Another year closes and a new one begins.
I hope you all have a very happy 2013!
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Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it wasn't a white Christmas. I was disappointed. We don't get them often in Portland, but I had hope!

Got all my food together and Mom's present and headed over to her house. The trip over was fine, wet, but traffic wasn't much. Mom already had a few things on the table so I added my stuff and when she sat down to rest for a minute, I took her picture (which I am sure she will appreciate that I am posting it for all to see! LOL)

Smile Mom!!

So we got the food all out and ready to dig into, including the pies.

I only took a little bit of everything, but it sure filled the plate!

Yummy! Let's eat! I'm starving!

But, were my eyes bigger than my tummy??? Well, in a word... yes! LOL

Well, we had a wonderful banquet but there was probably enough to feed 6 or 8 people at least! So, after dinner we sat around chatting and opening presents, then we divided up the food and I packed up and came home.

After I got things put away, I decided it was time for the boys to open one of their gifts. I chose the stocking with all the toys in it.

Luke sniffed it and then yodeled.

Cody laid next to it and guarded it (from Luke)LOL

So, since they weren't going to do much for themselves, I opened the plastic sock and tossed all the toys out! Luke just watched. Cody couldn't decided what he wanted to destroy first.

He grabbed the big blue toy

Then, he decided on the purple toy

Then he managed to get both in his mouth and growled at Luke

Luke just watched and then got on the couch where I was. I know Luke.. he was waiting for Cody to decide which toy was his favorite and then he will steal it from him later! LOL Mark my words! That is Luke's M.O.!

I didn't see it happen, but it took less than 15 minutes for Cody to take this ball

and turn it into this

So, I left the boys and took a toy up to Buddie

Pretty, spoiled Buddie!

It is a laser toy that shines a red light onto whatever surface you put it on. The cat is supposed to chase the light.

I flashed the light around and Buddie did look at the red light on the carpet. But then she turned and gave me "the look". Big sigh.

"Really? Are you serious? Do I look stupid? YOU chase the light, fool! I'm going back to bed! And, bring me my dinner, slave!"

So, I left and came back down stairs, picked up the dog toys and put them in their toy box. Came in to download my pictures and then I remembered that I had to get the recycling and garbage out to the curb. And even worse, I remembered that I have to go to work tomorrow! YIKES! LOL

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas with your friends and loved ones.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I added a couple of decorations to my house and just wanted to show you. I should have found a better place for Frosty... note the sign on the door in proximity to the decoration. tee hee The other frosty I decided to put on the deck instead of out front for some jerk to steal. I'm sure it will look better at night when he's lit up.

And the boys are really getting spoiled. In addition to their other socks with goodies, Mom bought them each a sock and I bought a sock for the two of them.

Of course, our 4-legged furry visitor has her own sock too with goodies and toys. She also has her own tree upstairs.(No picture)

December 20, 2012

I didn't get very many cards out into the mail this year. I was just too disorganized and before I knew it... it was almost Christmas! I'll do better next year!

When I was at the store today I got a new birdfeeder. Hopefully it will keep the seed drier than the other ones do. I took a picture of it from the deck at 16x and then took another from the same spot at full zoom 64x... just thought I would show you the difference (well, and show you my new feeder! haha)

16x 64x

I am actually trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Something I've been lacking for a few years.
So after I bought my Christmas Moose decoration and put it up... sorta started getting in the mood.
Then, it snowed in Portland a couple days ago and that made me feel more in the mood, too. It didn't last very long, but the sentiment was there! haha

I woke up to no electricity this morning, so it was a bit cool in the house, but they got it back on around 9am. Have no idea why it was out. So, I got dressed and headed out to run a couple errands.

First on the list was to take a package to the Post Office at the airport (closest one to me). I was sooooo glad that I had gotten the postage and printed it from their website, so all I had to do was drop the package in the bin inside the post office. Apparently, they had also been without power and their machines were still not working so the PACKED post office was a mad house filled with people who waited until the last minute to mail packages. Fortunately, I was able to get a parking place in the tiny lot. It was running over with cars parked where they weren't supposed to be.

Next was the grocery store and that was easy enough. Spent more than planned but what the heck! On my way back from the store this afternoon, it was rain and snow mixed.

So I got home and went upstairs and dug out the Christmas decorations. I didn't bring everything downstairs, but I did bring down some and put them up.

The Moose

Antique Village

Tree and Wreath

Doorknob Reindeer

I actually have quite a bit more Christmas decor but some is already upstairs in use and the rest I just don't have anyplace to put it right now!

And now that you've seen my decor you should visit the Christmas page
and check out the links and stories. It's pretty interesting stuff!

I wish you all a very

November 18, 2012

*** UPDATE*** Once again, my cousin Gary has come to my rescue. Instead of changing everything I already wrote, I will tell you that the birds I thought were maybe Flicker's (in today's pictures)... are not... they are European Starlings in their winter plumage. The bird near the bottom that I thought looked like a Nuthatch is actually a Downy Woodpecker... could be a Hairy Woodpecker, they look really similar to each other except the beak size... I am going with the Downy Woodpecker as he suggests.


While I was out in the kitchen I noticed a bunch of activity outside so I took a peek and it seems the flicker's had stopped by for some brunch! LOL At least I think most of them are Northern Flicker's (yellow-shafted)

Check out the bird in the left picture bitching out the bird below him!

These two were kind of fun to watch. That bird on the right in the left hand picture kept sort of "slapping" at the other one with his wing when the other bird would try to eat. Was really pretty funny to watch but I couldn't catch that in a picture.
The little bird by himself on the right I'm just not sure what it is because it doesn't look like any of the Flicker pictures I've seen. Kind of has a nuthatch face but I don't think it is a nuthatch.

Some just gave up and dined in the grass instead!

Then a bunch of these little birds and another little bird came swooping in. I don't know what it is and didn't look it up. One Scrub Jay had shown up but he swerved over to the squirrel bucket instead of "fighting" over the suet. Those Flicker's completely emptied both suet cages during their visit! LOL

November 6, 2012

Mom and I had lunch at Shari's in Milwaukie today. There are always a lot of ducks, geese, gulls, and some other birds around that hang out on the banks of the large creek that runs between the shopping center and the freeway. Shari's, McGrath's are right next to the water area. So, on this particular day I decided to take some pictures of our feathered (and spoiled) friends.

Duck Meeting

Drake Hen

My favorite! I think he was a bit disappointed that I wanted his picture and wasn't going to give him food. LOL

Canadian Goose

This Gull was on top of a tall parking lot light post about 10 - 15' from the car. (I zoomed him!)

