A few pictures from my trip with Mom to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

(Pssst... Mom, not only did I mix your pictures with mine, but, I plageurized parts of your written account of the trip... *grin*

Lord Stanley on the Park Hotel - where we stayed. The hotel is on the outskirts of Stanley Park, which covers 1,000 acres in city limits. This picture was taken from the Landmark Hotel the night before we left.


The Lord Stanley was a nice hotel. Our suite had a pretty view of the Yacht Club and a pretty building next door. At the building, the yard area was fenced and there was a small footpath through it. The building was for rent and I don't know what it was. I don't know what the footpath in the fence was either... a pioneer trail maybe? There was a pretty fountain in the water behind the building


The weather was beautiful, clear blue skies. As it was only 4 pm when we arrived we decided to start our "sight-seeing" and take advantage of the 5 hours or so of daylight left. We drove to a park named "Queen Elizabeth Park" which overlooks the city. It was once a volcano so they worked with the natural look around the volcanic rocks, etc. At the top of the park is a conservatory with rainforest type setting.

Queen Queen

Me posing with the statues! These statues actually have another statue taking their picture!

From there we went to "Gastown" and to Harbour Centre building and took the elevator up to the "Lookout" tower, which gives a panoramic view of the city.

Gastown"HEIGHT="250"WIDTH="350"ALIGN="LEFT" Gastown"HEIGHT="250"WIDTH="350"ALIGN="LEFT"

The city from the Lookout Tower

The Tower building is much like the Seattle Space Needle. The views were beautiful. By the time we left the tower and headed back to the car, all the restaurants were full or closed everywhere we went.
So, we drove to Prospect Point on Stanley Park.

Prospect Prospect
Lion's Gate Bridge from Prospect Point

The restaurant was closed, but, a snack bar was open so at least we could eat some fish and chips! While waiting for dinner, a raccoon decided to visit and then ran over to look for dinner in the closest garbage can. It seemed to not find anything that appealed to it and went around the other side and over towards the condiments. After our dinner arrived, the raccoon came back over to our table and actually reached up and tried to grab Mom's purse from the stool next to her!! Mom took a hold of her purse and swung it toward the "thief" and he backed off for a minute then came back and tried again! I took a swing at him with my little purse (with a long strap handle) and I think it thought I wanted to play at first!! But, after the second or third whack, he/she left. Of course, the camera and video camera were safely tucked away in the car when this happened.

Stanley Park is beautiful and has a one way road all around it. There are side roads that cut through at different places but, since it was dark all the times we were in the park driving, or nearly dark, we didn't investigate, lest we should get lost. On the drive back to the hotel from our dinner and raccoon meeting, the sun was setting and there was a huge full moon over the city. It was gorgeous. Of course, I didn't get a picture of that.. just thought I would mention it! I did snap this shot of the ships with the sunset however!


The first order of the day Friday was the aquarium in Stanley Park, so Mom could see her beloved Orca (Killer) Whales! The Beluga whales were not at all pretty.. all white... looked like white blobs with ugly faces floating in the water (The statement about Beluga whales is my observation! LOL ..db)

Aquarium Aquarium

I loved watching the baby sea lions however... they have sweet little faces and playful personalities!

Aquarium Aquarium

And, of course, my favorite... the dolphin. I like bottle-nosed dolphins best, but, this little critter was pretty talented for his/her small part in the show. Ummmm... it was resting in this picture!


We wanted to take the trolley (not electric) into town because it has 16 stops at places of interest around town and is narrated. After much ado and lots of walking.. we finally found the damn thing. (No thanks to the directions given to us from the aquarium). It finally arrived, late. But, thankful that it finally made it.. we boarded and took a jaunt around Stanley Park and then into town. We got off at Chinatown to have lunch and look at the Classical Chinese Gardens. The Chinese restaurant we went to is owned by the guy who built the Chinese Garden. However, the service sucked (my words) and the food was very expensive. We settled on two appetizers to tide us over and paid the bill and left.. I was NOT impressed!!! (my words, again). The Chinese Gardens were pretty.. we didn't spend a lot of time there. We did catch a couple "making out" in the gardens and it seemed that they didn't care for company and wished us to leave! They didn't say anything... just all the sudden got interested in the scenery and kept looking to see if we had left.... it was toooo cute!!(No, I didn't take their picture)

Classical Classical

We jumped back on the trolley when it arrived and off we went to Gastown. Gastown is a really neat area... I loved it!! Lots of little shops and "cobblestone" streets... all old buildings.. very very cool! Anyway, took a picture of the "Steam Clock" and then jumped on the last trolley back to the car at Stanley Park.

The Steam Clock at Gastown

For dinner we went to the Fish House on Stanley Park.. not far from the hotel. I wanted to go there.. but, was much dissappointed in the fare. It was ok.. but, I wouldn't go back. I think it is geared towards the rich and snooty! (um... those would be my words again!)

Next day, it was a bit hazy, but still warm and nice. We drove up to Grouse Mountain and took the tram ride which goes up to the 3700 ft level. It was warm and there were small glaciers still present with daffodils growing in front of them. The scenery was beautiful. They also have some magnificent wood carvings up there and a helicopter (for a fee you can take a helicopter ride).

Grouse Mom in front of the building that the tram lets you off at

Grouse Beautiful carvings at Grouse Mountain

Grouse Glacier on Grouse Mountain

Grouse Flowers on Grouse Mountain

GrouseMe with the Lions Gate Mtns in the background

Grouse Vancouver, from the Tram on Grouse Mountain

Grouse Going back down on the tram

Looking at the map, I noticed a park called "Cates Park". It wasn't in the itinerary I had "scheduled" but, since it is my name sake... just had to go find it. Finding it was a trial in itself... but, after a short venture across the bridge to Burnaby... which was not intended and then getting back over to the correct side of the water... we finally found it!! It was a beautiful park... for family picnics and such. And it was full of people, although you would never guess it when you pull in!!

Cates CatesYours truly at Cates Park

Cates Mom at Cates Park

We rushed back to the hotel to see if our reservations had come through for the Cloud 9 restaurant. Cloud 9 is atop the Landmark Hotel and revolves 360 degrees giving terrific views of the city, mountains and water. Dinner was great!! Best meal I'd had since we got there! (my words again!) Mom liked hers alot too. This was Mom's birthday dinner (she said) and she indulged in a glass of wine also!! These are a couple of pictures of Vancouver from the Cloud 9.

Cloud Cloud

We were pretty tired by Saturday night... lots of sightseeing and walking and driving packed into 2 days and 2 nights... I shall never forget Beach and Pacific Avenues which I mistakenly found myself on a few times... (oh yes, I did take a few wrong turns!! LOL)...in jam packed traffic moving at less than a snails pace!! With all that traffic at all hours, you would think that there would be no one on the streets (all in cars)... but, the streets were normally packed also... bicycle riders, joggers, and people wandering aimlessly.... I don't think Canadians sleep! LOL

All in all, it was a great trip and we had a really good time.
However, I was very glad to see the port of Entry back to the USA and to know I would be sleeping in my own bed that night!!

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