were in them died - probably due to lack of care on my part. sigh

I have some leftovers so maybe Mom will want those for her planters.

More of the red Lily's have bloomed and one of the orange one's on the deck is getting ready to bloom.

June 12, 2018

Captured 2 birds on the camera today. One looks similar to a Robin but it's black hood comes down more like a Spotted Towhee. Not sure what that other bird is! LOL

June 9, 2018

Boy! It hailed really hard today! Very noisy!

June 8, 2018

My snack platter for the evening!
Shrimp, bacon wrapped asparagus, saute'ed mushrooms, onions, & celery, and 4 cheese chicken tortilla roll ups with avocado mayo. Tasty stuff!

June 7, 2018

Well, after a couple of weeks of doing almost nothing, I managed to get the mower started and mow the backyard. Then, I moved the birdfeeder to the middle of the backyard and the birdbath near the corner of the deck. This way the bird bath won't need the extra power cord in the Winter, just the one will do it. I moved the bird feeder and put both feeders on it so I could more easily water the garden area without the water getting into the seed and seed catcher.

I also cut down this horrible bush. I have hated it the whole 24 yrs I've been here. I have no idea what it is but it has thorns an inch or more long and now, it is about 1' tall! I shall poison the roots of it. Also noticed that the red Lily's have opened more.

June 4, 2018

Found a squirrel in the bird feeder seed catcher. (It's cute huh?). And the Red Lily's are starting to open!

June 3, 2018

I managed to cut some of the blackberry vines out of the Blueberry plants and poison the vine stalks only. Doesn't the Phygelius look nice!

Later on, I made some BBQ Chicken and Cheese pockets out of Pillsbury crescents dough. Pretty yummy snacking!

June 2, 2018

Dave from the landscaper's office came and got the big chunks of tree. One he had to cut in half because it was such an oddball shape, but for the most part he just rolled them up a ramp onto his truck (with some good effort I might add). Looks a lot better out there now! Woo Hoo!

As he was leaving, I got the call from the appliance guys that they were on the way and would arrive in 30 min. They did. The door and part of the molding had to be removed or they wouldn't be able to get the dryer out from down in the basement. They took the door off, but I had to take the molding off... they aren't allowed to do that sort of stuff. But, it's all in and hooked up. I'm letting each run through one cycle before I actually use them.

Too warm and my back hurts so I am not going to do outside stuff today. After several trips up and down those steep stairs, I am a little tired too! LOL I think, instead, I will go through all the stuff that was in the "shelves" of the basement door and put back the stuff I will keep. Didn't even recognize some of the stuff I took off the door! That's how long some have been there.. 20 or more years! LOL

June 1, 2018

There were tons of Canadian Geese at Shari's when Mom and I went there today. Not many ducks were seen. No baby or junior ducks were seen. All the goslings are now furry looking teenagers! LOL

Boy they sure are messy critters. Don't even care where they "go"!

May 28, 2018

I was looking around at my plants this morning.

The (double) Columbine is still in bloom. The Phygelius (red and white) are both blooming. Amazing how some plants will just keep growing no matter what you do (or don't do) for them! LOL

The white Spiderwort managed to start blooming and an orange tall lily (maybe a Tiger Lily) is showing some color.

Cone Flower is getting ready to bloom, but it is really short this year! Tall lily's on the deck are getting ready to bloom... one sure is furry looking! LOL

Blueberries are trying to grow and have lots of berries, but I need to get those nasty Blackberry vines off of them. I zoomed in on a Raspberry plant since I couldn't get to it, it's making fruit!

This is my automatic sprinkler system that I set up last week... and it works! Waters 2x a week.. Tues and Fri evenings. The Margarita Osteospermum that I put in the Memorial planter didn't die after all... they are beautiful once again!

I took these pictures a few days ago. The Aloe Vera is greening up nicely but there will be some trimming to be done of the dead leaves.

AND, Echinopsis' head and some of her babies are planted in their own pot as of a couple days ago. She can't go outside for a few months, so I probably just won't take her or her body out until next Spring.

May 25 and 26, 2018

I spent part of yesterday and part of this morning doing some cooking.
On the 25th, I made some Grilled Swordfish with Tropical Fruit Salad.

Then, I made a Ham, Cheese and Asparagus Frittata.

Today, I finished making the Zuppa Toscana. Looks kinda ugly in there, but it's very good! LOL

Then, I deviled some eggs and made some Crispy Cauliflower bites, which are tastier if you dip them in Ranch dressing or some other dressing.