Sea Gull

And, I forgot to tell you yesterday that Art E Choke appears to be doing well at his new home in the back yard... he's grown new leaves that are about a foot long!

Art E Choke

November 5, 2012

While I was cleaning up the backyard, raking leaves in the front yard, and filling wildlife feeding stations, I noticed all these mushrooms! Three different varieties! It's like a smorgasbord... well... it would be if I knew if they were edible or not. I'm not brave enough to try them and too lazy to try to dig up info on them.

big ones tall one

Little Ones Close up

All my activity of cleaning appeared to scare the little squirrel who was trying to eat. First few times, she would run up the tree but finally I guess she got tired of doing that and opted to just "hide in plain sight" instead. LOL

October 29, 2012

So, I put new food out for the squirrels in their two buckets. But, the Scrub Jays (and crows) always get there first and steal all the peanuts out of the mix! Gotta figure out a new system.

October 28, 2012

I looked outside this morning while it was nice out and noticed this little cutie eating seeds from the lawn. I also noticed that the lawn has greened up a lot and appears to have grown some.

The birds were chirping all over the backyard but they were staying hidden for the most part until I closed the door again. Figures!

Those little birds just flit all over the place and won't stay put for very long while I'm watching, so it makes it hard to get a good shot of any of them. But this Steller's Jay did me the favor of posing so I could get his picture and I got one of this one in the top of the Fir tree, but I don't know what it is.

Steller's Jay Unknown bird

Later on, after the terminal rain started, I looked out again and saw this hungry squirrel hanging on the feeder that has the sunflower seeds in it.
I always wondered how the seed catcher's would get misshapen... now I know! ha ha

October 23, 2012

A few more pictures... yes, I'm still messing with the camera!
Here's two birds, one is a crow, not sure of the other one, that were sitting on the overhead wire at back of my backyard. I took the pictures from my backdoor!

And, these two crows stopped by for some lunch since I filled the squirrel feeder this afternoon when I got home. Haven't seen the squirrels yet, but the crows were plentiful as were the Scrub Jays!

These are some little frog pot picks that I bought a month or so ago. Cute, huh?

My "Welcome Labrador", with the mums and 2 more frog picks

I zoomed in on a couple flowers too. tee hee! Took these from the deck:

And then I heard the mail arrive, so I went out front to find a package on the porch. For an early Bday present, my pal, Sherry, had sent me.....

Wait for it.........

Curious, aren't you?

Have you guessed yet?

(Ummmmm.... for those of you who guessed correctly.... you get nothing....there was no prize.... just satisfaction that you guessed right)! LMAO

Adorable! Singin' in the rain!

Way cute!

Love this!

Just a few pictures from Mom's house. Still playing with the new camera! tee hee

The new garden out front, ready for Spring to bloom!

Close up of Mary Rose, who has not gone dormant yet. This plant is on the other side of the door.

Close up of the Pansies in the hanging basket.

And my favorite of the ones I took at Mom's:

Close up of the Mum plant

October 22, 2012

Well, my new camera finally got here! I believe I was going through camera withdrawal! ha So far, I'm really liking it! In case you're wondering, it is a Canon PowerShot SX160IS, image stabilizer, 16x optical zoom, 16.0 megapixels and it also will do video with voice but I haven't tried that option.

When I first tried it out... to check out the zoom... I stood at my back door and took a picture of the frog statues in the corner of the deck and then zoomed in as far as it would go. These are the frogs Mom got me for an early Bday gift. Aren't they adorable!!

Later, I did a regular zoom in on the new garden frogs:

So, the next time I went to the back door, I was trying to get some bird pictures. Since it was starting to be rainy again, I opted to take these pictures from the door way so I would stay dry!
My first few bird pics didn't turn out so well because the birds are faster than I am and so... well... you know. ha ha
However, I saw a bunch of birds come across the yard and go to my holly tree, so I snapped a quick picture that direction. While I was waiting for it to finish "developing" so I could take more... I saw this yellow blob on the screen of the camera... so I zoomed in and found a yellow bird!

Then all of the sudden, all these yellow birds came out of the holly tree and swooped down to the birdbath. Only a few of the 2 dozen birds actually stopped at the bird bath for a drink so I zoomed in and took as many pictures as I could before they left. Of course, of the 5 pictures I got, only these two showed them really well. I have no idea what kind of birds they are, but they are pretty!

UPDATE: The bird is a Evening Grosbeak

And, last but never least... my boys. Luke stood in the rain for his picture. Cody, on the other hand, stayed in the house, on his bed, gnawing on a bone and totally ignored my urging him to look up! ha ha

October 7, 2012

My cactus is looking quite pretty with it's single bloom. I'm sure everyone I know is glad that it finally bloomed so that I will shut up about it! LOL It's just that it seemed to take forever for it to happen! Anyway, unless it does something else spectacular, this will be the last of the bloom photo's.

And, here is the ever present Cody, taken from my deck

What a pretty boy!

Lastly, the "stairs to no where" which I think I will incorporate into a flower garden... I'm not sure... But I am sure I will tell you when I do something with it! LOL

October 6, 2012

This morning my cactus was getting closer to blooming... geez, it's taking so long!

Then it finally started after the sun went down. I walked out on the deck about 9pm and it was starting! I was so excited! Should be really pretty tomorrow!

These are the Mums I rescued.

October 4, 2012

Looking a little more "homey" now. I went out this morning after it warmed up above "I can see my breath" temperature. Naa, wasn't really that bad, but it was really cold out!

The boys are loving their new deck. I have found Cody out there, stretched out and snoring, many times and caught them playing together on it. So funny.

I decided that putting rubber tiles down on the cement on the "people stairs" side would be a nice touch! Especially since I already had them and wouldn't have to purchase anything! ha

Then I moved the Coleus plant to where it would get a bit more sun, since the sun is now on a lower southern path for the coming Winter months.

Lugged the Echinopsis eyreisii (Tall cactus) and the two smaller cacti up into a corner where they will still get sun and put the other two flowers on the same side near the house back.

And, what deck is complete without a couple chairs and a small table for enjoying one's morning coffee as the sun comes up... or after it's up... depending on the time of year?

As I was sitting, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a smoke on my new deck, I looked up at the Fir tree in the corner and I swear there are even more cones now than there was a few days ago!
It has been my experience over the last 18 yrs at this house, that when there were a lot of cones on the fir tree, it was exceptionally cold with more snow that usual in Portland. This year, it is outdoing itself!
Fortunately, those cold, nasty snaps of weather didn't last very long before and hopefully won't this time either.

