Milwaukie Riverfest, July 2005

Willamette River

Twenty year old Justin Shandor is the King! What a beautiful voice he has! (Got some really good "Elvis the Pelvis" moves too! woo hoo! LOL). His impersonation of Elvis is terrific as Elvis when he first started out, Elvis in the Army, and Elvis after the Army.

Justin is part of the "Jamie's Rock and Roll Legends" group. It is all comprised of "impersonators". Also playing this night were Patsy Cline (She also did Connie Francis) and Buddy Holly.

Fireworks over the Willamette River

Chuck Karsun Band
(The Chuck Karsun band was a favorite when they played at the Portland Servetus Friday night dance.

Justin Shandor (Elvis), joins the Karsun band, as himself, for a couple songs

Seattle Washington July 2005

Seattle Washington is a beautiful place and lots of fun to visit. This particular trip, I wasn't there for much in the way of sight-seeing so the pictures are very few!
The traffic can be somewhat "trying" on ones nerves to get in, out, and around Seattle!
Going Home

In and around Seattle you can golf, kayak, canoe, fish, go clamming, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, river rafting, museums of all kinds to visit, hop in a ferry, Opera, Ballet, Underground Tour, take in a sports game (football, baseball, basketball, soccer), visit the Space Needle, visit Chinatown, visit Pioneer Square, dine at one of the fine restaurants in town, visit the many parks in the area, and definitely take in Pikes MarketPlace.

Space Needle

Pikes MarketPlace:

A few pictures from downtown Seattle

Some trivia: Although the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for exceptional rainfall amounts, its just not true. Seattle gets about 37" a year while Miami enjoys a whooping 56" a year, Atlanta splashes around in its 51" a year, New York gets about 42" a year and Boston wades around in 41" a year! Thats just to name a few! (Being loyal to my own city of Portland, I have to mention that although I've heard several "out-of-Staters" say that Portland gets more rain than Seattle does. The fact is, Portland, on the average, gets 1" LESS than Seattle). I just needed to clear that vicious rumor up with facts!

Gladstone's Chautauqua Festival

The 2005 festival marked the 24th anniversary of the event. The festival was held at Patterson Park between Exeter and Cornell streets in Gladstone, Oregon.

The festival is organized by volunteers, each having their own area to manage and develop. Their ideas are discussed among all the volunteers. They even have a princess for the festival. The event is sponsored by about 35 of the local businesses.

The festival started on Thursday, August 4 when the Haworth Family Shows Carnival opened and at dusk the movie "Little Mermaid" was played in the park. Every day there are food and vendor booths as well as the carnival rides.

On Friday, August 5, there was a Seniors continental Breakfast, show by Grand Finale Dance Studio, Senior Bingo, and at noon there was a box lunch and Opening Ceremonies. In the afternoon and into the night was music from the 2 Sister Trio (40's style, they perform at The Bomber Restaurant in Milwaukie), Don Smith(pop music) and Jass Two Plus 1 (jazz from the 20's & 30'S). The beer garden was open from 6pm til midnight and the Adult Street dance featuring Cross Country (country rock music) was from 8pm to midnight. There was also a library book sale and an art exhibit at the Wetten Elementary School from noon to 8pm.

On Saturday, the festival opened with a Parade at 10am. There was a Full Breakfast put on by the Kiawanis at the Senior Center, the library book sale and art exihibit continued at the elementary school. The Fire Department was available at the park providing rides in the big trucks for the kids (that was a big hit!). The beer garden opened at noon, there were two sessions of Bingo for adults in the beer garden area. The street dance commenced at 8pm.

Sunday at 11am was the Chili Cook Off. The library sale and art exhibit continued at the elementary school. From noon to 4pm, also at the elementary school, they held a "cruise in". The beer garden opened at noon and there was one session of bingo for adults in the beer garden.

On Saturday and Sunday, there was free stage entertainment. Saturday had a local band of young men who called themselves Winfield. The band members are all graduates of the Gladstone High School.

Next on the entertainment list was 3 people from Jamie's Rock and Roll Legends. These folks are impersonators of famous singers. Lance Lipinsky was Jerry Lee Lewis and Kimberly Hall was Reba McIntyre. They were very good!

And, of course, my favorite! Justin Shandor as Elvis! (He's such a cutie! LOL)

The "Legends" played twice and in between their performances was a terrific duo called Larry and Terri. Normally you can catch their act at the Spare Room in Portland. They were a hit at the Portland Servetus Friday night dance also! They played many selections from the Rock and Roll era and several folks got up and danced. They were very good!

I felt sorry for the performers since it was sooooooo hot out and this was an outdoor concert! They were baking in that hot sun!

Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts played for 2 hours on Sunday afternoon, but I wasn't there and didn't see that show.

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