May 20, 2018

Well, my major mission for today was to mow the yard, front and back. So, after I did poo duty and picked up my cuttings from yesterday. I brought out the mower and it wouldn't roll over the engine. Sigh. So, I decided to rake up leaves and grass, also from yesterday and bag those up. Then, tried the mower again. Still a no go. Sigh. Then, I put some gas stabilizer in it. I didn't think I would need it since this was fresh gas. But, that did the trick and it started up. Whew! I was getting depressed!
I got all the mowing finished, front and backyard. One trail to the garden is grown over, but the mower can help with that area, it's brick.

Front yard had it's own challenges with the wood and dirt, but I did the best I could for today.

I went back to assess exactly how much I had to do in the garden. *faint*

Then, I just looked around a little and took a picture of the Orange Azalea, Honeysuckle, Nightshade, and some weed that smells like Licorice.

I am done for today. Had enough pollen and no longer in the mood to actually do anything else! LOL I'll do my remote work now. But, at least, I have one barrel and 4 bags of yard debris out of my yard.

May 19, 2018

The day started out appearing to be cool out, about 61 deg. BUT, the humidity was 72%, which I hate. I got the ferns taken care of and added more dirt to them. I had noted that there were already peanut shells in there! LOL I moved the "bench" I'd been using to fill bird feeders etc. The weight lifting belt really did help quite a bit in lifting that and moving it to the house. Poor thing is looking pretty awful after years under the trees.

I moved the bird feeders so they are in front of the gardens and hopefully not get soaked when I water. I had other places I thought about moving them, but that would just make it easier for the squirrels to get in there! LOL This way, they have to work at it a little. Then, I set the Squirrels' sunflower seed station over by the tree, maybe they'll stay back there since their peanuts are back there too.

After that, I decided I better weed eat this section of ground. Somewhere under the 14" tall grass should be a 18" metal piece that goes to on of my arches. Didn't want to mow and hit it. I did not find it though. After I unhooked the weed-eater, I plugged it back into the mower and then checked to make sure it was all the way into the socket... it wasn't. So, I fixed that and the light came on. I will mow tomorrow. A day or so ago, I saw that these Widows Tears had come up. I didn't plant them in this particular place, but they came up anyhow! LOL

I did take a few breaks because I was getting too hot with the humidity. But, for my final act of outdoor stuff, I decided I would trim back the berry vines and shrubbery under the Maple tree and the pink flowered bush. I worked at that for about an hour and got enough to fill the yard trash barrel tomorrow. Before and After pics, hardly made a dent in there! LOL

Luke did come outside several times with me, but it is just too warm for the old guy to stay out very long.

May 17, 2018

A few days ago, I planted the Corn plant top into the dirt because it had some good looking roots. I hope it will be happy. I also had noticed that one of the two leaves on the stalk had died off but during the planting of the top, I saw another one started at the base! YAY!

I put a little plastic Picket fence around the small ferns, I will add some dirt in there for them. I didn't buy enough to do the big ferns, need two more. I bagged up all the yard trash that was in the wheelbarrow... 2.5 bags full and added some more junk to the 3rd bag.

The roses are looking fabulous! But the Aloe Vera... not so much. I need to do some research on them, nothing is working so far.

And, today at Home Depot, I found this plant. I bought mine several years ago but couldn't remember the name of it. NOW, I know the name. It is Cereus Forbesii Monstrose aka/ Ming Thing Cactus! LOL

May 14, 2018

Today's mission was to clear the area's where I decided to put the ferns. So, to that end, this is where I started, under the Lilacs. Took almost 1.5 hours to get half done! LOL

Finally got that mess cleaned out and put the smaller ferns in there.

I took a break after planting those and then attacked this mess.

The larger ferns, like the one I put in the recycle box, were heavier and my back was not at all interested in trying to carry that one. So, I got it out from under the grape arbor and created a longer handle on it and drug it across the ground to get it to the hole I dug for it. Then I went and carried the other large one. Got them both to their designated spots under the Maple tree.
I have a new large pile of yard trash to get rid of now! LOL

I noticed that my other Azalea is starting to bloom (the pink one is dying off and losing its flowers) and the Columbine is opening and another color showed up! Woo Hoo

May 11, 2018

Good heavens! My hands and arms are almost too tired to type! LOL Wow, I hate getting older!

Well, this would be my self-assigned, need to do now, mission today! Get those ferns out of the sun!

So, I got them all dug out and put them in the wheelbarrow.