According to Wiki Answers: "... Some years it will have far more cones than others. This is in response to environmental conditions such as weather..."
According to most scientist representations on the Dept of Energy, Office of Science, most of them said Fir and Pine cones are not indicative or predictive of coming weather, some said it's possible.
According to the New and Old Farmer's Almanac's, the Pacific NW is supposed to be chilly but generally mild with rain probably starting yesterday... which it didn't. (Thank goodness)!

Now, I have more work to do outside... so that's it for today on here!

October 2, 2012

Finished! Yay!
Eventually, there will be a gate to close off the "people" stairs and at that time a railing will be put on the two steps. But there wasn't enough scrap left to make the gate right now. Since it wasn't included in the original plan (the gate) and it would require another trip to the lumber yard, I decided that it could wait until I do the other stuff I want to do. Actually, I think I could do the railing myself for that short distance.

The one piece that appears to be missing from over by the hot tub (the right side) will be put in after I move the hot tub just a bit... which won't be until next time I empty it... which won't be for awhile since I just filled it a couple days ago!

To maintain as much integrity as possible for the railing, it was decided that on the dog side there would only be an opening but the top rail would extend all the way across. I can actually get through the opening if I needed to... although I see no reason to! LOL

Also decided to make a ramp for the boys instead of stairs since it isn't that far above the ground there. The boys haven't gotten used to the concept yet, but they will.

Now, I have to get things reorganized and back in place that I had to move. But, probably not tonight!

October 1, 2012

Almost there!
Still not done, but he says it will be finished tomorrow. It's looking like a real deck now! All that is left to do is the dry rot killer painting in the basement, build the dog step and put the railing together and attach it.

Looking South Looking West

Looking North Looking East

September 28, 2012

Well, today was the start day for the dry rot and deck. What with this and that and traffic, they didn't get here until 10:30am or so, but that's okay, wasn't their fault.

Here's some "before" photos:

After the wood got unloaded, measurements made, some new decisions were made and an inspection of the dryer vent was done... the work was underway! Of course, by then it was getting warm and humid outside, so it wasn't the most pleasant environment for them.

The boys were anxious and agitated (mostly Cody) at someone messing around and making noise, so Cody finally went to my bedroom and stayed there, panting. Luke came outside when I was out there, but stayed hidden behind bushes and such. It was also too hot for them outside, it wasn't just that they were not happy. I thought Luke looked worried in this picture! LOL

Cody Luke

So, boards got cut and sized and put in place for the base.

There are still some "base" parts so I guess the base isn't actually finished yet! LOL

And these will be the deck:

After they left for the night, I was a little concerned about the potty breaks for the boys because it was a 3' drop off immediately out the door so they would likely get stuck half in and half out. If they did get out, then they would have to crawl out under the beams... not to mention how difficult it would be for them to get back into the house through the doggy door with it being so far over head!

So, I went and grabbed some of my old wood that was still "worthy" and put those down at the door and then created a step for them to use getting up and down. It took some doing to get either of them to understand exactly what they were supposed to be doing, but they finally got the hang of things. The first time for Cody, he jumped off the little "porch" that I had created and into the middle of the beams and had a heck of a time figuring out what to do from there with his bad leg and all. sigh

He finally decided that crawling over the beam was the better idea and that is how he got out but it was just so sad to watch and he wouldn't come out by going under the beams. I suspect he would have trouble doing that with his bum leg.

They both finally got used to the idea of how to get in and out of the house, but clearly didn't much care for the whole situation! LOL I decided to make it a little wider, so I found one more 2x6 and added that.

Since Cody was having trouble with using the step... I added a pile of my rubber mats to the cement in front of the step, then a couple on the step and then covered the little porch with them also. Yes, I know, my boys are spoiled! LOL

The temporary porch and step:

They will be back on Monday morning to get started again and deal with the dry rot issue.

September 27, 2012

I took a look at the cactus this morning. The little fuzzy things are starting to make what I think are going to be the flowers. A bunch of them fell off when I was moving it but I didn't know that is what they were when I was moving it. I should have been more careful. But, seems like most of them are starting to protrude now. I'm so excited!

I started out this morning to move things and clean up things for the work that will go on out there tomorrow.... but, of course, I got side-tracked and played in my garden instead! LOL

I planted my two low bushes and moved the fence out. I have to buy more fence now but I will do that later. Eventually I did put some short fence up to fill in the gaps and discourage dumb and dumber from rampaging through. I also think that to the left of the path I will move the azalea I bought earlier when it was in the "last chance" pile to that place since it is getting swallowed up by flowers. But, that will wait for another day.

The new plants are:

Bear Berry Juniper

And, lastly, I changed the hanging bird bath into a hanging bread holder! I only saw one bird use the bath so using it for food (until it rains) is a much better use!

September 23, 2012

Just a few pretty flowers before you look at the newest addition!

Brown Zinnia Cosmos

Creopsis Gazinnia Tiger

Margarita Sunflower

And, now, the newest additions to the Boyd backyard city garden! LOL

Cactus Garden Start

This one I have no idea what it might be, but I three possibilities. The problem is there are thousands of cacti out there and pinning it down may never happen. But, it is pretty when it blooms, so I guess that will be good enough for me! LOL

From looking at pictures, these two look like Optunia variety (the flat paddle looking one) and a Blossfeldia Liliputana (the one in the small pot)

September 16, 2012

While taking a break today, I decided it was time to harvest the corn. Mind you I wasn't expecting much out of it... and I wasn't disappointed! ha ha Two of the three stalks of corn I did not plant.. they just came up. The one that I did plant only made it to about 2.5 feet tall because it was so overshadowed by the kale and Italian Broccoli plants but, it did produce one ear of corn... actually, a half ear of corn! ha ha But that half ear of "planned" corn looked better than the ones from the other plants. In the picture, the two on the left and the one on the right are from the biggest corn stalk, it was about 6 feet or more tall. The itty bitty one in the center was from the 1 foot tall volunteer stalk and was sporting ONE kernel of corn!! The half ear to the right of the one kernel ear was from the seed I actually planted. Too funny! I shucked them and put them in the squirrels bucket for them to enjoy.

Corn Harvest 2012

Next, I plucked the cukes that had ripened and also found some new beans (I thought the bean plant was finished for the season, but apparently, it wasn't done yet and there are more to pick in a week when they get bigger). Of course, I have already picked 4 or 5 cukes and 3 meals of beans before now.

Cukes and Beans Harvest 2012

The only other thing I have managed to do today is to firm up the back steps again and to rip off the remainder of the old deck that I left up and then I put those boards temporarily over the big cement hole so that neither I or the boys would accidentally end up falling in it. I am calling a couple contractors tomorrow to see about fixing a dry rot issue and putting up a partial deck that would accommodate being able to get to the water pipe, the dryer vent, and allow light to come in through the window in that hole that is in the basement. I was going to do it myself, but I think it's above my pay grade and I don't have time to figure it all out. Parts will have to be moveable and I just don't want to deal with it all.

