A few pictures from my trips to Australia 1993, 1997 and 2000

If you've never been to Australia.. you should go!! I love Melbourne! Its a very beautiful city and the surrounding areas are picturesque. The people are friendly, the streets are clean, there is plenty to do and see... the cost of living is expensive, however.

Lake Albert, Melbourne 1997

Lake Albert was across the street from the hotel I was staying at. Its much larger than it looked and there is a path that runs along its shores.

The Great Ocean Road 1997

A beautiful drive! Postcard perfect views of the ocean and very windy!




The Twelve Apostles on The Great Ocean Road 1997

I don't think there are really 12 apostles out there anymore. I was told they have eroded away over the years.


Royal Botanical Gardens 1997

The Gardens were in full bloom and simply gorgeous when we were there. A beautiful, peaceful walk.

Shrine of Remembrance 1997

Shrine Shrine View of the City from the Shrine

Melbourne at night, 55 floors up 1997



Sovereign Hill, Ballarat 1993

This is a local attraction, a long drive from Melbourne but it was very interesting and informative.
Sovereign Sovereign




Downtown Melbourne 2000

Across the river from downtown is a beautiful park and a business complex that also houses a food court. It was a hot day and the children were enjoying the spouts of water. On either side of the fountain, at night, there are huge torchs that light up the area

Royal Botanical Gardens 2000


This time of year (their Fall) the gardens were at the end of their season, so the blooms were not as plentiful as they were the other times I had been to Melbourne. But, it was still a pretty walk through the gardens.
It was very smoggy downtown while I was there.. you can almost make out the Downtown area in the background!


This is the gardeners cottage, which is on the grounds. That is me, of course, in front

The Observatory 2000


Yours truly with the City in the background... well, it would have been there!!! They had 3 steady days of smog.. very unusual for it to last that long.


The observatory is only about 20 miles from Downtown, but the smog was so thick, you can't see it

Arthur's Seat 2000


Riding up the lift to get the view from the top


The view from the top of the hill... it would have been spectacular... but, I won't mention the smog again!

On the Docks


Well, the wind came up and drove the smog out, but, it left the dark gray clouds when it did it!


Yours Truly at the little town by the docks. This little town was so cute and quaint. All old buildings that were cleaned up and put back into business.


Finally! A pretty shot of the beautiful downtown area of Melbourne (thank God for zoom lenses!)

My pals

John showed me around on my Y2k trip

1997, Me and my co-workers, Lorraine and Steve

1997, Me, Lorraine and Ross (Our tourguide down the Great Ocean Road)

1997, Lorraine,Graem (Our tourguide through the Botanical Gardens and Hall of Remembrance), and me

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