After I cut off all the dead stuff... I discovered that the fern from the farm that I thought I had lost, was still ALIVE! Woo Hoo!! The one I got from Debbie had the biggest root ball and wouldn't fit in any of the pots I brought home. SO, I put it into a old plastic recycle box with dirt and I got those two under the grape arbor. A little difficult but got them under there.

Moved on to the last two plants. The one with the most plumes was from the farm and had a reasonable sized root ball... isn't it gorgeous? The last one was smaller and also fit into a pot.

So I got them all under the grape arbor and hopefully that will give them adequate sun protection until I decide where they will live. Then I planted the new Dahlia into David's Memorial planter. I pulled out the Rannaculous because it died off, but the other flower I had planted finally had new buds on it so I let it stay! LOL

I was going to do some cutting and pulling under the Lilacs, but I think I won't be doing that today. David and I are planning on going to the Hot Tub and Spa show on Saturday and I would like to be able to stand and walk at ease! LOL Then, Sunday is Mother's Day. But, it is supposed to be nice on Mon and Tues also, so I will cut back the Lilac and pull that nasty Ivy out then so I can move all the arbors and stuff to a different space and do more pruning under and of the Maple and the pink bush next to it. I think what I've done with the ferns is it for today though.

Later that same day! LOL I went out and potted my bamboo plant.

AND, since I had to put peanuts in the peanut box and the wheel barrow was already out there... I cut back some of the Lilac and pulled out some Ivy. Yeah, I kinda knew I wouldn't listen to my own advice! LOL

May 10, 2018

The weather this afternoon has been so unstable that I didn't get the ferns dug out today. I will do that Friday, it's not supposed to be rainy/showery that day.
Instead, I brought the aloe pot in so I could separate the two varieties and that other cacti/succulent that was with them. So, they all have their own pots and hopefully everyone will be happy. LOL

While I was at Freddie's, I saw a beautiful Dahlia that I'm going to put in David's Memorial Pot because two of the flowers I had in there died after they bloomed! But this new one should look very nice with the living flowers in there! I noticed, also, that the yellow rose is in full bloom now.

May 9, 2018

When I got home from work today, I noticed that the yellow rose had opened. Oh my, it's a beauty too!

May 7, 2018

While I was out this afternoon putting out suet, peanuts and sunflower seeds. I noticed that things are going crazy back there. sigh.

Raspberry patch has expanded and is full of wild blackberry vines. And, I can't even see my Blueberry plants any more because of blackberry vines. sigh

Under the Maple tree and that whole fenceline needs clearing out also. Day Lily's are getting huge!

I moved the Pansy planters back to where the other pots are and then moved the Aloe to the bottom shelf in the Cacti house and moved a couple others around.

I also noticed that my rose is showing some color now! Yay!

May 6, 2018

I was very happy to see that my work from yesterday was still standing and the plants all look happy out there. I took some close up pictures.

First is the Aloe Vera plants and I'm not sure what that is with them. I need to separate and replant the Aloe. It is getting too crowded in there.

The Lucky Bamboo has been doing well in it's water, but I need to get it into some dirt. It really isn't bamboo at all. It is a Dracaena Sanderiana, which is a relative of the Corn Plant. My Corn Plant is a Dracaena Fragans Massangeana. I cut its top off earlier this year and it seems to be doing pretty well. New shoots have started on the remaining stalk, too.

In this picture on the left is a tall, skinny Optunia (paddle cactus), I'm not sure it will survive the propagation I attempted. In the pot next to it is Stenocerus (green fatter one), an unknown cactus, and a Golden Ball cactus. The Stenocerus and the unknown one also got cut in half this year.

There are two bowls of Echinopsis babies and an older Optunia between them. The Christmas cacti are the last picture. I might swap the Echinopsis babies with the Christmas cactus.

Later this same day... I got the screen up and the dowels in. Need to get bigger clips to hold the screen on, but this is fine for now.

Awhile after that, I decided it was time to propagate my Echinopsis cactus. I've sorta been dragging my feet about doing it because, well, I don't want to kill her. I made a head cover for her so I could cut her without me getting hurt and be able to hold onto the "head" while cutting her!

I sanitized and used David's knife (the smooth side) to cut her. Boy, a bit nerve wracking! That's it for me today... done enough!