The hole and dry rot photos:

Dry Rot photos in the basement:

Basement Window

Dry Rot:

August 30, 2012

Most recent additions to the Portland family of flowers are

Crocosmia Kong Coleus


And some donated by my friend Debbie that are currently in Portland but will be moving out to the farm soon

Lady's Mantle Creeping Lamium

I did manage to cut down and trim up the bushes on the north side of the garage. Those things just grow like crazy, which is nice for privacy to the back yard, but looks like crap! Got rid of some blackberry vines and some nightshade that was growing like crazy too. Pretty thing that nightshade, but the bright red berries are poisonous to my boys, so they have to go. Yeah right.. once established they tend to be hard to kill, but I'll give it the old college try. I filled all three of my barrels, just from the shrubs on the side of the garage!

North side of the garage, after!

While I was mowing the lawn, I noticed some bright red over in the tomatoes. So, when I finished I went and picked those and the cucumber that was ready. The tomato on the left in the first picture, the huge one, is from the plant that I grew from a seed. All the other tomatoes are from a store bought plant.

That's it for today! Unless you want to hear about my doing the laundry and paying bills.. hmmm... no, I think not! LOL

August 26, 2012

While Mom and I were sitting and chatting at the kitchen table I looked out the slider window and saw a bird that I hadn't seen before. Of course, the one bird is a Blue Jay, but the one on the left is one I hadn't seen in the yard before.

I couldn't get a good shot of him/her (probably a "her" since she is so drab). She was actually more speckled than what appears in the photo and when I first saw her she was making short order of the suet! Her movements reminded us both of a woodpecker.

So, I looked online for woodpecker pictures.... none of which looked like her. But, within the woodpecker pictures were Sapsucker and Flicker females. I'm leaning towards a Flicker but she looked like the Sapsucker pictures too.

August 21, 2012

These birds and several of their friends arrived late yesterday for a meal and bath. Had three squirrels roaming around too. I guess they like the cooler weather too because I've hardly seen any of my bird friends or the squirrels until yesterday when it was getting cooler.

I moved the firewood back here so I don't have to look at it when I look at my flowers from the back door!

Haven't done a whole lot today outside... or inside for that matter... LOL... I did buy two new frogs for the garden and one new plant that I forgot the name of. I call the frogs, Thinker and Couch Potato. The new flower is that red bloom behind and to the right of Couch Potato.

Thinker Couch Potato

Can't believe how these flowers just keep blooming and getting bigger in the front garden! So pretty!

And then, there's this Passion Flower. It has tons of blooms getting ready to bloom, but it only seems to bloom one or two at a time instead of all at once. Pretty and unique flower, but I would like them to bloom more than one or two at a time!

Last thing I did outside was to put some new Eco Tiles around the steps at the back slider. Part of the reason is to see if they will block the water (next time it rains) from running under the steps and sitting there until it drains down the basement (outside) wall. I know they won't stop it from doing it but maybe it will re-route some of it. I tried it yesterday while I was power washing and used the two smaller pieces that I had and it did seem to help... so I bought more and rearranged things. Besides, I like stepping down onto that rubber mat instead of the hard cement! LOL (Yes, that is Cody's behind going back into the house!)

August 20, 2012
It has been quite a day. I can't believe how long it is taking to do my back patio. Had I known it was going to take this long, I would have started a week ago! But, I had to move things out of the way before I could start the power washing event. btw... thank you Joe for letting me borrow your power washer!
Anyway, first I had to move the wood pile. So I did that yesterday. This picture only shows half of the wood, I had already moved the back half and the pallets they were on. But you can see the mess that is going to be left behind.

On to today. This is the patio area and the path. I figured I would be able to just whip through and get, at least both of these things accomplished. I was wrong. After 5 hours with a couple breaks, I was tired and my back is killing me. I had to move the back steps that Dad built for me 18 years ago... they are now in need of replacement. I did not take a picture of them. Underneath the steps was a variety of dog toys, bones, a small office garbage can lid, a broken Frisbee, dirt/mud, a big ball of lint from the dryer, my flip-flops that have been missing for several years, moss and several small branches. Gee... I wonder how most of that got there.... CODY!! LOL

Here is the before pictures:

Since the boys were going to be locked in the house while I performed this task, I decided to let them romp a little before their incarceration.

Sticking their tongues out at me!

Cody Luke

After I locked the boys up, I set to work. It was worse than I thought it was going to be and seemed to take years to get done the stuff I did get done. I still have more to do on the upper part. It would be easier, much easier, if it was all level, had good drainage, and created in the same year or at least with the same type of product... that is not the case! LOL The parts appear to range in age from the late 40's to about just before I bought it in 1995. It is not at all level either.

I remember after I had been here about 5 yrs, I called two cement guys for estimates on redoing the patio and making it so water would drain into the yard instead of going up to the house and into the basement. Both left, shaking their heads, not even wanting to try to tackle the job. When I bought the house the back patio was covered by a deck, which I removed after 5 yrs later. That's when I discovered the patio condition.

So, anyhow... I did get most of the section finished and when it's dry it will look better because it will be lighter.

Every time the spray of water from the machine would hit a divot or a crack in the cement, it would splatter mud, moss, and God knows what else all over me. A shower is definitely my next "to do"! However, it is quite refreshing when one has to wash off their legs and shoes with that cold water coming from the hose! YIKES! LOL

Tomorrow is another day... which will be more power washing for me! LOL

August 17, 2012

I thought this bouquet of flowers was just sitting there being so pretty that I needed to take a picture of them!

The Coleus and Petunia's seem to be in a battle over who can grow the tallest or take up the most room! I may take some of that coleus out to the farm to let it take up space out there! LOL

I noticed yesterday that a couple corn stalks actually seem to be making ears now. This huge one only has 3 on it, the puny one has one. LOL

This thing, which looked like a corn stalk when it started growing by the hot tub, appears to not be. The leaves are different and although it's "tassleing" all over, there is no sight of an ear growing. I think it might be a grass that grew from the bird seed and is producing more birdseed.

And, since it is going to be warm out, I decided to refill Cody's pool... so they waited patiently by while it filled up.

Waiting Still waiting

It did finally get full enough and Cody took a dip. Luke prefers to snap at and drink the water as it comes out of the hose, so I let him do that while I cooled the pavement on the back patio.

August 12, 2012

Mom and I did a little shopping this morning and then I did more on the way back home. I managed to find some frog stuff for my gardens and got some more shale and some recycled tire mulch.

First, this was the sight I saw last night. It is the moon and there is a planet on either side of it directly aligned. The other two planets might be Mercury and Venus.

Night has fallen and the solar lights lit up... well, so did the old ones, too! LOL In the first picture, the blue one is "Shy Frog" and the white one is a fake rock with a solar light. In the second picture, those are just little solar lights that are staked in the ground. They don't light much up!!

New ones Old ones

Okay, on to my new frogs!

The one in the back garden, whom I call "shy frog", is a solar light, so we'll see if it lights up tonight.

Front Garden Back Garden

I moved the birdbath and the hummingbird feeder to a new post and replaced them with this cute sign.

sign in back garden

Then, I put a border under one side of the short trellis, moved the shale rocks around and added the recycled tire mulch. Weird stuff, but I kinda like it! Looks like dirt from a short distance away. The good part is that if the dogs walk through it, lay in it or anything else, it won't attach to them and get tracked into my house!

From the north From the south

This is the new post with the birdbath (the thing with the orange leaves around it) and the hummer feeder. I put it next to the short trellis where it is more convenient for me to fill both of them! (It IS all about me, of course! LOL)

Since it was so hot out and I was tired of being in it, I decided to go ahead and give the flowers some water. Since it goes directly to the ground, I don't worry about it "evaporating" before it gets to the plants from the soaker hoses. The one that goes over the trellis is the only part that shoots out water into the air. The birds love it and go under there to take showers whilst the other birds are hogging the baths! So cute!

Anyway, Luke decided that the shooting water was a dandy place for a hot doggie to grab a drink!

August 11, 2012

I finally finished the adjustment I wanted to make to the flower gardens. It honestly doesn't look like much considering the amount of work I had to do to do it! LOL
I widened the front garden by about a foot and put a double row of recycled tire stuff around it so the garden and rubber is now snubbed up next to the grape arbor. The dogs can walk through there but I can barely squeak through that area. LMAO
Then, I opened up the front left corner of the back garden to sort of "square it up" and continued with the double row of recycled tire stuff. Moved some Dahlia's to the newly opened up corner that were being suffocated by the butterfly bush by the fence, hopefully they will be happier in their new home.
And, since two stalks of corn and one sunflower started growing in a planter, I moved them over by the sunniest end of the grape arbor.
So.... this is before and after:

08/07/12 Today

August 2, 2012

Azalea bloomed! Fern is happy

Waited too long to pick Not just for butterflies!

The boys

July 30, 2012

Not many words today! I picked up some flowers at Mom's today that she no longer had space for and combined with the ones I still had in pots, had enough to enlarge the back garden space. So I did that!

The new flowers, in addition to some Petunia's are:

Lisianthus Zinnia

Red Lily Wiegela


I moved the Hens and Chicks to larger pots and put them in the garden too until I take them to the farm:

Hens and Chicks

And, the CURRENT end results!

Front View Back View

Before I came in for the night, I had also noticed that one of the Passion flowers had finally bloomed. I like it, it's about 3" across and kinda unique.

Passion Flower Vine Close up

July 27, 2012

I decided to use some of the old stumps that have been sitting outside for about 5 or 6 years as "decor" in the new garden. In addition to the two I put in yesterday, I put in two larger ones that had areas available for planting a flower in! ha ha So... these are the two I decided on and then I put the "walkables" flowers in the holes so that, hopefully, they will spread down the stump and to the ground. Should be interesting. I'll need to had some dirt to the stumps probably to encourage growth of the ground covers. My many wild birds, including those noisy crows who chattered and caaw'ed the entire time, were very watchful of what I was doing. Of course, now I have to rearrange my flat rocks to accommodate the two stumps. Eventually, the stumps will disintegrate, go back to the earth and have to be replaced, if I chose to put new ones in.

I got my camera to take pics of the newest additions and while I was standing admiring my handiwork, a hummingbird came over for breakfast on the honeysuckle vine. It didn't seem to mind that I was standing just feet away from it and it busily fed on the flowers. It didn't even bother it when I turned the camera on and it made the noise it makes when it comes on... just kept flitting about and feeding. So, I snapped many shots towards the bird since trying to focus in on them is to difficult with them moving all the time! At one point, which I didn't get a good picture of... it stopped feeding, turned to me, hovering in the air like they do... and seemed to be saying "would you knock it off, I'm trying to eat! Some privacy please!" ha ha These are the only ones that showed the hummer very well. The first picture, it is about dead center of the pic, the other two, he is a little to the left of center in the pic. This one was greenish instead of brown, so I guess it is a "he" instead of a "she".

Oh yeah, I put the slipper back into the garden! LMAO I'm going to plant a flower in it!

July 26, 2012
This is the final version of the vine bird bath... I'm not doing any more to or with it... it is what it is!
But, I like it!

New Vine Bath

So, while I was out there, I added another Envirotile and brought them together to make a path effect.

Bath and Envirotiles path

Tossed in a couple pieces of gnarly wood that I had in the firewood pile here for that "natural" look. tee hee

Gnarly wood

Laid some of the eco-friendly, recycled rubber, border strip. I used it before and it looks nice and is easy to put down. I'm only putting it around the front and on this side. The other side I will be adding plants and path to, so it won't need a border until I'm finished.

Border close-up

The flower bed (newest section) from the front and back

Front Back

July 25, 2012

I found a neat hanging bird bath in So, I remembered that I have 3 of these "vine wreaths" that were sitting around for years for no good reason. So.... I used one of them. I will get a more shallow "Bath bowl" but I think it looks pretty neat!

Vinebath Vinebath

July 24, 2012

After careful consideration, I made the following changes. I think I like this better. I need to get one more Envirotile, or a half piece of Envirotile, to make it look more complete.


I moved the flat rocks to the dead grass area under the short trellis. They look good there, but I need to pull out the dead grass and even the land a little. Then, I will plant the "Walkables" plants amongst them so they will spread along the "cracks" in the stones. Should look pretty.

Rocks under the trellis Walkables

While I was out.... I rescued more flowers... 5 to be exact.... (I need a keeper, sigh... LOL)

While I was running errands, I tried to find a hanging bird bath... but I couldn't find one, so I put together this "Hillbilly Birdbath" as a VERY temporary substitute. LMAO

Now, I'm hot, tired, and still sore. I've not picked up the yard trash that was supposed to go out in tomorrow's pick up. I've also not filled the recycling can that was also supposed to go out tomorrow. I didn't get my "work for work" done.... and, frankly, I am not caring a whole lot about those things! I did get my many errands run, had wonderful halibut lunch with Mom, and made the above changes... I have things to do in preparation for work downtown tomorrow (and potential meeting with a reporter about my book) and many emails yet to answer... those things will complete my activities for the day.