May 5, 2018

A cool, damp morning. Was expecting the tree cutter to arrive around 830am, but he showed up at 740am! Didn't bother me and I hope the noise that early didn't bother any of the neighbors. Anyway, he didn't have a crew with him today, so he had to do it all alone. Took him about 2.75 hours to cut it down, cut it up, run the chipper, and tidy up and haul away the stuff remaining on the lawn.

and WOW! I never realized how much space that Holly tree was taking up! WOW!

I see that one of the Iris blossomed and the pink flowers are blooming on a bush in the back. Not sure what that bush is... I planted it many years ago.

Last year when I tore down the the "Cacti Seasonal Vacation House" (tee hee), I put everything together and taped it together so it wouldn't get separated so I could put it up this year easily. Yeah right. I fought and argued with those pieces but finally got 90% of it finished. I was actually missing some pieces! I couldn't believe it. It is 3 pieces needed at the back. But the shelving part is sturdy regardless of that. So, after I got the shelves in and the top over it all (which was also a pain), I moved cacti, corn plant, bamboo and succulents in. Tomorrow I will pick up some dowels to take care of the missing parts.

May 3, 2018

I noticed, today, after my lawn labors, that the yellow Columbine is blooming and the pink ones are not far behind.

After I got the mowing done, I propped up the Azalea with a piece of a tree to get it up off the ground.

David's memorial... well the Rannaculous and the other plant have died, so I filled it in with a fake bouquet! LOL I also noticed that more Iris are showing color! Yay

I took the Pansy's out of one of my planters and put them in my new cute planters. I hope they will perk up. Then I rearranged that side of the deck. I gotta say... since I put down that deck sealant.. things slide SOOOOOO easily with no pain to me! LOL I put the big square planter down the stairs and the squirrels can use that to hide their peanuts!

I did feed all the wildife, but I can't find the 3 containers of suet I thought I had, so I will need to get more at Bi-Mart. I think they have it on sale again. They sell an Orange Suet that seems to be a favorite so I need more of that for sure.
Now, I plan on doing nothing the rest of the day. My body says it can tell I did work today and that now is enough of that crap! LOL

May 2, 2018

I noticed today that there are new buds on the rose and that two Iris are showing color.

And, the Lilacs are blooming out back. I believe this is Larry and Lila!

May 1, 2018

I went in to water the stuff in the cacti room and noticed some new shoots on the stalk of Cornelia the Corn Plant! YAY!! I didn't kill it when I cut its top off! And, then I pulled the Pups off of Echinopsis, they will get planted next week after they "heal over".

April 24, 2018

Got a mostly restful sleep last night and strolled out to the slider door to look out. Ummmm... well... that was not a comforting sight to see. My temporary awning that I put up several years ago didn't look quite right! Anyway, got it the rest of the way down and put it over to the side. Will wrap it up later and put is somewhere until I feel like figuring out what happened. sigh.

Then, I started on the rest of the deck. Barely had enough to finish, but did finish. This side seemed to have rougher boards so it was hard to get good coverage into the divets and such. Looked pretty sad after the first application. But the second one looked better. After that I went around from the ground and used the last of the sealant wherever I could reach.
First coat and second coat:

I think my Azalea is looking exceptionally beautiful. I wish it would grow straight up instead of sideways, but since it nearly died, I guess I'm just glad it's living at this point!

April 22/23, 2018

I got the first and second coats done on the part of the deck I washed yesterday. Those darker area's are where the outdoor rugs were and now I have images of where they will continue to be! LOL But, over all, I think it looks good.

These are what I was facing later. There will be NO more plants on the deck. That's just disgusting!

So, I moved all the furniture and plants to where I could block Luke and still get my work done! LOL He now has one way off and one way back! Then I washed the part of the deck that needs finishing. No, his exit and entrance is off the North side, not where that opening is! LOL

April 20, 2018

After I got home today I sat on the deck for a little bit. It is very nice out, still getting cloudy, though. A Scrub Jay came to visit... well, not really it came to eat! LOL
And I noticed that my short Yellow Rose has two buds on it! Darned thing is only about 18" tall right now! The buds were not photogenic but there are black arrows pointing to one and the other one is behind the leaf just above the arrows.

The Azalea is opening its flowers (I keep calling it a Rhode) and the Day Lily's, behind it,are filling in and growing up very quickly! Shortly after I came in the house, a package arrived. I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow, but this is good too! haha. These are new planters I ordered.. cute huh? LOL

Lastly, Luke on his bed! Cutie pie!