July 22 and 23, 2012

Yesterday, I decided to get my poor plants in the ground and out of their containers. Containers are soooooo confining! ha ha

But, before I got started, I noticed the Hens and Chicks (that will live out at the farm) had bloomed.

Kinda Pretty little things

Then, I noticed this corn plant growing next to the hot tub!

I did NOT plant this here!

So, I already had a plan in mind for what to do with the multitudes of flowers I had in containers. I thought it would be nice to just go from the Passion Flower trellis and the Purple Cone Flower and curve it around to where the honeysuckle vine is. That would be pretty! So, that's what I started doing. Digging out grass and then trying to dig into the wretched clay.


As I was working away.... I happened to notice the dogs. They are hard NOT to notice! ha ha
Anyway, they have a trail they like to follow from the back patio under the grape arbor to the trees in the back so they can bark at the squirrels and birds. Hmmmmmmm.... so, most likely, they are going to run through my "curved" flowers, which will make me quite unhappy. I also decided it would be hard to mow the area around the grape arbor with no "exit"... so Plan A got scrapped.
Houston, there may be a problem with Plan A

So, had to switch gears and decide what to do, instead. Truth is, there were too many flowers to just do the curve, so I probably would have scrapped the idea anyhow, plus I have more flowers to move from where they currently are living. A new direction seemed a good idea! But it was just way too long to go that far out.

New Direction Too long

I decided just to leave it all there and sleep on it. I had several idea's but I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

First thing in the morning, I looked outside and decided to make it shorter and wider and put some bricks, rocks, something, in the center so when I had to replant, I could easily reach everything.

That's better!

Now I have a plan and a trip to Home Depot is in order to get what I need. So I had gone there to get these 18x18" Envirotile recycled rubber things to make a "path" down the center of the beds I am going to make. Well, when I got there I changed my mind... yeah, I know... don't say it... ha ha.... so I left with flat rocks instead and the other stuff I needed.

So I laid those rocks down (forgot to get sand to put in between them)and then I started on the pulling out of grass and more digging into the clay, add some amendment and then plant the flower. Took quite awhile, several hours in fact. At least the weather was nice, when I would start getting hot, clouds would appear and a nice little breeze would come up and cool me off.

Putting the old cinder blocks at the end was a nice touch, I think, and then, I was finally finished in the late afternoon.The pictures came out looking fairly pathetic, but in person it looks much better.

Front Thru the grapes

Right side Back

Left side

I think I will put down some landscape fabric after all, I had decided not to but.....

wait for it......


changed my mind! ha ha ha

When I was sitting and taking a break outside, a hummingbird came by to visit. They really like those Cone Flowers! There were two females but one zipped away before I could get the pic taken. She doesn't show up well since females are not colorful like the males.

Look closely!

I had noticed that the Passion Flower is getting ready to bloom too. The buds are HUGE.

And, lastly, a treasure that I found. I was digging, or trying to dig a hole for a flower plant and kept hitting something that was making an odd sound. What the heck is that under that clay, I wondered. Well, I finally dug it out and found:

My old slipper! CODY!!!

OH.. and I've decided to go get the Envirotile and take out the flat rocks. tee hee

July 17 and 19, 2012
Well, it took forever but I did manage to mow the lawn which was thriving quite well in this tropical weather we've been having. Incidentally, I don't like tropical weather! ha ha
So, I had taken some more flower pictures on the 17th and today and decided to go ahead and post them. I like my flowers! ha ha

First, my daily visitors. They come by to drink from, and bathe in, the bird bath. They also eat as much seed and squirrel food as they can and then sit on the wire to bitch at my dogs! Right after I took the picture, one more joined the group.


Now, on to the pretty flowers!

The Coreopsis is looking very pretty now all bloomed out!

I bought some Gazania and Aster a couple days ago. They look pretty happy too!

Gazania Pink Aster

The Beard's Tongue is doing very well and it's pretty now that its all bloomed out. It was near death when I got it, so I'm pretty happy it is going to live!

I bought these two flowers that were also near dead but they have perked up very well. I like them, I just don't know what they are! ha ha

I bought these two on the same day. They were in rough shape but seemed to have perked up okay.

Canna before Canna a couple days later


The Spiderwort is blooming for the second time this year and the Trumpet Flower vine is in its full glory. It is a pain in the butt to keep under control, but when it's out in full bloom, it's really pretty.

Spiderwort Trumpet Flower vine

Last, but not least, my Honeysuckle vine. It's really pretty with its pink and yellow colors. It isn't fragrant though like the plain old yellow one that is out at the farm.
Honeysuckle same plant

July 10, 2012

Well, today was the tree trimming day! The 3 guys that showed up were really nice and worked quickly. Two were in the trees and one mostly doing stuff from the ground, he appeared to be the one in charge. Although I did see him in the Magnolia tree at one point doing some cutting.

They did their best to keep the trees "shaped" individually and with each other in the manner that they have grown together, letting in light but keeping my shade and getting that Magnolia "cover" off my driveway, as well as getting branches of both off the roof. I think they did a great job.

Magnolia Before Magnolia After

Norway Maple Before Norway Maple After

This is the canopy of the trees right out my front door. There are still plenty of leaves for shade, but it did bring in tons more light, too. Although in looking at my pictures it doesn't seem so! ha ha But in person it's true!
Canopy Before Canopy After

They never let the branches get piled too high on my lawn, so the chipper was going pretty steadily.
Looking out the door Looking to the side

I think the trees look great from the front. I am very pleased with the job they did. It wasn't cheap to get it done ($990.00), however, with all the branches they took out, it will probably save me about $250.00 - $300.00 in leaf removal this Fall. There will still be leaves to clean up but maybe since they are at the tops of the trees they'll blow down the street instead! ha ha

Front Views after

I also learned from one of those guys that the Maple is a Norway Maple and is considered very undesirable in Portland. But you can't cut them down without getting a hefty fine of like $400.00 per inch (circumference) of tree. That makes sense, doesn't it? sheesh!

My trees are both quite healthy based on what was exposed from cutting large branches off. I was glad to hear that.

NOW, since I cannot blame my trees any longer for my moss-covered icky front yard... THAT will be my next project.

Well, not right away... I need to finish all my other projects first! ha ha

July 9, 2012

It was so pretty outside, I decided to take some flower pictures in my yard:

(Bachelor Buttons are considered a noxious weed)
Bachelor Buttons Beard Tongue

(Butterfly Bush is considered a noxious weed)
(Cone Flower is also known as the herb Echinacea)
Butterfly Bush Cone Flower

Creopsis Dianthus

Orange Petunia Poppies

(Trumpet vine is considered a noxious weed)
Trumpet Vine Verbena

Okay, that's all I took.

July 8, 2012

A nice toasty dry day outside. It's nice to have sun for awhile, but it could actually be cooler and I'd be happier... but that's just me.

If you scroll down to the May 25, 2012 entry you can see how things are evolving.

I had purchased two pots of flowers and a folding white arbor on sale yesterday and, as well, my Mom gave me a beautiful bowl of red, white, and blue Petunia's. So, since it was warm yesterday too, I put up the arbor and some pieces of the old green (now short arbor) arbor for the grape to crawl on, set the flowers out and called it good for the day. LOL

This morning, I went out and used the weed eater to get the grass down around the flower bed and got out the landscaping material. Of course, first I had to pull some weeds inside the bed and do some digging before I could put the material down. Once that was finished and the plants were in, I put down the material (using slits cut into the material) around the new plants and under the short arbor.

After I get more dirt and border material tomorrow, I will move these potted flowers and the ones that are currently holding down the material under the short arbor, to some configuration, in the ground, where Ashbury the Aspen tree is. The area under the short arbor I'll put in some kind of ground cover since the vines haven't covered it yet!

There will be a narrow path between the Grape Arbor and the flower garden, but I doubt I will get that accomplished this year since I have so much to also do at the farm. The area under the grapes will stay grass and help hold the moisture in the ground for the grape roots. Next year, I plan on putting in a real Grape arbor - taller and stronger, but this will do for now.

Ashbury, the Aspen tree, who is currently living at the end of the flower garden short arbor, will be dug up next week and hauled out to the farm where it will live a happy life and I won't have to rake up his leaves. Okay, yes, that is a bit selfish on my part... but, 'tis the truth. I don't like raking and its likely going to be a 60' tree! That's a lot of leaves! Also costs me a small fortune to have the leaves hauled away. Which is also why the two trees in the front yard at this house are getting a good trim!

Additionally, half of my Lambs' Ear, yellow Day Lilies, white Yarrow and all the purple Salvia, will be relocating out to the farm to live in an area to the west of the fenced yard out there. I will probably take some of the hummingbird vine out for the same area also since it is very hardy. (The grass growing on the pathway will be receiving a dose of Baking Soda. I tried it in other areas and it kills the weeds/grass by making the ground an undesirable environment to grow in. Of course, you cannot use it where you WANT things to grow!)
All of these things are considered "fire resistant" also so they are good to have at the immediate outside of the "fuel break" area around those homes in the forest. Not that it will stop any fire. But it might help, who knows.
Eventually, the copper "yard art" will also be residing out at the farm, but it will be transformed to look like a piggy or cow or some farm animal with flowers around and on it.

Lambs Ear Day Lily and Salvia


I will actually be adding a new story to my blog about what I have learned about native plants, undesirable plants, fire resistant plants and stuff like that in the next day or two. It will be here: My Blog

I see my dinner for tonight!!


Remember Cabbage I who I was growing from a stub of a cabbage? Well, it's doing quite well and looking healthy. It is starting to form heads in the centers of those leaves.

Cabbage I

I also planted another celery butt in the garden but a squirrel or bird or something seems to have removed it for me. LOL Buggars!

Okay, that's it for today! I've got work to do!

May 25, 2012

The weather was nice out, at least it was dry out, with a few high clouds every now and then... until the afternoon when the clouds took over and the area turned black outside followed by rolling thunderstorms. Anyway, I got outside and planted my new flowers that I bought and did some rearranging of some of the others.

Here is an overall picture of the transformation the back yard is going through. Please ignore that I have not mowed the lawn before taking the pictures. The grass was too damp to mow at this point.

05/25/12 04/22/12

First, I moved the small arch or trellis to a different place and hung a few flower pots on it. It now "joins" the Iris and birdbath garden area to the Aspen tree behind it.

At the front of the arch, I have planted a Passion Flower vine that is about 2' long right now and will hopefully crawl up the arch and bloom. The flowers are supposed to be white and have some blue or purple in the middle. The picture was pretty anyhow! ha ha

I dug up the ground to the right of the bird bath and planted the Iris that had been in a long pot. Of course, Cody thought that the new turned ground with the pretty leaves would make a fine bed for him and plopped himself down on top of them all, earning him a tongue lashing from his mother.... that would mean me! I still have to prop up the Iris that he laid on.
Then, I planted the Oats at the back of the birdhouse, moved the "spreader planter" to the birdbath area, and put some potted plants around the front. I also put up a flimsy "garden fence" as a deterrent to the mutts getting into the Iris garden area.

I planted the Coleus flower pots last week and you could see the dirt quite easily. Now the flowers and coleus have taken over the pots so I will have to plant them in the ground instead. (better buy some more fencing or Cody will make those into a nice soft bed when I put them in the ground! ha ha) Some of the potted flowers at the front of the bird bath:

It's taking awhile, but eventually, it will all look very pretty, I think

Also around the yard

My favorite

Not sure what these are but they are pretty!

Planted last year. The name tag is now gone.

Flower pot garden with the honeysuckle vine.
Most of them have grown quite a bit in the last couple weeks
05/25/12 05/11/12

Raised bed gardens, grape vine, and herb pots

That's all folks!

May 14, 2012
Things are just blooming all over the place! I took these shots today.

Flowering tree and new Iris

Purple Lilac and White Lilac

Snapdragons and a small red flower

Oats and what garden is complete without a Garden Twirly?

Lastly, every yard needs what looks like a still in it!

May 11 and 13, 2012
Not much really to say, just pics of my back yard with things starting to bloom and grow. Everything is now out of the greenhouse and living outside in the elements.

Flower Pot garden and honeysuckle vine

Potted herbs in front of 1/2 the raised garden, Concord Grape vine on the left. One of those pots is full of green leaves and I have no idea what it is! LOL

Other half of the raised garden and Cody. Yes, that is a cactus on the left.

Two of the lilacs and the maple tree I planted several years ago when the twig was near death.

Raspberry patch is growing very well this year. It's all that green stuff on the left back corner next to those flowering trees I planted... I have no idea what they are.

Snapdragons from last year have gone crazy and are overflowing their cement pot!

The Iris by the birdbath have the first bloom. Two others, in different areas are getting ready to bloom, but this was the first one. I was surprised and happy that they appear to be surviving their replant. I took the picture on the left on May 11th... on May 13th, I had my first bloom!