April 19, 2018

Finally mowed the back yard.. almost did me in! LOL Yikes! Was a foot or more tall! Glad that's over... for now. LOL

April 15, 2018

Squirrel was out this morning and came to the deck with two peanuts in its mouth. I stood very still by the doggie door, which was open so Luke can come and go as he pleases. That stinker started heading for that doggie door so I let the hard door for it come down and TWO squirrels ran off... one went to the roof and the other to the fir tree. LOL

A little later in the day, I found this one sitting on the deck railing. It was standing there so cute that I threw some peanuts outside... away from the deck! LOL

April 14, 2018

I brought home a Christmas (or Easter) Cactus that belonged to Golda who was my friend Thelma's Mom. It was looking a little sickly so I transplanted into fresh cactus soil and a bigger pot. Hopefully, it will perk up and green up. (before and after).

April 13, 2018

Squirrels came out to find the peanuts I tossed into the grass, and then came up on the deck railing to dine! Even tried to come in the doggie door while I was standing there!! Stinkers.

April 12, 2018

April showers might bring May flowers but all this wet is making it really hard to keep the lawn under any control. I will be able to bale it pretty soon. LOL

April 10, 2018

The backyard... north, east and south.

April 9, 2018

Completed poop patrol in the yard.
Got the birds and squirrels fed, Luke too! I was only gone long enough to walk into the house and get my camera and there was already a squirrel getting his/her morning snack!

I was looking around in the back yard. Mercy! What a mess I have back there! LOL
The Blueberries have flowers and the blackberries are gaining in strength (darn). The Columbine is out and growing well.

The Day Lily's really must have enjoyed this icky weather because they have grown a lot! Grape Hyacinths are still blooming.

Amazingly, the Iris are doing very well, despite the neglect. And the Lambs Ear seems happy too.

I think these in the pot are going to turn out to be Oriental Lily's, but not sure. I love this pansy... it's colors are so vibrant.

These other Pansy's are prolific and I like them, but they aren't as pretty as the other one. The Rannoculus is doing well too.

Tall red Lily's are looking good and the Rhode is showing color!

My rose has a lot of new growth and will be planted in the garden this year. The Spirea is growing back, but this year, I will keep an eye on it so it doesn't grow crazy again.

April 8, 2018

I got this Love sign with a paw print cut out for the O in love from a place called Redline Steel
Hated to put the tape on the front but that was about the only option. I still like it!

April 7, 2018

Poured rain 3am-5am and it was so hard and driving that it woke me up and I didn't get back to sleep until 5'ish and then woke up at 6am and got up. Hate starting my day like that.

David came over around 945am to help with the wood. OMG! Those big ones were just too heavy (and now wet) for us to get into the wheelbarrow. Plus early on, the tire on the wheelbarrow was too flat to use it, thankfully, I have the compressor that was at brother's house and it pumped it right up and made it usable.
Also,thankfully, the bi-polar Mother Nature behaved herself while we were outside.
So, the remains of the Tulip tree were moved to the back (I dropped one on my foot moving it to the other pile while David was emptying the wheelbarrow. sigh. I said bad words). Looks much better now.

David was able to chainsaw a couple of the medium sized stumps into two medium sized stumps so we could move those out and he was able to get a few of the larger ones into the wheelbarrow by laying it on its side and then getting it back upright so those could be removed. But the huge ones, the chainsaw just couldn't do an efficient job. That Maple wood is hard as a rock! So, we had to leave the huge ones in the front yard.

He tried rolling one of the larger ones to the back because we couldn't use the wheelbarrow for it. But that was exhausting trying to get it up the slight hill (it wasn't uniform in its girth) and it is now residing at the side of the house! LOL Everything else is in the back where I asked him to dump it. It will be out of the way, also, when they have to drag the holly tree out.

So, we took a break after closing the gate back up and then it was time for Luke to get a bath. He hasn't had a bath for a long time. David had to help Luke get into the tub because of his back legs slipping and sliding on the floor. But, it got accomplished and the washing began... Luke was not enjoying this event! LOL

After he got out of the tub we got him dry as we could and I figured he would want to go outside, but he didn't. Unusual. He went and laid on his bed instead and did his best to ignore us both! LOL

So, I had David give him one of his frozen ribs and his attitude improved but he still ignored us! LOL He did come out to the kitchen once, bone in mouth, to see what we were doing and then took his bone back to his bed. Silly dog.

Not sure what time David left but shortly after (around 1145am) the rains came in again. Boy, talk about good timing! I so much appreciate all the work David did for me, he did most of it, I just helped a little.

May God grant you always...
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.

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