Then, there is this anomaly. These pansies have been blooming for about 4 years now. When I planted them, they were purple and white on each bloom. When they bloomed this year, they were all white. Just recently when I looked at the dish of flowers.... I noticed that two purple ones have come forth... they look like the originals I planted. Then, another purple one bloomed on the side, but it doesn't look like the same variety! Not sure how that happened!

That's it for the backyard pictures right now.


April 22, 2012
Finally, I have finished with the painting in my bedroom. So you don't have to listen to me whine about it any longer! LOL
The pictures pretty much suck, thanks to those curly Q light bulbs, but here they are. The walls were eggshell and the trim a shade or two lighter than eggshell. These are the only 3 "before" pictures that I took:

North and West walls

South and West walls


And here is the "after" pics. The walls are actually antique white and the trim and doors are chocolate brown.


South Wall

South and West walls

West Wall

North Wall

East wall door

April 22, 2012
I spent this beautiful day outside performing various tasks around the house, like mowing the lawn. The lawn was still wet from the nights' dew at 1030am, but I forged ahead anyhow. I wanted to mulch up the wretched petals that covered my lawn and driveway like snow, I wasn't going to be deterred and I did get that accomplished. I should have taken before and after pics, but I didn't think of it.

Next I moved on to the back yard and got that mowed. Had to stop about 2/3 of the way finished because the lawnmower died from all the wet thick grass and I had to charge it up again since it was about the 7th time it died.

Next on my list was to move the greenhouse from this location:

to this location on the other side of the veggie beds:

I put plastic down this time to set the greenhouse on and secured it with the J hooks that hold the base of the house to the ground. In the middle I put two stepping stones so I wouldn't accidently slip. I plan on putting more brick down over all the plastic, but not today! LOL

The Garden Sparklers in the sunshine:

Don't look very sparkley in the picture, but the sun was glinting off them and was pretty

I think it looks better there and it hides all the junk that my neighbors put behind their shed that they don't want to look at... although they can't see it, I get the view and I don't appreciate it.

Anyway, once the greenhouse was moved to its new home and the sides secured with the tie downs and stuff, I mowed that area that it had been in and moved the birdbath to there. I also had this broken down trellis and put it by the poor iris that were planted to the side of the greenhouse. The dogs have pretty much destroyed the ones in the ground, so I don't know if they will survive.

That stuff in front of the birdbath is Oats. The dogs like it to gnaw on so I keep it for them.
I need to get the other iris in the ground, but they seem perfectly happy in the container so I'm in no big hurry.

I plan on getting a vine of some kind to climb the little trellis. Have to be something with bright flowers on it so the birds will also enjoy the addition.

In another hour or so I will get all the plants watered and make sure the birdbath is full. Then, I plan on finishing the painting in my bedroom today and lastly, having a nice soak in the hot tub. (Ahhhh... I can hear it whispering my name now!)

Doesn't really seem like I got much done, but it looks much better and I'm tired, so I must have! LOL


Day 1
March 16, 2012

First of all, a little snap of the snow that blew through last week in the middle of the night. It was really coming down! I think it was about 1:00am when I took the picture

As Spring keeps teasing me.... starting to show itself... then spitting snow at me... it's very confusing to me and my plants. Several Daffodils had bloomed, as did the Camelia... just to get snowed on a few days later.

I have wanted, for some time now, to build a nice little greenhouse so I can start my veggie's and flowers before the "season" and get them planted when the season actually starts.
I started out putting the frame together yesterday when I got home. I got most of it done before a deluge of rain came, but I gave up any further building until today (Friday, 3/16/12).

On my way home from the office this morning, I stopped at Bi-Mart and bought a new birdfeeder holder. Okay, it's really a plant holder, but I put my birdfeeders on it, so now it's a birdfeeder holder! LOL This one, I have in the middle of the yard, hopefully far enough away from everything that the squirrels can't climb the other things and jump over to the birdseeds like they were doing with the old one.

So, after the birdfeeder was in place, I carried the greenhouse frame out to its new location and set it there to finish.

Then after I got the frame all straight and all that stuff, it was time to put the shell on it. It wasn't too hard to do alone, but sure would have been easier with a 2nd person! But, got that done and then put the anchors on the frame bottom.

I tied everything on the inside that was supposed to be tied and put the tie-downs on the outside... although I'm not certain I tied those correctly, hopefully they will do okay! And then I zipped up the front door and came in!

So, the new greenhouse and the new birdfeeder are both tasks that were on my extensive "to do" list... completed and crossed off!
(Yay me! LOL)

Day 2
April 17, 2012

It wasn't at all warm in the "greenhouse" this morning when I got around to going out there, but it was warmer than the outside air by a little bit. I was a little disappointed. Not sure what I expected, but I didn't get it! LOL

Anyway, I put the Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Italian Broccoli, and Kale seedlings into larger seedling containers and transferred those out to the greenhouse.

Then, I planted some peas and leaf lettuce into a container and put those into the greenhouse. Lastly, planted some Mint and Red Poppy seeds into containers and put them in the greenhouse. Watered everyone and zipped up the front door and there they sit! They are all cold/cool weather plants so they should be fine outside while they get stronger so I can plant elsewhere.

I decided that I will plant my Iris that survived around the new greenhouse, it will look "dressier"! LOL I have to move them from where they are and the rest of the flowers in that bed will go into containers for a pretty container garden. I need the space for some of my veggies that can't live next to each other.

For those who may be wondering.... Celery II and Cabbage I appear very healthy and happy in their container! They are still living in the house.

Day 3
March 18, 2012

What an interesting day weather-wise. First it was a little drizzle, then sun, then snow, then sun, then sleet, then rain, then sun. This has been a strange month this low in elevation.

During the sun breaks, I did some decorating by the new green house. The little solar light works again and the old spreader is full of some yarrow and something else that has broken through. Should be pretty!

Day 4
March 19, 2012

Woke up and looked out the back slider. What a surprise to see such a heavy frost out there!

After the sun came up, I peered out again and noticed that it was snowing, not just a heavy frost. I could see that there was condensation on the walls of the greenhouse, so I knew my seedlings didn't freeze overnight.
I'm wondering if my Rhubarb that broke through the mulch yesterday is still happy!
It is in front of the Artichoke plant, which is in the right corner of the veggie bed box. You can't see it, of course.

Then, I decided I better peek in on the seedlings and see how they were doing.

They seemed to be doing pretty well all considered.
You might be wondering what the upside down beer mugs are doing in the box with the seedlings. Well, that box they are in is one of those indoor seedling greenhouses. Since I can't put the lid all the way down without squashing the seedling growth, I put the mugs in two corners to keep the lid off them. The lid does seem to help as there was condensation inside the clear roof also.

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